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    • Defo hope we do this. Tough learning ground down there compared to the pampered academy players or some contract bagger.
        Been some decent signings for prem clubs the past couple of seasons and we’ve benefitted brilliantly with relegated players. Without any evidence to back this up, imo, these lads have that bit more hunger to succeed after being overlooked by the bigger clubs academies when they were younger and have been allowed to develop without the pressure of making it at the top clubs.   I don’t feel our academies been that much of a success for how long it’s been running. There doesn’t seem to be that much long term development in getting the right players in the big positions for the first team. From what I’ve seen over the years, it’s just a case of getting 11 players on the pitch in none competitive games and letting them stay doing nothing. 
    • Carroll scored the winner against the bitters in the FA Cup semifinale, he was worth every penny. 
    • I'm open to considering any proposal which allows clubs to build on their success by generating income which allows them to compete at the top level. The long-term alternative is for the status quo to get even more perverted as only the mega-rich will be able to compete. It won't be long before the Saudis buy Newcastle or some other club and we'll be stuck competing for fourth again or praying for some Jurgen-like miracle to turn up and allow us to challenge. If the choice is between oil states, corrupt oligarchs or a more Euro-heavy season which gives our FSG-type ownership model a prospect of success then it's an easy one for me. 
    • Arsenal goal disallowed due to a toe being offside    Normally I’d have sympathy but fuck em, I’m sure Arsenal fans thought it funny when we’ve had goals chalked off 
    • Possibly. Yet if it caps spending (and causes a precedent that is subsequently adopted by domestic leagues) more effectively than UEFA’s botched FFP, it would be hard not to feel as though they’ve caused their own downfall.   I can’t see the threatened ban on players competing internationally holding up in court. Even if it did, that would just cause a further schism and, if anything, probably lead to the creation of a new World Cup leaving the existing one to wither and die like a BDO darts world championship of football.
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