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  1. Preston Red

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I'm waiting for Paul Tierney to be handed the City game along with other assorted Mancs.
  2. Not that I heard "Thundercunt" on Blade 3 but I concur about Blade 3. It was chronic.
  3. Preston Red

    Rate your local chippy

    Well, they were good friends before the trip but spending two weeks with them wasn't for the best. The Turkish baths were ace too.
  4. Preston Red

    Rate your local chippy

    To be fair I only went once with the miserable cunts I went with. Was more enjoyable than spending time with them cunts.
  5. Preston Red


    It's the kind of name I'd expect from a Carry On film too.
  6. Preston Red

    Rate your local chippy

    At least you have them brilliant mud baths. Highlight of my holiday there in 2007.
  7. Preston Red


    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/may/13/calling-a-man-bald-is-sexual-harassment-employment-tribunal-rules Worth a look for a giggle.
  8. Preston Red

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    100%. Spent ages over winter getting my room sorted for my hobbies. God forbid I want to spend time in there...
  9. Preston Red

    Rate your local chippy

    Fung Lok was always my favourite; should I ever get to a game again, I'll give this one a whirl.
  10. Preston Red

    Rate your local chippy

    The major thing lacking with chippies nowadays, for me, is the absence of the smell of vinegar when you're in the vicinity of a chippy. You could be stumbling out of the pub or wherever and suddenly, that waft of vinegar hits your nostrils and that's your scran sorted for the way home. I grew up in Lostock Hall, just between Leyland and Penwortham, and the chippies were shut early on a Saturday night. Totally mystified me as surely with the amount of pubs Lostock Hall had at that time, you could make a killing from pissed up people fancying a bag of chips for the trek home.
  11. Preston Red

    Rate your local chippy

    I have two chippies local to me (Leyland) that are in walking distance, hence why I look like I iron my shirts in a wok. The Chinese chippy (Great Wall) is just over the road from my house and the other (Poseidon's) is a little further which always helps to walk off the amazing battered sausage that they do. Great Wall is ideal for chip barms etc, the pies are ok and the sausages not so. 6/10. Poseidon's has the best battered sausages, better quality chips than the "great bunch of lads" and the gravy isn't like tar. 8/10. 2 points off because I have to walk further. I used to go to The Plaice in Leyland town centre when the parents of Saffie Roussos had it, best chippy in Leyland at the time by far; it was always packed. I got know them quite well as our stepson used to do the deliveries for them and sort out their IT when they stopped the deliveries. Lovely family. It's had two owners since the Roussos' left and it's bloody awful.
  12. Lindsay Hoyle has always been a gobshite. A nasty, shady fucking gobshite.
  13. When I look back, as shit as it was for the footballing gods to have to shit on Stevie, maybe it was a slight blessing to miss out on the title as we'd have been stuck with the toothy fraud and not got Klopp.
  14. I remember that cunt in the middle. Hopefully he's dead now, the old gobshite. Anyway, away from him, UP THE FUCKING PISS BOILING REDS!