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  1. Preston Red

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Thick as pigshit Manc Tory cunt who thinks he's good at trolling.
  2. Preston Red

    Man City (H) - Sun 3rd Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    You can tell we're a threat again over the last few years as United cunts are now City twats.
  3. Preston Red

    Curling one out

    "Curling one off" is definitely the definition of having a dump. See also "Crimping one off".
  4. Preston Red

    Emre Can

    I hope he has to play football at a fast pace.
  5. Preston Red

    Other Football 2021/22

    Fuck watching the Spawny Cunts. I'm currently watching the Miners vs the Scabs (Barnsley v Forest). Barnsley 1-0 up at half time and crumbled in the second half to be 1-3 down.
  6. Preston Red

    R. Kelly

  7. Preston Red

    Flying. Everything planes.

    Beautiful jet isn't she. How's this for a bit of air-to-air:
  8. Preston Red

    Flying. Everything planes.

    That'd be superb if he gets to extend it. Jim Petersons got to extend his as the pilot after him suffered an injury IIRC. I think it was him as somebody leaked a couple of pictures a day early and he wasn't happy about it on one of the Typhoon Display fan pages on FaceAIDS.
  9. Preston Red

    Flying. Everything planes.

    Me too. What an experience it must have been to be so close to the Typhoon as it's in the air.
  10. Preston Red

    Flying. Everything planes.

    That'll be him then as RIOT01. Not had the chance to see a display at an airshow this year but saw a display practice at Coningsby in June. He went up in the reserve jet ZJ942 as opposed to Blackjack. The amount of mingebags whinging that he didn't go up in the display jet was ridiculous. At least they saw a Typhoon display, whereas most of the country haven't seen one for two years. Great display too as he really threw it around and was able to show off exactly what it's capable of. Got some pics somewhere of that day so I'll dig them out for you.
  11. Preston Red

    Flying. Everything planes.

    Sainty? It was an air to air photoshoot and Centre of Aviation Photography were involved too. Rumours of £1500-£2000 per head. The Typhoon Display team released the images on Battle of Britain Day and they're amazing shots. Proper bucket-list tackle is the air-to-air gig with a frontliner. If any of you are on Instagram, give hesja.pl a follow. His shots are unreal.
  12. Preston Red

    Brentford (A) - Sat 25th Sep 2021 (5:30pm)

    Can't wait to see their keeper have an absolute stinker against both Manc teams as is usually prescribed in the PL.