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  1. Mike D

    80's TV shows

    Definitely looked something like that but not quite the same unless they had different intros they used? What a weird programme that was by the way.
  2. Mike D

    80's TV shows

    Ive recently seen a few videos online where someone has strapped a mobile phone to the front of a massive Lego train set and its filmed from the front going around the house and garden. Now this is bugging the hell out of me because I can remember something like that with a bit more budget and effects back in the day but I was very young and it was either a music video or an intro to a kids programme. Sort of like a fast paced ghost train or an indoor rollercoaster. Can anyone remember this?
  3. Mike D

    The best war film is ......

    The train.
  4. They were so much better back in the day.
  5. Mike D

    Mansfield Pursestrings Holder.

    Fanny like a kicked over trifle.
  6. Richard O Callaghan Carry on loving. Richard Hammond Carry on crashing.
  7. Mike D

    Eva Braun

    And the wet celery and the flying helmet?