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  1. Mike D

    Best ever British soap character?

    Who was that mad copper who would turn up now and then in Brookie?
  2. Mike D

    Worst roads to drive down in Liverpool

    I reckon it’s gettin like London in the way people are driving now. This bit by The Mons is always dodgy with the cars parked on the left. It’s not like they can’t make the road wider to the right with that grass in the centre and give them a parking lane. Come along here side by side then have to merge into one. anywhere where you have to merge and there is loads of places in Liverpool is shite.
  3. Mike D

    Worst roads to drive down in Liverpool

    Good thread. Glad I don’t have do a driving job anymore. Although I drive from Melling to Wavertree for work and there is no easy way. Even the motorways are a pain, end of the M62 at the rocket is a nightmare as is Edge Lane. oh and Switch Island is an abomination.
  4. Mike D

    Worst roads to drive down in Liverpool

    I hate driving along Warbreck Moor to the Black bull past the Shoemarket. Wide enough for 2 cars but some will stay in the middle of the road. Then get through the lights at the bull and there is always someone trying to turn into Warbreck Ave which stitches everything up.
  5. Mike D

    Worst roads to drive down in Liverpool

    Bridge over the railway at Orrell Park.
  6. Mike D

    Worst roads to drive down in Liverpool

    Roundabout on West Derby Road Tuebrook with it’s stupid give way on it. Also County Road.
  7. Mike D

    Rate Lifeys Toast

  8. Mike D

    Sharks (and all things oceany)

  9. Mike D

    The BBC

  10. Enjoyed Michael Palin‘s North Korea documentary. I liked where he showed his guide the Fish slap dance. Should have showed her Biggus Dikkus!
  11. Mike D

    Drink driver warning

    Anyone noticed how driving standards as a whole has got worse over the last few years? People pulling out from side streets at the last minute in front of cars being one thing.
  12. Mike D

    Fit birds of the '80s

    Kylie at Christmas from last year was repeated yesterday.