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  1. Sports TV coverage such as motor racing where an overtake takes place it it cuts to the mechanics clapping.
  2. When the council finally come and re tarmac a stretch of road and it looks good then a few weeks later some cunts from the gas or water board come and dig a channel along it and patch it up.
  3. Beeping of car horns outside houses.
  4. Had a Ring door bell fitted about 6 months ago yet people still knock with the letterbox.
  5. Mike D

    New Girl on Countdown

    I beat you with Pissflaps.
  6. Mike D

    New Girl on Countdown

    Always thought the points scoring on Countdown is a bit unfair. If you get an 8 letter word but your opponent gets a 9, you don’t get any points. You should still get 8 I’ve always thought.
  7. Mike D

    Best comedy sketch

    Need help. Can someone find this for me please. I seen this in the late 80s early 90s. im sure it was Benny Hill but not sure, may have been Russ Abbott or someone else from the time. Mother in law or wife in the car annoying the man, rabbiting on,with that sped up comedy telephone voice. So he parks the car on a level crossing and runs away, train comes, he looks away and closes his eyes as he hears the crash and carnage, then opens his eyes and looks back and the car is in perfect condition with the train balanced on top of it. And the wife gets out unscathed. Must have cost a few quid to stage as it was done with proper railway carriages. Anyone remember it it’s been doing my head in for ages now.