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  1. It shouldn't be done on a paused image, it should be on a moving back and forth clip like in the cricket.
  2. They stop the video where they want, where they think the ball is leaving his foot, a micro second here and there and the pausing of the video can affect it.
  3. Mike D

    El Diego, gone?

    Lineker’s memories talking just now on BT were superb.
  4. Mike D

    Adverts you hate.

    What happened to adverts to make them tacky, cheap looking and purposely annoying? The ads back in the 80s were shot like a Bond film, when they were all trying to out do one another. Dark lighting, proper music, all for something like a Mars bar!
  5. Mike D

    Other football - 2020/21

    Sterling’s haircut.
  6. Mike D

    Lewis Hamilton - where do you stand ?

    Bit of the age old British person becomes successful and so then the British people hate him for being successful.
  7. Mike D

    Sean Connery