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  1. Mike D

    Farting in B&Q

    Alone and just before leaving a lift.
  2. Mike D

    Lolly Ices

  3. Mike D

    Hall of Fame Forum nominations - 2018

    Suarez is guilty photoshop.
  4. Mike D

    Yerba Mate -

    Yerba dabba do.
  5. Mike D

    John Leslie - Sex Case

    He grabbed her sweet can.
  6. Mike D

    John Leslie - Sex Case

    Her tears say more than real evidence ever could.
  7. Mike D

    Favourite films that featured a goat

    Goatfinger lyrics by Shirley Bassey. Goatfinger. Hes the goat, the goat with the midas touch. A spiders touch. Such a goat finger.....
  8. Mike D

    Father Ted

    You’re probably imagining what they look like without shorts.
  9. Mike D


    I wont be convinced until I hear him say some scouse phrases for the club website.
  10. Mike D


    Was going to post clips of The Simpsons episode where Mr Burns employees a load of professional baseball ringers. So many clips to post might aswel just post the whole episode. https://www.watchcartoononline.com/the-simpsons-episode-317-homer-at-the-bat-2
  11. Mike D

    Steve McQueen....

  12. Mike D

    Steve McQueen....

    Great McQueen film.
  13. Mike D

    Steve McQueen....

    Papillion is a great film. Mcqueen is one of my favourite actors. I also like Le Mans but thats more of a motorsport documentary. Another favourite from the same era who I think was of the same type who was a great actor and cool but didnt give a fuck was Patrick McGoohan. Was asked to do Bond several times but turned it down, didnt like guns (his danger man character would often out wit someone with a gun and knock them out) and didnt want to kiss any women on screen as was devoted to his wife. Cant think of modern day equivalents.