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  1. Mike D

    Man Utd Fans

    Bad boys!
  2. Mike D

    The Snooker

    Murphy bending over that table.
  3. Been wondering about these orange things lying around everywhere. Also, riding towards traffic in the gutter pisses me off. Who is at fault if they get knocked off? Even if the car driver may do a sly left right swerve?
  4. Mike D


  5. Mike D

    Working from home excuses

    You were hiding from the window cleaner.
  6. Mike D

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    Loved St John’s, loved the 1960s grimness. Also loved Bootle Strand and Kostas chippy.
  7. Mike D

    VAR Thoughts?

    Millimetres for offside but you can take a throw in miles away from where it went out.