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  1. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    "Everton's hierarchy have had more time together to prepare for the transfer window and we're already starting to see that in full effect."
  2. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/everton-finally-sending-long-overdue-16465984 Completely delusional.
  3. johnsusername

    Computers and consoles - what have you got?

    The PlayStation Classic is quite nice. Lovely usb original controllers. Haven't really bothered playing it, will wait to hack it and stick on some games I want. Decent for £25 I guess.
  4. johnsusername

    PPI mis-selling - anyone else looked in to it?

    I got the knockback from Santander a while back and thought nothing of it, but is it worth trying again? I haven't had any loans with them but i have had credit cards with them for about 17 years, savings accounts and current accounts. I also had car finance through Ford from 2002 to 2006 and i was very young and naive and probably signed up to all nonsense - can you claim against car finance?? I had an Egg credit card but the only thing i can remember was it was around 2004/5. Considering Egg don't exist who would i try for claiming against for that??
  5. johnsusername

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I don't know who that is so probably not!
  6. johnsusername

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I can't see us buying anyone for £80m this summer. Or am I wrong?
  7. johnsusername

    The Space Thread

    The Planets on BBC has been excellent. Recommended. It makes you realise how insignificant we are, but at the same time completely unique. Earth just seems to have been a complete fluke.
  8. johnsusername

    Cuntinho etc

    No way would we spend a significant amount of money on him. Can't believe it's even a story.
  9. johnsusername

    Women's World Cup

    I thought it was pretty entertaining. The quality was shit in the men's champions League final to be fair.
  10. johnsusername

    Women's World Cup

    The games should be 60 minutes long. 90 minutes is too long especially if you're trying to get young kids involved. I'm being serious!
  11. johnsusername

    Computers and consoles - what have you got?

    That's quite the collection. Wish we'd never sold our Speccy 48k or 128k+2, with hundreds of tapes. Or the SNES. I bought a PlayStation Classic yesterday, so I can add that to my list. Not sure why, I don't really look back fondly at it at all. £26 though, can't argue. Might just leave it in the box a few years.
  12. johnsusername

    Sega Mega Drive Mini

    Not enough sports games. But if it's easy enough to hack then maybe that won't matter. M2 are very capable hands of delivering a quality product. Some NHL, NBA and Madden games would have been great. As mentioned above - no sensible soccer is a huge oversight. Guessing it's a licensing issue but still a shame. Won't get it new, maybe Used further in down the line.
  13. The Playstation Mini/Classic is currently £26 on Amazon (Used but sold by Amazon not a third party). Not a great machine but probably worth it for the 2 usb controllers and then hack it to put on the game you want. I've just got one with free delivery.
  14. johnsusername

    Women's World Cup

    Yeah couple of players from Liverpool aren't there? There's an advert up at the junction of Park Road/Aigburth Road for Nikita Parris who is from Toxteth and who's family lives there. I'll watch some of it - my daughter has developed an interest in footy so as mentioned above it'll be good for her to see women playing footy i think. I'll support them, unlike the men's team who i actively despise. Ironically i was talking about it in the office to the women in my team and they were at best clueless about it, and at worst positively didn't give a shit.
  15. Ironically it made them look massively small time and shows up their fans. Attenborough will be going ape with all that plastic waste as well!