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  1. He's got players who will bail him out of the shit. Look how that Chelsea squad are doing under Tuchel compared to Lampard. We need to glue Ole's hands to the wheel, keep him there as long as possible. The last thing we need is a proper manager there.
  2. johnsusername

    Other Football 2021/22

    As Dave said on the podcast, they have the players to win a game in spite of Solskjaer's tactics, not because of them.
  3. johnsusername

    PODCAST: Atletico Madrid 2 Liverpool 3 - Match Reaction

    ADHD football team haha.
  4. 2-0 can be a dangerous score, as the other team just let loose and attack as they've got nothing left to lose. It can be hard to defend against, and has happened countless times before. I do think the midfield needs a kick up the arse though as they're being overrun. And when I say the midfield, I mean Henderson, he's playing poorly.
  5. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Post of the year. Might as well close the forum and reopen 1st January, start afresh.
  6. johnsusername

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Imagine the amount of Lonsdale gear. Actually, it'll be the same whether it's an Everton stadium or a Sports Direct shop.
  7. johnsusername

    Mohamed Salah

    What a gentleman, didn't even point out she'd forgotten to wear a blouse, to save embarrassing her in public.
  8. johnsusername

    PODCAST: Watford 0 Liverpool 5 - Match Reaction

    These podcasts are great.
  9. I hope he needs a piss in the middle of the night but can't bring himself to go and has a terrible night's sleep.
  10. I hope Keiran Tripper gets home dead late and there's no milk in his and the shops are closed.
  11. johnsusername


    I genuinely thought ukip and the BNP had just been subsumed into the Conservative party, because how would you tell the difference these days?