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New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

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Gary fucking Lineker can fuck off, whore’s himself out to BBC and BT, and sells shite crisps that make kids fat and clutter up the environment. Shite puns and doesn’t tell Shearer and Murphy their crap pundits. 

Jurgen Klopp didn’t make the decision but he’s copped the flak because the Bostonians were too busy spreadsheeting Ben Davies’ transfer fee. 

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Cutting through all the noise from the corinthian spirit of the games guardians sky and the other media - there is of course a deeply complex story, largely created by exactly what that thread above says - money, greed and fear of being left behind/being unable to compete with cheats etc.

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    • Plenty of shithouses in this Hungary team. 
    • Wales eh? How good was that! Great performance, great result, well deserved. They’re virtually in the knockouts now and might just have a very winnable game against Russia or Finland if things shake out well for them.   That was a cracking game with Turkey, who at least showed some signs of life after the limp corpse showing they turned in against the Italians on opening night. It was just a really entertaining game, with loads of good footy and plenty of chances, most of which fell to Wales.    Ramsay looked like he was going to have one of those games he’d stress over for the rest of his life as he kept getting chances and missing them. Most of them were created by Bale, and when the two combined just before half time Ramsay finally put one away with a deft finish.    They were always in control but couldn’t get the second goal and it could have become nervy late on. It’s easy for me to say as I didn’t have any real emotional investment in it (I wanted Wales to win but I wouldn’t have lost any sleep if they hadn’t), but at no point did I ever feel like there was any chance they were going to concede and not win the game.    In the last ten minutes they were ripping Turkey to pieces on the break with the pace of James but the ball just wouldn’t go in. Then they got a corner in stoppage time and with the Turks expected Bale to keep it in the corner, he danced along the touchline before getting a shot in that was saved for another corner.    Amazingly, they let him do the exact same fucking thing again and he picked out Roberts to put the cherry on top of the cake. Great stuff, I even shouted “get in there”. I’m happy for them and even if they lose to Italy (which I don’t think it a certainty) they should be through now.    Bale and Ramsay are just different class and that’s probably the main difference between Wales and Scotland. The Scots two best players are both left backs, whereas Wales have genuine top class talent capable of making things happen at the top end of the pitch.   Wales aren’t the plucky little underdog punching above their weight, they just look like a proper team. They made the semis last time so this isn’t a fluke.    Bale doesn’t have that searing pace that once made him one of the most fearsome forwards in the world, but he’s developed his all around game now and he’s just a fantastic footballer on his day. You’re not going to get a full season out of him on top form but when he’s fit and firing he’s brilliant. I looked at how he played in this game and you know what my conclusion was? Bale is the player people keep trying to claim Pogba is. Strength, power, technique, vision, world class passing, composure, decision making.       This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article   Please note that Euro 2020 round ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here. 
    • Based on last night, I think they’ll go in the last 16 to Portugal or Germany.   I just don’t understand Southgoats tactics. Well, I do understand them, but they are to the detriment of the team.   Rice and Phillips are there to protect a shaky defence, but only 1 of them was required last night. Let’s face it. McGin is a decent player but he’s hardly Modric or Bernardo Silva or Kroos, the latter / England will likely come up against next weekend.
        You argue that they were protecting against 2 strikers last night but if England’s centre backs can’t beat Dykes and Adams in 1-on-1 duels all night, something is very wrong.    It was hardly like the full backs were bombing on either. 

      So, England are being negative to protect a shaky defence but it’s at the detriment of the attackers, which had little support all game.   At no point were Scotland parked on there 18 yard line for a good 5-10 minutes hold on and last ditch defending. They were super comfortable all night. 
        England were just flat and shapeless. 
        As per, I’m fully expecting them to be knocked out by the first decent team they play.
    • Laporte played over 50 times for France age teams before becoming Spanish.
    • Alex Scott is lovely. 
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