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  1. Alan Sex


    If you show up, you’re in with a chance.
  2. Alan Sex


    That’s just an excuse for your bad hygiene, you smelly bugger.
  3. Alan Sex


    You can’t stop Cummings, he’s Cummings all over the place. Cummings in your face.
  4. Alan Sex

    This VE Day thing.

    In full on Hitler costume?
  5. Alan Sex

    Footballers Againg Badly

    It's all doom and Ghaloum in that pic.
  6. Alan Sex

    Best Comedy Western

    Surprised at the lack of love for The Three Amigos. Also surprised that City Slickers wasn’t on the list. Could have been a dark horse for top 3.
  7. Alan Sex

    Career Change

    The problem with driving bus for nearly 30 years is there aren’t too many obvious transferable skills, despite the obvious front line customer service angle!
  8. Alan Sex

    Career Change

    Been up near Edmonton the last few years, still on the busses though! Possibly moving to rural Alberta later in the year - no buses there, so have to come up with a plan to retrain in a field where I can work remotely without having to do too much schooling to get going!
  9. Alan Sex

    Career Change

    Concrete tip, Section. That’s the kind of thing I’m looking for. Hopefully something I can get into at a lower level with an online course over a year or so - then work up my training from there once I’m in the door.
  10. Alan Sex

    Career Change

    Thinking about a switch. Anyone have any ideas on a way to get into IT or something similar where I could work from home etc? Need to train from the ground up and get some qualifications- probably online- any thoughts? What’s a growth industry these days?
  11. Alan Sex


    Congratulations on your impending pegging.
  12. Sugary Apeman, that’s fantastic! I’d have quoted you, but that would have taken up another whole bleedin’ page!
  13. Alan Sex


    I’d rather go West coast, given the choice!
  14. Alan Sex


    Now that I think about it, any of you Eastern Canada folks know anything about Sudbury? Trying to do some research on the place, and it’s all generic tourist board stuff. What’s it really like? Nice parts?