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  1. Thanks to whoever mentioned Years and Years. About half way through, definitely a Black Mirror vibe to it, but more focus on the individual personalities.
  2. Alan Sex


    Trudeau? Pro Quebec, anti Western Canada, Corrupt and in the back pocket of SNC Lavalin and other companies, douchebag of a man. On the other side, the Trump loving, evolution denying, flat earth believing, homophobic douchebags of the Conservative party. Great time to have a vote in Canada.
  3. Alan Sex

    Your favourite old mobiles

    Was I the only one walking around with Siemens in his pocket? i highly doubt it.
  4. Alan Sex

    Your favourite old mobiles

    Had an old light brown Siemens that was their version of the indestructible Nokia. Loved that phone. Even though it had Siemens on it. It was my Siemens.
  5. Alan Sex

    Have a rant thread

    I wonder if they had forgotten to flush before it was nicked. That would really be taking the piss.
  6. Quite honestly, I think it will take all Sunday at least to recover from the bargepoling. So, much like the orifices, I’ve left it open.
  7. Alan Sex

    Nike deal

    Sorry for not including a link, but I can’t find the article I was reading earlier. Basically, it said NB have right of first refusal to match any offer we get on the next kit contract. If they have deep enough pockets, we could see them back again.
  8. I think a US flan is basically egg custard.
  9. Alan Sex

    Virgil Van Dijk

    As I said to Virgil, “well played, Sir”.
  10. Alan Sex

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Good ideas Judith!
  11. Alan Sex

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Is it bad that I want to have Virgil’s children? Carra aside, when is the last time we have had a true hero in our defence? Hyppia maybe, but certainly not to this level. Hansen?
  12. Alan Sex

    Andrew Robertson

    Agree with this. If Scotland are playing a Stone Age style of play as that is the level of their team, then so be it. Robbo’s game is more advanced, attacking and being supported in the framework that Klopp has set up. That’s just not possible with the Scotland team as they don’t have the tactical nous and skill as a collective to allow him to play his game. Therefore, select a Stone Age left back for Scotland Internationals that will fit, and either play Robbo on the wing or leave him out completely. Im happy with leaving him out, getting a decent kip and a week off. Better for us.