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  1. Alan Sex

    The Mandalorian

    Definitely up Elite’s alley, then.
  2. I’m not that quick! Caught up a couple of weeks ago so now going a week at a time with everyone else!
  3. Latest episode of Mr Inbetween was absolutely awesome. I realize I’m not the first to say so, but it’s worth adding one more plaudit.
  4. Alan Sex

    39 people Found Dead In A Lorry In Essex

    This is quite terrible. Aside from that, I first misread the thread as “39 People Found Dead In Lorry Sex”. I thought fuck, when dogging goes bad it’s an awful thing.
  5. Alan Sex


    In a nutshell. For one of the first times, I didn’t vote as I couldn’t stomach endorsing either of the two main choices. Any other vote would have been a throwaway.
  6. Alan Sex


    Times like this call for Benny Hill. He had a massive election.
  7. Alan Sex


    That’s where I’m torn - the Liberals do nothing for Western Canada. The only Party that does is the PC’s - and I’m not in line with their overall policies. The West gets shafted less with PC’s in power. Just writing that makes me cringe.
  8. Alan Sex


    It’ll come down to a choice between The corrupt Liberals and the Trump lovers. There really isn’t a good choice. Manmeat has apparently said they will back up the Libs in a minority situation so not a good choice either.
  9. Alan Sex


    It’s only so the passengers don’t hear the audio from the movie I’m watching on my phone.
  10. Alan Sex

    Iphone still fucked

  11. Alan Sex

    Cheese on toast

    Oh dear, no. I’ve heard chutney ferrets can leave you with a sore and leaky bum.
  12. Alan Sex

    Iphone still fucked

    Hijacking the thread. 23 month old iPhone 8 and the ear speaker is kind of buggered. Contract paid and can roll into a new iPhone at the end of November, so waiting it out. Depends what deal my carrier is offering - anyone have the 11 yet? Worth going to that or the XR better?
  13. Alan Sex


    Picked up some black/red Beats Solo 3 on a good sale. yeah I know. Beats. The thing is, they kick the arse of the Jaybird ones I had been using and would always fall out. Gym, bus, wherever the fuck. Ive never given a toss what other people think. I’m a cool enough motherfucker that I can go to the beat of my own drum.