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  1. Alan Sex

    Appreciation of the female form *NSFW *

    More like posteriority.
  2. The latest Ted Lasso. I’ve had a few drinks. I think I’m on the wrong meds for this one.
  3. Alan Sex

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    She’s a goer.
  4. Reservation Dogs. Set on a First Nations reservation. Those guys have been dealt a poor hand. Taika Waititi has a credit on this. Some very good stuff.
  5. Looking forward to watching Black Summer 2. It was filmed in Calgary and Southern Alberta, so I know some of the locations very well.
  6. Alan Sex


    Just lost my new job. There I was, on my lunch, quietly dipping a penguin in my tea when the head zookeeper walked in and fired me.
  7. Alan Sex

    Canadiana Nostalgia

    A couple of Roughriders, eh?
  8. You don’t have to be rude about it! that’s the fella.
  9. Southall higuita The Mexican fella with the loud jerseys in the 80’s
  10. I think the puns are horrible. I think we should just share noble anecdotes.
  11. They can also play matches at night without floodlights. Which is nice.
  12. Alan Sex

    Line of Duty

    I thought the wee fella was the old copper in prison.
  13. Alan Sex

    Vaccine - Hands In The Bucket...

    Had to put it off a week but all done now. I’ve got the Pfizer in me so now have an AstraPfizer cocktail working away.