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  1. I think the puns are horrible. I think we should just share noble anecdotes.
  2. They can also play matches at night without floodlights. Which is nice.
  3. Alan Sex

    Line of Duty

    I thought the wee fella was the old copper in prison.
  4. Alan Sex

    Vaccine - Hands In The Bucket...

    Had to put it off a week but all done now. I’ve got the Pfizer in me so now have an AstraPfizer cocktail working away.
  5. For the record, I would have read that lovely story twice.
  6. Alan Sex

    Euro 2020(21)

    Sure wish there was a stream of this.
  7. Alan Sex

    Vaccine - Hands In The Bucket...

    Got my second jab scheduled for Sunday. Had AstraZeneca for the first one - Moderna this time. Maybe the flavour will be better.
  8. Alan Sex

    NHL thread

    Lots of Support for Les Habs round here - then again, they are all Acadian in these parts.
  9. Alan Sex

    Smart Home Tech

    I’m also putting a ceiling fan in the bedroom that has Alexa voice control. That’s one of the few things I’m getting an electrician in to do. Lights and stuff are easy, but hanging, balancing, and properly setting up the wiring on a fan I’ve struggled with in the past.
  10. Alan Sex

    Smart Home Tech

    I’ve looked at the ones that you can put your phone near to open, but they seem a bit gimmicky. I’m looking at the number ones - have 3 to get - front door, back door, and the door from the garage into the house.
  11. Alan Sex

    Smart Home Tech

    Got myself a Ring doorbell as I can use my Echo as the chime - will get some non-smart keyless door locks as they are considerably cheaper than the smart ones.
  12. Alan Sex

    Smart Home Tech

    I love my smart lights. I walk in, cast my arms wide, and proclaim “Let There Be Light!” the lights turn turn on and a voice replies “and there was light”.
  13. Alan Sex

    Smart Home Tech

    Just moved into our new place. any of you set up your own smart home tech? I’m looking at smart door locks, smart doorbell camera, smart thermostat - all that work with Alexa and can be controlled from my phone. Recommendations?
  14. Alan Sex

    Forum poll - Nancy or Ulrika-ka-ka-ka

    Anyone fancy some uphill gardening with Ulrika?