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  1. Alan Sex

    Best burger chain ?

    You haven’t lived until you’ve had Five Guys juice running down your chin. Have to also agree with the other comment that it’s hard to beat some animal style In N Out.
  2. I was on about this a while back. Set in the “what we do in the shadows” extended universe. great little show.
  3. Alan Sex

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I think we should ship Man-Bun off to Dortmund for a season - would be a great place to bring him up to the level we need.
  4. Well well, well. If it ain’t the invincible cunt.
  5. Alan Sex

    Gaming pc

    I prefer to keep my viruses on a biological level, thank you very much!
  6. I find myself enjoying Zemo as a character far more than I expected to. Suave dickhead.
  7. Alan Sex

    Gaming pc

    For the record, I was trying to convince her to go with the Asus zephyrus- but she was too attached to the flashy one!
  8. Alan Sex

    Gaming pc

    Thanks all, great advice- we wound up finding an open box Alienware for the equivalent of £990 - so picked it up.
  9. Alan Sex

    Nike deal

    If those pink stripes aren’t pink, but like that traccy top then I like it a whole lot more.
  10. Alan Sex

    Gaming pc

    Looks like a good place to post this. One of my offspring is looking at getting an Alienware m15 r3 to do some light gaming on. My wife took her to the store and they tried to upsell her on setup etc. I told her I figured that was bs. I haven’t had a windows computer in a long time, but I’m sure setup would be fairly straightforward. I imagine I would need an antivirus- anything else I would need to add to get it up and running - plus suggestion for antivirus brand etc? cheers.
  11. Alan Sex

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    I watched DS9 in it’s here and there when it was on, but never enough to grasp the overall story arc. Thanks to you lot I watched the first episode on Netflix last night, and it already answered a lot of questions about the backstory of DS9 that I never knew.
  12. Alan Sex

    Prince Philip...

    So, do you think the Queen will remarry? Possibly a fellow of African descent?
  13. Alan Sex

    Google Maps Co-Ordinates

    Was looking at my place, but it’s a block off street view. Just a block outside town. Here’s the old place though - old pic before we lived there. Skip out front for some reason. https://earth.app.goo.gl/9qKFSr