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  1. Alan Sex

    Best vpn?

    Done. Looking forward to all the VPL pics! Cor!
  2. Alan Sex

    Best vpn?

    Would love to give it a try!
  3. Alan Sex


    Having it done wasn’t exactly comfortable. However, the resulting infection was way worse. Enough antibiotics to wreck my system for a while. On the plus side, I did learn how to walk like John Wayne.
  4. Alan Sex

    Best vpn?

    Any updates on VPNs? Lots of deals with Prime Days going on. What’s the best deal for the best VPN right now?
  5. What is the Palin show actually called? Looking for it so I can watch through various sources.
  6. Alan Sex

    Nike deal

    They sell children on DHgate now? not surprising really. At least you’ve dressed her well.
  7. Alan Sex

    The GF Marmite Thread

    I can see anyone sucking that back, houmousphobic or not.
  8. I voted Metallica as Neil Young is Canadian, and therefore ineligible.
  9. Alan Sex

    Talking Heads

    Have to admire a neg for my 2006 post, Audrey. 14 years later and I haven’t changed my opinion. A talented and popular band. There’s no reason for my dislike of them, they just rub me the wrong way - like a primary sports teacher.
  10. Alan Sex

    Thiago Alcantara

    I very much look forward to seeing “Talc” in our midfield. I will call him “Talc” from now on. Or until I forget.
  11. Alan Sex

    The Creepy and Paranormal stuff thread

    There's a ghost in my house The ghost of your memories The ghost of the love you took from me.
  12. Just been watching The First team after getting through the latest Ted Lasso. Ted Lasso isn’t bad, has some decently funny moments. The First Team is absolute shite.
  13. Alan Sex

    Women's World Cup

    I’ve spent many years coaching and managing recreational and competitive Women’s football teams. Even lower level recreational teams would have put more shots away than that.
  14. Alan Sex


    I fancy a float downriver today? Any suggestions where I can do this and bring my iPhone with me?