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  1. How did England do at the World Series of American Football at the last Olympics?
  2. Alan Sex


    A man is perfectly entitled to wear his Daisy Duke Jean shorts. So so are the men he has sex with. Love is love, pride etc.
  3. Alan Sex


    As far as headwear goes, covering a thinning bonce with a number 2 cut is my situation. Ive settled on this little number. Lightweight, and folds up in the pocket of your cargo shorts when you don’t need it. https://www.outdoorresearch.com/ca/en/radar-pocket-cap/p/2434460008007
  4. Honestly not much in it on music value - then you take personalities and Morrisey is a knob. My vote is for the Jam.
  5. Alan Sex

    Best British Sitcom Ever?

    Any suggestions for good current or recent British Sitcoms that are any good? Looking to acquire something to watch on my iPad on the plane in a few weeks. Getting year ear of the rabbit, fleabag. Have seen Plebs. Anyone seen Quacks or Ghosts? Anything else?
  6. Alan Sex

    Leaning On Things At Melwood

    Nice touch signing a kid whose hair blends so well with the wood. Great lean.
  7. Alan Sex


  8. Alan Sex

    Bus travel

    I always greet everyone that gets on the bus, and if there’s a miserable bugger that’s a regular on the bus I’ll make sure to give them a bigger smile and “good morning” etc. Most of of them now to my will in time. It is appreciated when I’m thanked. After all, everyone rides my route until they get off. Nobody asks me if it’s time for me to get off.
  9. Alan Sex


    Wow. I very much misread this thread title, scrolling through quickly. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the Bar Mitzvah.
  10. Alan Sex


    What do you get if you cross a Helicopter, Elephant, and Rhino? Hell if I know.
  11. Alan Sex

    Happy Fathers Day

    Autocorrect knows no borders, answers to no man and no government.
  12. Alan Sex

    Happy Fathers Day

    Got some whiskey stones for my rum, and a car washing kit that has to go back as it’s illegal to wash cars on your driveway with detergent round here. No worries. Will take it myself and get something else!
  13. Alan Sex

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Not sure I could actually watch that one. Mostly because when I read the name I immediately start singing “my Sharona “ - sometimes out loud, sometimes with the movie title in place of the original words.