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  1. Alan Sex

    The Ailment thread

    Booked in for surgery on my knee March 29. The surgeon eon is planning to give it a scope, a scrape, and a cleanup - but will check the integrity of my ACL while he is in there. If it’s weak, he will do a full ACL reconstruction. So, basically, when I wake up I will find out if I’m in for a 10 day or 3-6 month recovery period.
  2. Alan Sex

    The Woolster is 40!

    Happy Birthday you young Wooly motherfucker!
  3. Alan Sex

    How many wipes is good enough?

    Standing up to wipe. Whatever next. Lift a cheek, unless you are so fat you would need a truckload of scaffolding to do so. If you stand up you are going to create a Rorschach image of shit around your arsehole. What do you standers do with it? Invite your mates over for a look? “Ere, Mook, tell me what this looks like. I want to see if you’re a sicko”.
  4. Alan Sex

    Who is your Florida Man

    Naked, stoned Florida man allegedly starts fire while baking cookies on George Foreman grill. Bet that happens all the time.
  5. Alan Sex

    Last 8 Draw

    I hope you all realize that if we do win big ears again, we’re going to have to hire some Evertonians to hold up one hand to show we’ve won it six times.
  6. I was banned from RAWK for being just too damn sexy.
  7. Alan Sex

    Fries vs Chips

    Chips. Skin on, salty, lashings of malt vinegar. It’s like a party in my mouth. A sexy party.
  8. Alan Sex

    Will you still listen to Michael Jackson?

    Will do. 20 sided dice work best if you want a quick game of Dungeons and Arse Dragons. I was told once by a friend.
  9. “Fuck you, and fuck your shitty cake” said Bing.
  10. Alan Sex

    Will you still listen to Michael Jackson?

    Personally, it’s a close call whether I would prefer to put up with listening to his music or having his thumb up my arse. I’m going to have to pick the thumb. As it will be bony and lacking flesh, it will be a lot smaller than when he was alive.
  11. Here’s wishing good luck to Stouffer’s one remaining bollock.
  12. Nice one. I think the the solution may be to have a teabag weigh-in. We we need a suitable judge, someone with experience with ballast and seamen. One name and springs to mind...
  13. Alan Sex


    His experience is with Sailors. Plural.
  14. This may come all over some of you as a surprise, but I like innuendo. I have also been John Barnes Testicles and Señor Dong - on other sites. My my avatar is actually the only known pic of @General Dryness cos he’s an ace panty sniffer.
  15. Alan Sex


    Sailor Jerry straight from the bottle. Many a night I’ve been absolutely fucked by the Sailor.