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  1. Denny Crane

    Keir Starmer

    Not my eloquent words but of a hardworking fella who highlights the circumstances. Strike pay more than doubled under Len McClusky during his time at Unite so at least those who feel they are left with no choice are in a better position than yesteryear.
  2. Denny Crane

    Keir Starmer

    A bit more background. I live and work in Coventry. I’m proud to raise my family here and call this city my home. But I’ve also been on strike since January, and I need to tell you why. I’m a licensed HGV driver at the council, responsible for removing the rubbish. It’s demanding work, but I take real pride in helping to look after our city. For this, our rate starts just above £11 per hour and heads to just over £14 per hour after many years of service. It’s a far cry from what the council claims we’re paid – at one point, the council was claiming we were earning £52,163 a year! – and well below what is being paid to workers brought in, disgracefully, to break the strike. Like everybody, I’ve got a mortgage to pay and bills that keep rising. Even with my wife and I both working, we are really struggling and with soaring energy bills, rocketing inflation and a tax rise in April, we’ve got nothing more to cut back on. Work at this council simply does not pay, and that is not right. My colleagues feel the same. They love their city, and are so proud of the jobs they do, but their families are suffering. They struggle to meet their mortgages or rents, or heat their homes, and savings have disappeared. From the start, Coventry Council has attacked us in the press. They’ve misled the public about a new offer that never materialised, have lied about us not attending ACAS talks and have hid behind a ‘job review’ in order to string out this dispute. This is the stuff of Donald Trump conduct – smears and lies, dividing us from our neighbours, and from a Labour council, too. It is astonishing to see elected and highly paid Labour officials conduct themselves in this way, taking to Twitter to denounce its own workforce. Sick to death of this trash talk, we’ve produced a document that we are calling ‘The Truth’, so that we can set the record straight in our community. Please do read it and make your own mind up. Going out on strike is never an easy decision: it puts huge strain on our loved ones and is always a last resort. But when your skills are not recognised and you’re paid a pittance, there really is nothing to lose by taking a stand. Coventry council will not pay us HGV drivers a proper rate for the job. They won’t even work with us to find a way forward. Instead they’d rather waste taxpayers’ money hiring agency workers on £20 an hour to break our strike than get its own bin workers off breadline wages. Council boss Martin Reeves takes home £229,000 in pay and pension. He’s not fretting about bills dropping on the mat. But me and my colleagues are, every minute of the day – and we refuse to live like this. The Labour council at Coventry could end this strike now. Take a leaf out of Plymouth Council’s book. They worked with Unite to lift wages after recognising that HGV bin drivers have been underpaid and undervalued for years. We’re not asking for the moon, just a fair day’s wage and dignity at work. Everyone can understand that. Tonight, Wednesday 9th February, we will join an online rally with our general secretary Sharon Graham. Sharon nailed it when she said that the council’s approach to this dispute is “shameful”. I urge Coventry councillors to tune in and hear for themselves the struggle this workforce has just to get by, then do the decent thing – get around the table and get this solved. If you feel like we do – that no Labour council should be paying poverty wages – please join our rally, or head to unitetheunion.org/CovBinStrike to find out more. https://labourlist.org/2022/02/stop-your-trash-talk-coventry-council-get-workers-off-breadline-wages/
  3. Denny Crane

    Keir Starmer

    Left wing of the Labour Party seems to now include former Tory councillors. Ex-councillor thrown out of Tory party among mob at Starmer incident https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/feb/08/ex-councillor-william-coleshill-thrown-out-tory-party-among-mob-starmer-incident-resistance-gb
  4. Denny Crane

    Keir Starmer

    Not surprised I've heard reports on the news and radio specfically frame it as the fake news that Starmer didn't prosecute Saville as referenced by Johnson. It highlights how difficult it is to defend yourself against allegations -- is this framing helping Starmer because then most of the public then say but he didn't prosecute did he. Part of the problem is the media and politicians are unprepared to go deep into Saville territory as they don't know where it will lead. Or they do and don't want to go anywhere near it not surprisingly. A few years back I remember reading up on Cyrille Smith and thinking wtf it was a cesspit of the police M15 the DPP and politician's of the time involved in the worst type of stuff. This is a lot of older people's reference point. It was predictable Starmers time practicing and as Head of the DPP would be used as an attack line. Team Starmer have regularly championed his work prior to entering politics as an example of his leadership skills and his success. His opponent's are then saying you can't have your cake and eat it. Even if the Starmer Saville line doesn't stick the aim seems to be to tag him as a lefty do-gooder lawyer.
  5. Denny Crane

    Captain Tom

    Hmm still alive like 2pac. Captain Sir Tom Moore's family find forgotten mystery Christmas present to open this year The daughter of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore says she found a mystery Christmas present in her father's bedroom - which the family will open as they mark their first year without him https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2021-12-22/family-find-mystery-present-from-captain-tom-to-open-this-christmas
  6. Denny Crane

    Captain Tom

    Captain Tom is a crisis actor and is really 76 year old Reginald from a North Norfolk care home. So I read. I can't get behind any of the pandemic conspiracy theories but this has more validity than the ones involving Billy Gates, 5G and the rest. I mean how did he just appear and disappear. I'm off to do some further research.
  7. Denny Crane

    Boris Johnson

    Power in action. I mean anyone would think there isn't a long list of cover ups involving the police and government regardless of Tory or Labour in charge. Nothing new to see here sadly.
  8. Denny Crane

    Compulsory Covid Jabs

    See if you can be a guinea pig and get some free antibody tests. You seem like the sort of person they would want to fidget with and monitor in a study. If you could get two antibody tests you could measure what is going on in your body over a period of time that might help inform your decision. There is a test out there that measures t cells and antibodies in one blood test.
  9. Denny Crane

    Compulsory Covid Jabs

    I did use the phrase less likely -- not disputing some symptoms are genuine. However people can convince themselves of anything, we know the placebo and nocebo effect are measurable outcomes. Not far fetched to believe with all the misinformation and this woeful government it could add a little to the mix.
  10. Denny Crane

    Compulsory Covid Jabs

    Some of the findings found that as a booster the MRNA are more effective compared to the viral vector vaccines. The article below seems to suggest the production capacity of Pfizer made the difference and has given them the edge and they became like Amazon in a Winner-Takes-All-Market. Combined with ruthless negotiating and the failure of governments to work collectively. Astra Zeneca had production problems, remember at one time the EU were suing them for failure to deliver. https://www.ft.com/content/0cea5e3f-d4c4-4ee2-961a-3aa150f388ec I'm a big believer in the placebo and nocebo effect. Around 30% of participants in the original trials who took the placebo reported side effects. So I'm always a bit cautious in how impartial we can be in our reporting of the initial side effects. I managed to convince myself after my Pfizer booster that I had the best nights sleep in ages. My hunch is those who feel comfortable with a jab are less likely to feel any side effects.
  11. Denny Crane

    Alternative 'rona thread

    Rogan explaining his treatment around covid and the coverage it got didn't sit right. I mean most of his listener's won't have access to the best medical practitioners on standby should they take a bad turn. He has a huge platform and with that comes responsibility.
  12. Denny Crane

    Compulsory Covid Jabs

    There isn't any reason given but I assumed general vaccine hesitancy.
  13. Denny Crane

    Compulsory Covid Jabs

    Trade union leaders are urging ministers to delay making Covid vaccination mandatory for NHS personnel because the feared exodus it will trigger will worsen the health service’s staffing crisis. The government has decided that all NHS staff in England who have direct contact with patients must have had their first dose of a Covid vaccine by 3 February or risk losing their job at the end of March. But the TUC has called for the policy to be delayed “with immediate effect”, to avoid the loss of staff it will create deepening the health service-wide shortage of key workers which is a key reason why dozens of NHS trusts have had to declare a major alert over the last week. The TUC is warning the health secretary, Sajid Javid, that pressing ahead with the plan “will exacerbate this crisis, creating a bureaucratic and staffing nightmare for NHS trusts and making it impossible to maintain safe staffing levels in the coming weeks”. Javid, who has already imposed the requirement on staff working in care homes in England, believes that compulsory jabs for NHS staff will help keep patients safe and reduce the number of people who contract Covid while in hospital Frances O’Grady, the TUC’s general secretary, said: “We are in the middle of an NHS staffing crisis, born not only from Covid absences but also long-term problems that need long-term solutions. Now is not the right time to introduce more bureaucracy. As hospitals declare critical incidents amid a surge in Covid cases, the NHS cannot afford to lose experienced and skilled staff”. The NHS already has 93,000 vacancies, including for 40,000 nurses. The government’s own impact assessment of its policy concluded that as many as 73,000 staff may leave rather than get jabbed. Women, people from ethnic minorities and younger workers are among those most likely to quit The Guardian reported last month that Chris Hopson, the chief executive of the hospitals body NHS Providers, feared that entire units of hospitals may have to close “in extreme circumstances” as a result of the departure of unvaccinated staff. He cited an unnamed maternity unit where 40 midwives are refusing to get jabbed and whose stance had left the trust’s boss seriously concerned for the future viability of the service if they left, given that the NHS in England is short of about 2,500 midwives. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/society/2022/jan/07/ministers-urged-to-delay-mandatory-covid-jabs-for-nhs-staff-in-england
  14. Denny Crane


    So if there is less hospitalisation and this leads to less strain on the health service. Surely time to use less stick and revisit the suspension of health care workers. Also worth looking at alternatives and implementing a plan -- so if unvaccinated people get ill we can identify them at an earlier stage and give prescribed drugs that could limit their symptoms. An example is the unvaccinated get tested every other day and can go about their business, if they test positive then we prescribe these new medications that prevent serious issues. I'm triple jabbed 33 and fortunate enough not to see a doctor since I tried to blag a day off school well over 20 years ago -- took the jab as I understand risk to others and myself. I think we have reached a stage now we are doing long-term damage with this zero-sum approach to vaccination v unvaccinated and worried if we continue down this path we are going to create a generation of people who don't vaccinate their kids. Public Health should be more about changing behaviour than punishment. Saying that I think some of the grifters and charlatans who have deliberately published information deserve severe punishment.
  15. Denny Crane

    Compulsory Covid Jabs

    Don't think its been mentioned but Italy have mandatory vaccines for kids to attend school prior to covid -- ten jabs in total MMR, diphtheria etc. Under six banned from care facilities and over 6 the parents are fined but not banned from school. They also have strict laws on FFP2 mask wearing in certain crowded spaces and all kids over 6 have been wearing masks in classrooms. Not sure you can generalise and say Italy is doing this therefore the UK will adopt comparative measures on mandatory vaccines. Prior to covid they also had the oldest population in Europe, they still might have so I suspect the demands on public health are possibly different and a different history with mandated vaccines.