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  1. Imagine he rolls up with a full head of hair.
  2. All 3 European trophies won by the old men. Gasperini 66 v Alonso 42 Ancelotti 64 v Terzic 41 Mendilibar 63 v Italiano 46
  3. Clubs are not necessarily looking for the best but the person who fits into their clubs owners plans. Looking like Maresca getting close to the Chelsea job now. Full article below. https://archive.ph/1jru9
  4. Kompany and Maresca two teams who won the Championship this year and the previous could end up managing Bayern and Chelsea. The runner up this year could end up managing Manchester United. Some smart people seem to think they have spotted something that has prepared them well? Definitely looks like the era of the manager is finished and experience is being devalued. Kompany did an MBA, Sahin going to Harvard. Players seem to be knowing which way things are going. Looks like the boards are looking for different things.
  5. Who are the Concacaf 6 in group D? They sound like a bunch of lads who have been rounded up by a military junta and falsely accused of kidnapping Luis Diaz father. Free the Concacaf 6.
  6. Atlanta wage bill is around 40 million euros. It would put them in the bottom 3 in the Premier League. People need to put some respect on Mr Gasperini he's embarrassed Klopp and Alonso. He's been a good coach for a long time. The Juventus wage bill is about 5x higher than Atlanta.
  7. The baldies are taking over. Pochettino and Tuchel should get a skinhead cut.
  8. If Atlanta finish 5th and only 5th, Italy would have 6 Champions League places. Roma could get extremely lucky to finish 6th and end up in the Champions League.
  9. Gasperini doing it for the old coaches. He's had some tournament hasn't he throughly deserved.
  10. This new Champions League format could be a pain if you mess up compared to the normal schedule. You could face an extra 4 games if you end up in the playoffs. 36 teams from 4 seeded pots. The teams in black are confirmed. It's one big League table. We play 8 games, 2 from each pot split 4/4 home and away. You play 1 home and away from each pot. Country protection but not for teams who have 5 places (Germany/Italy). The top 8 teams go through to the last 16 automatically. 9th to 24th enter into the playoffs. There is a chance we could face Amorim and Alonso or even face Real Madrid in one of the 8 games. When are the 2024/25 Champions League League stage matches? Matchday 1: 17–19 September 2024 Matchday 2: 1/2 October 2024 Matchday 3: 22/23 October 2024 Matchday 4: 5/6 November 2024 Matchday 5: 26/27 November 2024 Matchday 6: 10/11 December 2024 Matchday 7: 21/22 January 2025 Matchday 8: 29 January 2025 When is the 2024/25 Champions League knockout stage? Knockout round play-offs: 11/12 & 18/19 February 2025
  11. Italy and Germany get 5 places in the Champions League next season. They go by head to head than goal difference. I don't think Roma can overtake them as they have beaten and drawn against 6th placed Roma.
  12. I actually think Pochettino is a good manager to work with young players. He does have a solid reputation for improving inexperienced players. He won't win a league title but the fit of him with a squad of young players looked decent on paper, although an ex spurs fan favourite he was never going to be cut much slack. With no Europe he should have had more points
  13. Todd Boehly and his partner's experience of football so far, seems to be being sent to the shop for a bucket of steam and some elbow grease.
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