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Tony Moanero

Great adverts of yesteryear

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1 hour ago, AngryofTuebrook said:


I think we can put those two on a pile marked "of their time". Maybe just as well they don't make ads like that.

Yeah, I did wonder about posting the Texan one.

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    • His avatar is Brian Labone who is the biggest bitter Everton player of all time. His daughter was fit though. 
    • Ever the moral guardians of decency and the community.    Saint Domingo is without doubt the biggest gobshite I've ever seen post on a forum.  Saint Domingo Player Valuation: £70m Today at 5:20 PM   Add bookmark #13,443 It’s easy to tweet stuff. Oh look we mowed ‘NHS’ into the grass, oh look Brendan is laying a wreath, oh our twitter team throws out a #YMCA at whatever latest tragedy in the world there is.

      What have they done for the community? Nothing. They decimated the Anfield area for their own expansion treating the residents awfully. They’ll sell Melwood to the highest bidder despite local objections. They furloughed their own staff. They hiked season ticket prices up to a level even that lot wouldn’t pay. Worst of all despite record profits, universal media coverage, and huge sway over governing bodies they’ve done absolutely nothing for the city of Liverpool apart from exploit them to make money for themselves.

      On the other hand we’ve set up a world leading charity, we’re keeping Goodison as a benefit to the community rather than selling it for profit. We’ve frozen season ticket prices for years again at detriment to us. We didn’t furlough our staff.

      Yeah but we don’t tweet #NSNO after every single world tragedy so we musn’t be as moral as the socialist shankly reds
    • The club is American owned ffs or have the idiots slating us forgot about that? 
    • Forget the hair thing this kid seems to have everything in his locker to be a top player the future is bright with him  Curtis Jones and Neco Williams coming through the ranks .
    • Biggest cunts in sport. No mark nothing gobshites who virtue signal at every opportunity while Spending their entire life trying to downplay the achievements of a far superior football club.    A quarter of a century since their last trophy and they somehow think they are a big club.    Gobshites the lot of them.    
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