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  1. lifetime fan


    We went to watch the film tonight and it’s excellent.
  2. lifetime fan

    The Foodie thread

    You could when I was out there, it was just ridiculously expensive. I used to get my fill when we went for a brunch.
  3. lifetime fan

    The Foodie thread

    Fair enough. I had the same issue when in Dubai.
  4. lifetime fan

    The Foodie thread

    Miss it?
  5. lifetime fan

    The Foodie thread

    Pork loin stuffed with herbs, garlic and lemon zest wrapped in pancetta.
  6. lifetime fan

    Mark Lawrenson

    I’ve listened to a few podcasts with Wright and when he doesn’t have to give a ‘headline’ every sentence he’s actually worth a listen. The clip of him with his old teacher sets me off every single time.
  7. lifetime fan

    Donald Trump

    How the mighty have fallen.
  8. lifetime fan

    Donald Trump

    Isn’t that why Rudy carried on working for him? Might as well get paid by the tax payer than fight in court?
  9. lifetime fan

    Mark Lawrenson

    I’d not heard that but it 100% sounds true and much like Wright I reckon he’ll end up massively regretting it.
  10. lifetime fan

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    And not just ‘don’t eat yellow snow’.
  11. lifetime fan

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I hope she left you a tip.
  12. lifetime fan

    Mark Lawrenson

    He 100% comes across that way. Much like Ian Wright used to when he first started on telly. He’s admitted himself he was a paid clown and went along with it to stay on air but after a while felt it was demeaning (possibly racist) and after a break wanted to come back as a more serious pundit. He’ll never be a member of Mensa but Wright is actually worth listening to now, whereas previously he was like a toddler with ADHD who had just been given a family size bag of skittles and a pint can of monster and then wheeled out in front of the cameras. I reckon Richards is being played exactly the same.
  13. lifetime fan

    PODCAST: Should we sign another midfielder?

    It’s the first issue every single time.
  14. lifetime fan

    The drunk thread.

    Why does it taste like the sweet virgin Mary’s pussy at the time but my God that bitch comes back to dry fuck you with the strap on the next morning.
  15. lifetime fan

    Other Football 22/23

  16. lifetime fan

    PODCAST: Should we sign another midfielder?

    It’s not stockpiling to bring in a desperately needed midfielder this summer, it’s horseshit to claim otherwise. Ox and his salary is gone next year, Keita should be fucked off too, Milner will hopefully step into a coaching role at the club and Hendo should move into the role Milner has played the last couple of years. That leaves two outstanding midfielders in Thiago and Fab, neither of whom have any sort of fitness record to scream about. And 3 kids, none of whom have proved themselves as being able to play a prolonged spell in a title chasing side. We need to be buying at least 2 top quality midfielders for the first XI and potentially a third for the squad. The chances of us getting them both next summer is virtually zero. The club can afford to bring in at least one this summer, allowing them time to settle in and get used to the demands Klopp places on his midfielders in his system. The need is there. The money is there. The will obviously isn’t.
  17. lifetime fan


    My brother was telling me of a very obese woman with a love of cock who moved into their street. She’s now known as Jabba the Slut.
  18. lifetime fan

    The Foodie thread

  19. On a training course today and there’s a little blonde fitty on our table. You have to do the usual introductions and bullshit and a different woman asked me what year I started in care? Me: 1999 Fitty: That was the year I was born!
  20. lifetime fan

    Our midfield

    Over a million quid a month we piss up the wall on Keita and Ox.
  21. lifetime fan

    The Football Books Thread

    One of my favourite all time non red footballers. His autobiography is fucking brutal.