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  1. The last appointment was between Klopp and Ancelotti. 2 world class managers with proven winning records. It’s completely different this time as there are no stand out candidates. Comparing the two situations is pointless mate.
  2. I‘d love to see him explain how 2 unelected tory MPs WAS democratic.
  3. Anyone else think the lad on it today looked like a young Stig with a shit beard?
  4. I wouldn’t sell Salah unless he asks to leave. But under PSR wouldn’t any fee we received for him be classed as 100% profit as the amortisation of his transfer fee has been cleared? If we could get £100m ‘profit’ for him this summer then I can definitely see the club letting him go and not having to give the new manager any money other than his fee.
  5. It’s the lack of pace between the two as well.
  6. Nah, he was South African and the greatest cricket fielder ever, this bloke is an annoying Aussie cunt who keeps saying super as well.
  7. It’s not great but there’s far worse kits for the tournament.
  8. In Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, they’ve all had referees proven to have been corrupt or there are current ongoing investigations into bent referees. These aren’t backwater Eastern European leagues away from the spotlight. How fucking naïve do you have to be to buy this bullshit that ‘all refs are honest’. What’s more believable, this league is the only one in European top flight football to not have bent refs or it’s been happening here as well?
  9. Agreed, a lot like Gary Mac kept picking the wrong job when he had massive potential to be a great manager. But a record of bad decision making isn’t a great sign when recruiting a manager.
  10. He’d destroy everything he’s stood for and become the biggest cunt on tour.
  11. The club obviously weren’t fucking interested in making it work then were they.
  12. Not lived there for nearly 5 years but there was always a good independent foodie scene.
  13. St Nicks. Market is quality. Few good boozers around there too.
  14. It’s the hair that throws you.
  15. Thinking of you all dealing with this cunt of a disease today.
  16. Emery is a very good manager but his football is fucking shite to watch. Fuck that. It’s gonna be a nasty enough shock next season just not having Klopp here, let alone watching shit, defensive football on top.
  17. Is Tony Barrett still employed by the club? Wasn’t he taken on to help the club stop making fuck ups with the fans?
  18. He’s looking exactly like the signing he was. A £15m gamble on a bang average journeyman.
  19. It’s a tory, it states who it was on the bbc website.
  20. Decent bet that. My brother backed Scotty and mocked me for betting Hojgaard, said what do you do at Cheltenham, back who’s gonna win forget the price. I sent him a shitty message half hour ago, he’s bogeyd every hole since.
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