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  1. Chip Butty

    Mook Needs You

    I clapped for him at 8pm tonight on the doorstep.
  2. Chip Butty

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    When they were falling over themselves to promote the French model of scrapping the league and telling us all this is what we should do and the way forward, to then screech the brakes on 24 hours later, back track and tell everyone to fuck the French model - will be one one the highlights of the whole lock-down. I still have the Whatsapp's saved to remind me mates when all get back to meeting up. The gift that keeps on giving.
  3. Chip Butty

    The Hangover Thread

    Haha, probably more of a Freudian slip, as I feel like shite.
  4. Chip Butty

    The Hangover Thread

    I ache all over, I believe around 1-2am this morning after a bottle of JD, I attempted freestyle body pooping. She tells me I wasn't good very good. And I woke thinking I was just dreaming of Herbie Hancokc's, Rockit, on full blast.
  5. Chip Butty

    Katy Perry

    Don't worry lads, if Adele can lose the equivalent amount of weight of a reasonably sized iceberg, on the Lena Zavaroni diet, our Katy will ditch that slutty fat, no problem.
  6. So-crates A Doctor, a gambler, a smoker, a heavy drinker a womaniser and a genius at football. The jammy bastard.
  7. Chip Butty

    What's the best tv who-dun-it ?

    It was, Moyder!
  8. Chip Butty

    Marmalade. What side of the wall do you stand?

    The best thing about Marmalade is you forget about it, then you see it out shopping and its like POW!... How have I ever forget you my old friend? You get a jar, its goes on toast for the following 5 or 6 days, its your now go too brecky solution.......and then you sort of forget about it, again, the jar inexplicably drifts onto the back of the rice and pasta shelf. Your bird launches it. Then the cycle starts again in about 8 months time. Its the marmalade dance.
  9. Chip Butty

    These Hipster Beards

    Hot Wash Wankers
  10. Chip Butty


    I hope it pisses down for the next three weeks non stop.
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  12. Chip Butty


    Self isolate Drink Award Liverpool the title
  13. Chip Butty


    You watch this government in action, you see the people in the parks, the streets, the faux VE celebration parties and you realise then - that question you asked yourself all those months ago, about how did this country end up making such a choice with a majority, to vote to leave Europe....... and it's here now, the answer for all to see.
  14. Chip Butty

    Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks or Kate Bush ?

    Had drinkypoo's with Lady Butty last night and played full blast Union City Blue, which has to be one of the top Punk/Pop greatest hits of all time. A cracking sing along tune as well, an absolute classic. For me, if DH was breaking through at this time, what with her looks, her voice, her attitude and her whole vibe, I reckon she'd have the world at her feet.
  15. Chip Butty

    What Constitutes Your Perfect Roast Dinner

    From what I've read, it's good to see the word "Sweetcorn" has not soiled this thread.
  16. Chip Butty

    Michael Robinson

    RIP Fatty Robbo.