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Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

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4 minutes ago, clockspeed said:

Shocking that Klopp doesn't trust Salah and Bobby to start against fresh defenders. More shocking is that he is correct no matter who the replacements are.

Hang on take that back after divs three pointer

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We slow the play down so much once within 25 yards of goal

We end up playing 9 vs 9 trying to break them down in a tiny space and just make it easy for teams

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    • None of this is any of the players fault.   It is all down to poor decision making, not considering properly how short having just 3 senior centre halves when 1 is made of paper and another has a pretty ropey fitness record left us - and then the laughable reaction to what became a full on crisis when all 3 were fucked.
    • I agree, but it won’t happen that way. I’m absolutely sure it won’t.   the fundamental problem with this is replicated elsewhere in society these days, and it’s that we now want accountability for all things and no allowance of a mistake - unless you’re the prime minister when no accountability is required at all.   in our search to eradicate the relatively small number of egregious mistakes made by officials we’ve got this answer where just as many mistakes are happening, only they’re now happening over tiny things that nobody used to be arsed about, while still having occasional egregious mistakes like that maguire non-penalty in Daves roundup go unpunished and the mess with Mason’s free kick etc.   Id have no issue at all with all goals being subject to review for an obvious offside, and a VAR there for bad challenges that are missed and nothing else - not even  a challenge system - just a non invasive use of an extra pair of video aided eyes to get rid of howlers.   if - like sterling vs city which we come back to often - a flag was wrongly raised and it’s obvious on second viewing, overturn it. If the opposite is clearly the case, disallow an incorrectly awarded goal.   beyond that, keep your gob shut, leave your etch a sketch in its box and get on with the fucking game.
    • I try to forget cunts like that even exist.
    • For now maybe. Jota was supposed to be available against Sheff Utd until the day of the match until he got sick.
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