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  1. HolyHank

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I just can't fathom why they choose to focus on this penalty crap while fighting relegation. They must win some games, but instead spend their time banging on about a effing penalty shout in a match they were totally outclassed in. They should have hired Warnock, the only manager bitter enough for them.
  2. First: that city side is really, really good. The complaining I will present is merely nitpicking. But; the midfield trio was terrible onepaced, which allowed them to cut through the middle far too easy. Fabinho, Robbo and Jota were below par. We adjusted the lines at half time and got better, but the lack of tempo in midfield left the high defensive line open way too many times. But, we huffed and puffed and got a fairly deserved point in the end. Expect Konate, Keita and Diaz to start next Saturday.
  3. HolyHank

    The Boot Room Boys (BT Sport doc)

    Did Jürgen say "the city is big enough for two clubs; the real one and the other one", or do I mishear it?
  4. Miss the days when you could have a slight touch on the ball and then smash a player. But, according to the rules there was no way Sanchis could stay on
  5. Thing is, it doesnt matter anymore if you play the ball if you are exposing another player to danger. Going in with your studs high and hitting someone high on the foot with force will always be at least a booking nowadays.
  6. Keepers can't leave the line anymore, making it more difficult to save.
  7. HolyHank

    Inter Milan 0 Liverpool 2 (Feb 16 2022)

    Working for the Ministry of Truth now, do you?
  8. Hendo played terrific. Covered the right spaces and got the game ticking by playing one touches and make them chase it. Just what we needed.
  9. HolyHank

    Subscriptions - what's going on?

    Dave is one of the few genuine funny football writers around. Worth every penny.
  10. I'm too young to remember Oldhams stint very good, but didn't they actually play some decent footy?
  11. Yeah, we we awful, but the pundits seem to struggle with the concept of offside. Most of their chances were offside and would not have stood anyway
  12. HolyHank

    Crystal Palace 1 Liverpool 3 (Jan 23 2022)

    I don't want to be complaining, as I love the guy and think he still is ace, but Virg has lost a yard of pace, hasn't he? Teams are looking to get in behind him, something he used to deal quite easily with before his injury. Now he seems to struggle, especially when he has to turn.
  13. Van Dijk is still a class act, and is performing well. But I think most would agree that he hasn't entered Superman Mode after the injury yet. Maybe he will need this season to be his true self, or hopefully he will be back to his real level by March.