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  1. We know you love Salah as much as you hate toll roads, but if you actually think Mo has been decent, you really fool yourself
  2. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes exciting. But doesnt have the game intelligence to be a regular starter for us. Also not clinical enough. In the big picture: a flop,cut losses and get rid
  3. We should know by now that Utd play without a midfield and leaves the wingers high upfield. Therefor you leave the full backs, and push one of the centre backs up in space, let the wingers pull their back four wide and get behind them with runs from midfield. Instead, we tried to play it like a normal game. Didn't help that Mo stank up the place and Electric Nunez has the game intelligence of my cat's litter box. Harvey was good, tho. And Diaz put in a shift.
  4. Nunez must have a knock. Looks slower than before christmas. Tactically, he's terrible
  5. Obviously disappointed. Too many of our trusted plsyers didn't show up. For me, Endo/Macca/Salah/Nunez were not up to their usual standards. Endo and Macca should have closed down the midfield in the second half.
  6. Had one mistake where he dwelled on the ball too long, but he looks mature far beyond his age. And Bobby Clark, starting to think he is the real deal
  7. Sorry, I was unaware of the unwritten obligation to amuse you with any post.
  8. Trent is still blessed with a passing foot and vision like no other We'd be fools to not take advantage of that.
  9. Sorry bout that. I am very disappointed by the performance and in a bad mood. You're probably a nice fella, but you rubbed me wrong with the no fan-comment.
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