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  1. McAllister, or how the fuck he spells it, is not all that. Loses the ball all the time, and doesn't cover too much ground. Even more worrying is Big Dom's sudden fall from grace
  2. This sound clips of the refs reminds me of when David Elleray was miked and Tony Adams called him a cheat in a funny, high - pitched voice
  3. That Nunez-transfer sure looks like a waste of money. Guy has not skills to play against packed defenses, and Klopp do not trust him to play even when we need someone to chase long balls.
  4. Yeah, but Fabinho doesn't rhyme with Endo. Low hanging fruits is my thing.
  5. Trent is an amazing footballer, but he is a mediocre defender. He is been turned inside out by Gordon today, and that is sadly no surprise. Put him in midfield and buy a new right back.
  6. Well, it's pretty hard to take the moral high ground when our greatest ever player takes our captain the last 10 years to enjoy oil money.
  7. Time for us to shut up when it comes to city and newcastle fans. As this summer has shown, or own guys runs to the money. Gerrard, Fowler, Bobby, Hendio. What a fucking joke. Don't know why we should bother anymore.
  8. Move him to midfield and buy a decent right back.
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