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  1. Stouffer

    Gigs I have been to recently thread

    Was at a Craig Charles funk and soul house party recently.
  2. Love to see Curtis Jones get in on this, reckon he'd smash a 30 yarder.
  3. Stouffer

    The definitive TLW biscuit poll

    She's just said she doesn’t like hobnobs. Can't wait for marriage no. 3.
  4. Stouffer

    Shift work and Nights.

    You must have a COVID risk assessment. Follow it and tell them to get fucked.
  5. Alma's Not Normal, really enjoyed the pilot last year and pleased to see the BBC commissioned a series. Funny with a decent bit of social commentary.
  6. Stouffer

    General Manager Job Opportunity

    Post a picture of the brekkie please Dave.
  7. Stouffer


    . Tennis.
  8. Stouffer


    . Series.
  9. Stouffer


    I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins.