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    Licking own anus.
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  1. Stouffer

    September Spiders

    Just had an absolute monster rampaging all over the living room. I didn’t really want to go to sleep anyway.
  2. Stouffer

    Other football - 2020/21

    Take that yer baldy cunt.
  3. My cus' who is spending loads of time in hospital with his boy who has just been diagnosed with cancer got a lovely Facebook video message from him the other day. Good luck Loris.
  4. Stouffer

    Police are cunts

    Of course I'm not forgetting the shooter. I'm just interested in the technicalities of how statutory legislation can be applied and if the copper doing the search could be prosecuted under Safety Law (not that I'm saying he should be). My limited understanding is that he could be though.
  5. Stouffer

    Police are cunts

    Against the force and the individual I'd have thought. An individual can be culpable owing to their acts or omissions.
  6. Stouffer

    Top Lurkers

    @abunawirah; joined Dec 2013 and not a single post, top lurking. Get some, get some.
  7. Stouffer

    Police are cunts

    Would the case not be heard under HASWA?
  8. Stouffer

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    "So you haven't got a rod licence eh laddie?"
  9. Stouffer


    I tried Twitter as I thought it would be a useful source of information but it's just an expanse of "people" just screaming absolute shite into a void. The kids watch YouTube and I find it a little concerning; not so much the comments but the perception that YouTubers are cool. It just seems to be a load of wankers shouting at every given opportunity, and I hate shouty cunts. Fuck 'em.
  10. Stouffer


    I don't use any social media bar TLW; I was on Facebook for about a month and to be honest I just didnt really get it. I think I'm just quite insular and happy to get on with my own shit and don't feel the need to tell anyone else about it. I do find it genuinely fascinating how it is such a large part of people's lives.
  11. Stouffer

    What Country Would You Move To?

    The place with the least spiders because I'm a massive pussy.
  12. Stouffer

    The definitive TLW biscuit poll

    I'm not normally a biscuit eater but I've just had one of these and it was lovely, but now I feel bad because it probably makes me a massive Nazi.
  13. Stouffer


    Chris Whitty looks a bit like a salamander. I appreciate this isn't very informative but I don't make the rules.