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  1. General Dryness

    What Country Would You Move To?

    Shockingly close to reality.
  2. General Dryness

    What Country Would You Move To?

    I was raised on the Isle of Man. I am rain.
  3. General Dryness

    What Country Would You Move To?

    Haven't been to the South Island yet, but it's on the list. Two of the places we might be looking at relocating to are Nelson and Dunedin.
  4. General Dryness

    What Country Would You Move To?

    I'm in New Zealand and I'm staying here. Not overly keen on the area we're in, but we'll probably be relocating elsewhere on the country in the next couple of years, depending on how things pan out.
  5. General Dryness

    Chelsea (A) 20/9/20 - Premier League

    Hendo off for Thiago.
  6. General Dryness

    Chelsea (A) 20/9/20 - Premier League

    Thought I was watching rugby for a second there. Correct decision by VAR.
  7. General Dryness

    The Space Thread

    Well made series, but I thought it was a bit strange that Roger Boisjoly (who was one of the leading dissenters against the launch at Morton Thiokol) was never mentioned by name.
  8. General Dryness

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That's it then, the bitters are going to win the league and der redshites heads have fallen off.
  9. General Dryness

    Another US Shooting

    Hasn't been a massacre in America for at least a month. Is anybody still shocked by this kind of thing? http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/72625797/at-least-10-dead-in-shooting-at-community-college-in-roseburg-oregon
  10. General Dryness

    Women in Sport - The Hottest - prob NSFW

    As if that's the clincher or something. "I wasn't that keen on her at first, but it turns out she's dead edgy."
  11. General Dryness

    Marmelade and jam

    Grapefruit was the only one I was specifically warned about, but after a couple of Google searches I see that seville oranges and other Citrus can cause problems too, depending on the meds. In fact the whole subject of drug/food interactions seems like a massive rabbit hole. Milk can interfere with antibiotics? Fucking hell!
  12. General Dryness

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Same. Subaru is the weapon of choice for the urban boy racer bellend in NZ. Mostly beat up old Imprezas and Legacys. Dribbling spacktards, the lot of 'em.
  13. General Dryness

    Marmelade and jam

    It's the grapefruit component that has the enzyme mate. I can't eat it either, blood pressure meds react with it. There are marmalades without grapefruit though. I get a sweet orange one which is lovely.
  14. General Dryness

    Grenfall Tower Fire

    This looks bad. http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/93685630/live-london-highrise-grenfall-tower-on-fire
  15. General Dryness

    Political Correctness

    I'm surprised he didn't do it in character as his mate Chalky.
  16. General Dryness

    TLW Guitarists

    Still cheaper than USA made stuff though, which seems to be the holy grail of guitar and bass building. I've got a German Warwick and a Japanese Tokai. Fuck you 'Murica.
  17. General Dryness

    TLW Guitarists

  18. General Dryness

    Political Correctness

    Good on you fella. Just that your big posts had the look of green influenced streams of consciousness. Its heartening to know that you're just that mental.
  19. General Dryness

    Political Correctness

    Are you still smoking loads of weed Audrey?
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  21. General Dryness

    TLW Guitarists

    Tokai is a seriously underrated brand. I've got a five string jazz bass of theirs. They were making Japanese Fenders in the Tokai factory until a few years ago.
  22. General Dryness

    Film/TV Opinion Amnesty Thread

    I love the old Godzilla movies. And the new ones. And Pacific Rim. Anything with big monsters and/or robots. However, whilst I know theres a lot of anime with kaiju and mecha, I'm just not a big fan of cartoons. So I don't watch those.