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Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

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They'll sit deep and watch us pass it slowly in front of them and create fuck all and then probably get Barnes or someone in for best chance of game....



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The 1-1 draw in this fixture last season stopped us from completing the season with a 100% home record. We took the lead through a powerful header from Robbo, but we weren't clinical enough in the final third. We conceded an equaliser from a set piece which should have been ruled out for offside. Andre Marriner was the ref and he seemed intent on letting Burnley be as physical and time-wasty as they liked.


The first time we played this lot in the PL was at Anfield in September 2009. Owen Coyle was their manager and they'd just been promoted and had actually beaten Man Utd in the league too. We were comfortable though, winning 4-0 thanks to a Yossi hat-trick and a goal from Dirk. It was to be a poor season with the team at its erratic and inconsistnt worst in the post-Xabi era. Things were worse off the pitch with the shit cunt owners digging their heals in and the club haemhorraging millions of pounds in interest payments on the loan used as leverage on the club. It was the season we ended up with Martin Broughton as chairman, looking for a buyer urgently. As much as we don't like a lot of what we are seeing at the moment, just imagine how much worse it was then.


The goals are from 2:35 onwards:




Jay-Z topped the charts on that same day with 'Run This Town' along with his mates Kanye West and Rihanna. They've all done much better stuff than this.





Last season we really did 'run this town', if you say 'this town' was the PL. A lot has gone awry since then, and we badly need to get back on track. We are averaging less than 2 points per game at the moment, and obviously way down on last season's near-perfection at this stage. We practically know what Burnley are going to do, but we must find a way to be less predictable ourselves. The lack of centre backs is one thing, but the attack looking nothing like the unit of the past 3 seasons is hampering us badly because we are not looking creative, incisive or clinical at all. That has to be fixed as soon as possible.



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6 minutes ago, Red_or_Dead said:

I think the time has come: stig needs to get off starting the match threads.

I thought this when I saw the thread. 


The front on the cunt. 

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Alisson; Trent, Phillips, Fabinho, Robertson; Henderson, Thiago; Shaqiri, Firmino, Mane; Salah

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    • Are Chelsea likely to start with Giroud? Probably best to stick with Phillips if so, their pace in other places will trouble us but at least Phillips can header the ball. Kabaks 50p head is giving me Skrtel flashbacks.
    • None of this is any of the players fault.   It is all down to poor decision making, not considering properly how short having just 3 senior centre halves when 1 is made of paper and another has a pretty ropey fitness record left us - and then the laughable reaction to what became a full on crisis when all 3 were fucked.
    • I agree, but it won’t happen that way. I’m absolutely sure it won’t.   the fundamental problem with this is replicated elsewhere in society these days, and it’s that we now want accountability for all things and no allowance of a mistake - unless you’re the prime minister when no accountability is required at all.   in our search to eradicate the relatively small number of egregious mistakes made by officials we’ve got this answer where just as many mistakes are happening, only they’re now happening over tiny things that nobody used to be arsed about, while still having occasional egregious mistakes like that maguire non-penalty in Daves roundup go unpunished and the mess with Mason’s free kick etc.   Id have no issue at all with all goals being subject to review for an obvious offside, and a VAR there for bad challenges that are missed and nothing else - not even  a challenge system - just a non invasive use of an extra pair of video aided eyes to get rid of howlers.   if - like sterling vs city which we come back to often - a flag was wrongly raised and it’s obvious on second viewing, overturn it. If the opposite is clearly the case, disallow an incorrectly awarded goal.   beyond that, keep your gob shut, leave your etch a sketch in its box and get on with the fucking game.
    • I try to forget cunts like that even exist.
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