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    Wolves (A) – Sat 4th Dec 2021 (3:00pm)

    Imagine working for Klopp day in day out . Why would Div move ? I wouldn't .
  2. clockspeed

    Great Documentaries

    Songs for while I'm away Phil Lynott story on tonight bbc2 10 pm will be o iplayer . Seen it already you could say it rose tinted but we all know how it ended . Candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long and Philip burned bright.
  3. clockspeed

    Upcoming TV Shows

    Is this what develops into the 6666 ranch series or is that separate again ?
  4. clockspeed

    Wolves (A) – Sat 4th Dec 2021 (3:00pm)

    Yip my man of the match great pairing with Fab, was pushing us forward the whole match. Sort of player you always think is a luxury but with his possession , pressing and energy he is fast becoming a necessity in our midfield .
  5. clockspeed

    Ray Kennedy Boss Player

    Beautiful player, lovely person .
  6. clockspeed

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    We all love him and as time goes on it becomes more obvious that he is a great person as well as a great manager . I am just going to enjoy next two or three seasons cause the way it is going the only thing keeping me interested and engaged is his presence. I suspect I will give up on the Premiership at that stage and become a rabid Germany supporter.
  7. clockspeed

    Boris Johnson

    Utter catastrophe of a leader . Corrupt and incompetent himself . Covid has clouded the shambles of the economy and Brexit now during a winter of discontent the Queen is going to bail him out again by either passing or stepping down .
  8. clockspeed

    Great Documentaries

    Yip book Blood River by Tim Butcher specifically about Congo. Brilliant read .
  9. clockspeed

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    If MPs were to approve a 30-day suspension of Mr Paterson, he would be subject to a recall petition. This could see a by-election triggered in his North Shropshire constituency if more than 10% of local voters sign the petition
  10. clockspeed

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Apparently the 30 day suspension could trigger a bye election . Don't know the details but heard it on BBC this morning . So theoretically he could lose his seat . Then again he has a 23k majority.
  11. Don't want to be a pain but I assume there is major fall off between win (2.4) lose or draw ? Different perspective either way .
  12. Is that not the sort of financial incentive that caused us to play Jota in a dead rubber last year so we could trouser 3 to 4 hundred . Not to be sniffed at but with a paper thin squad and Matip,Ox,Thiago needed I would suggest no first teasers for last two games .
  13. clockspeed

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    I not jumping on bandwagon have said it before if we only sign one player it must be Bellingham .
  14. clockspeed

    Ibrahima Konaté

    I have a problem with him. He fills my bloody screen so much I cannot see the ball when the cameras on him . Cameramen need to pan out a bit when the ball goes near him .
  15. Have to laugh with all the grappling and pulling going on , run towards goal take a slight nudge fall to the floor better chance of a penalty than blatant holding .
  16. By the way Didi was an absolute knob on RTE tonight. Athletico best team he has seen this year, Bobby ran into Griezmans foot , all decisions went Liverpool's way , jotas was a nailed on penalty. I have defended him a few times on various topics here but came across like an Evertonian last night. Poor.
  17. clockspeed

    Your top 5 rewatchable movies?

    Blade Runner Shawshank Blues Brothers Inside Man Rango
  18. clockspeed

    Geordie Arabia

    Have to admit I have a soft spot for Newcastle so I am made up for them as fans. While posters are quite rightly pointing out about human rights abuses or violations please remember the massive defence contracts our government has completed and continues to solicit for orders from the Saudi regime itself. They were going to take over someone. Morally no example has been set by our governments that should justify Newcastle fans feeling concerned or outraged about this. Let them enjoy their time in the limelight.
  19. clockspeed

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    KIN an upmarket Love /Hate on Rte or Amc or Cinema app . 6/10 but getting better . Might persevere but could easily ditch.
  20. clockspeed

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Fixing everything that is broken . Fuck me why does someone not point out who has been in power for the last 10 years. Unbelievable
  21. My fear now is that if they do fire him their recruitment hasn’t been bad . Any half decent manager would have them right up there playing decent stuff. Ole has exceeded my expectations in terms of stick ability however the arsehole is going to get himself sacked and I would even be concerned with Potter with that squad.
  22. clockspeed

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Not the worst shout
  23. clockspeed

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I was literally walking around like that Bart Simpson gif that summer. "Prizes" nice use of plural there . Did we not win the league cup, or were unbeaten in league cup fir something ridiculous like 3 years around that time ? Maybe I am wallowing in nostalgia here but we definitely tried to win everything available.