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  1. General Dryness

    Whistleblower exposes MMR Autism link

    Luxury! Dock leaves.
  2. General Dryness

    Whistleblower exposes MMR Autism link

    I hope gets them on his bellend.
  3. General Dryness

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    That's what you get for storing them up your arse.
  4. General Dryness

    Who is your Florida Man

    Florida man was standing in fire chanting before arrest. Police say they believe the Cape Coral, Florida man had taken psychedelic mushrooms.
  5. General Dryness

    Bruce Lee found alive and well in Liverpool.

    Shawarma of God
  6. General Dryness

    Bruce Lee found alive and well in Liverpool.

    This. Elite could reveal that Hades was him on a wind up and I'd forgive him purely for that post. Thats how special it is.
  7. General Dryness

    Bruce Lee found alive and well in Liverpool.

    Mixed Grill Bill
  8. Great film. He directed as well didn't he? Hard to believe he's no longer with us.
  9. General Dryness


    Careful, you could tear your knob to shreds doing that.
  10. General Dryness


    Try a Wispa and some Revels in a Fray Bentos pie Tony. It'll be hideous, but right up your street.
  11. General Dryness


    The only problem with acupuncture is that at some stage you're definitely going to feel a bit of a prick.