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  1. General Dryness


    We've got the Legalize Cannabis referendum coming up in a couple of months here. Even if the ayes have it theres a clause that says the government could still nix it, but if it passes we'll be the Amsterdam of the South Pacific. But with more sheep and less bicycles.
  2. General Dryness

    Food Amnesty

    The following posters can do one as they are a hapless kiddy fiddling spastic Niallers
  3. General Dryness


    "Corruption on Earth". Be a fucker trying to establish an alibi for that charge.
  4. General Dryness

    Happy Birthday Captain Turdseye

    Never turd of the cunt. All the best, spacka.
  5. General Dryness


  6. General Dryness

    Everton (A) 21/6/2020

    Fucking drab.
  7. General Dryness

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    You don't have to not do business to not do business, but they're not doing business.
  8. General Dryness


    Fucking love Gomez. Ben Ottewell played live from his house a few times during the lockdown, great stuff. I could listen to that fucker sing all day long.
  9. General Dryness

    Best crisps: The return

    Last week I got a Chunky Kit Kat that was almost pure chocolate, just a tiny bit of wafer in it. Good things do happen occasionally.
  10. General Dryness

    The Foodie thread

    Your spellchecker is fucked as well.
  11. General Dryness


    I love that one. I've read it's about Kurt Cobain, not sure if that's true or not though.
  12. General Dryness

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    It's amazing what you can put together just by picking through your neighbours bins.