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  1. with glasses we won better trophies
  2. won 4 trophies with glasses and 4 without
  3. The title winning season winning 26 from 27 and did everyone really appreciate what was going on at the time
  4. We don’t need stuff on banners and shit to show that we are that anyway
  5. Yeah I don’t think the German job is as nailed on as everyone thinks and I’d be amazed if he takes a club job again after being with us it just won’t be same because he needs that connection with the people As you said he’s getting older and I think if he does come back it will be only for 4-5 years maybe German job 2026 World Cup and 2028 Euros and that’s him done but who knows? One thing I’m gonna bloody miss him
  6. What about Mark lawrenson as defence coach Kenny had him at Newcastle
  7. Like the blag gear from JJB sports
  8. Why do these inbreds keep invading the pitch like they’ve never seen a title win before
  9. Official press conference Monday 3 June maybe?
  10. I will sit down over the summer and watch the goals from the 19/20 title win because I never really appreciated that season because of the sheer willing us to get as many points as we could to build a lead over city that’s all I was bothered about like that’s another win chalked off Then Covid hit and just becoming confirmed champions mattered and of course no parade well that was cruel
  11. Yes I mentioned the cock up last night I reckon jurgen should have stayed on all the time and walked round the ground while the players went off and brought the families on Big mistake whoever let him go off
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