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  1. ManéMan

    Russia v Ukraine

    Can't believe this is still going on after the Russians ran out of ammo after the first week
  2. ManéMan

    Russia v Ukraine

    And she was armed with a camera
  3. ManéMan

    Israel - A Rant

    It ain't gonna be easy for sure when the tides turn, and they will turn.
  4. If we had taken the lead earlier might have put a bit of pressure on city
  5. Cant get the ball here. They look more like scoring
  6. Diaz has just gone completely missing from this game...here is now
  7. We're hitting forward far too quickly. Need to get Diaz more into the game
  8. Feels like the anxiety has crept in since the news of city going behind came through
  9. We need half time for klopp to calm them down
  10. When we're in a game Thiago is missing as per usual