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  1. ManéMan

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Hard to disagree with that. Takes far too many touches on the ball only to lay it off or pass it sideways. Always ignores a pass forward when someone makes a run and doesn't really win the ball back too often. He's had some immense games in the big CL games where he tends to up his game and that has boosted his value in the team, majority of the run of the mill games he's largely anonymous.
  2. I think that interview Mo did and the backlash from has also been a factor. Not sure other players would've took that well, especially Trent regarding the captaincy.
  3. Having Fabinho back in defence is also having a bad effect in midfield. When he's there we win the ball back quicker and higher up the pitch. Gini and Hendo when he's there don't win the ball back as much. Thiago was good at that for Bayern so hopefully once he's up to speed that should improve, which would give the forwards that extra second or two and less time for the opposition defence to get set.
  4. ManéMan

    Diogo Jota

    Gonna be like a new signing.
  5. The front three aren't playing as a unit and haven't been for a while, even last season. That's mainly due to the lack of chemistry shall we say between Mane and Salah. This is making Bobby look worse as he used to be the one linking the play. At the moment, the way we play, I don't think Bobby is as integral as he used to be and there's an argument that a more natural number 9 would be more suited, especially with the number of crosses we seem to be putting in the box.
  6. Yeah I think that's it too but surely we can take a few more risks against the crap we've played against recently
  7. Origi already done more than Mo in this game
  8. McTominay ripping through the entire team for the 100th time in the game
  9. Would fucking help if Mo moved away from a marker once in a while...absolutely statuesque all fucking game, every game.
  10. That's fucking disgraceful. Hit it first time or lay the fuck off
  11. He just looks clueless generally when he has the ball.
  12. They're looking more likely to score at the moment.
  13. Typical shite play from Salah...just run straight into the defender with acres of space. Even worse shot from Bobby
  14. We're not scoring tonight either