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  1. Anyone with Virgin Media? I spoke with a couple of advisors but they have been unhelpful regarding their sports packages.
  2. And nothing. Just trying to clarify for @dockers_strike what he wasn't getting.
  3. I think the whole point is players won't want to sign short term weekly/monthly contracts just to play out the season as that will have an impact on them signing for anyone else thereafter in the event they pick up a serious injury
  4. I sort of agree in terms of finding him very frustrating to watch. A lot of games we've won by the odd goal but have almost all the possession and we constantly get in dangerous attacking situations amd majority of the time it is because the attack breaks down when the ball gets to Salah. He is very careless on the ball. I don't see how anyone can disagree with that.
  5. Exactly what Klopp was saying the other day and exactly what happened with the PSG fans last night.
  6. You'd think there was bombs falling from the sky the way people are reacting to this...fucking stockpiling on bog rolls ffs
  7. So is the whole population going to be in self isolation? What the fuck is cancelling the games going to do, people are still going about their business as usual regardless.
  8. Yeah I get your point, but I said that's what he generally tends to do. But even then gassed or not he should've at least made some sort of effort to tackle/block/put the player off at least.
  9. Yeah but clearly he's nowhere near the level the he was at before the injury so it has set him back more than was realised.
  10. A fully fit Fabinho is still way ahead of Henderson for me. While he has been great since the end of last season, I think too much is being made of his recent absence. He was playing in the 1st leg when we looked pedestrian and only came off in the latter stages. For me I don't think he wins the ball often enough or intercepts as much as Fabinho and the opposition tend to play around him too easily. For example their 2nd goal last night he was just casually watching the ball as Morata had it on the right and then ambled over to Llorente as it was played inside, but he made no effort to win the ball or put pressure on either player. Van Dijk was guilty of this also vs Morata. It was only Milner who bust his gut to get back who had to lunge in to try and block the shot and almost got there, while Henderson who was already the was still watching.
  11. Fuck close again Robbo and Trent...need to make these count
  12. Rushing our final pass/finish when we're getting in good positions