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  1. ManéMan

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Wouldn't miss him, forget he's even on the pitch more than half the time. Maybe that's the reason he's never injured.
  2. Shaq done more in 4 minutes than Wijnaldum the last 10 games or more.
  3. Big win. Gini needs to be bombed out of the side. Offers absolutely fuck all and is prime reason for the lack lustre performances.
  4. Unbelievable that he's not on already, and Milner is still on.
  5. Alisson appears to be quite a bit of timber too
  6. Shit from Alisson. But wtf is Gini doing, does he ever make any tackles? Does fuck all game in game out.
  7. ManéMan

    Naby Keita

    I don't think he was the worst of the three that started today. I didn't see him pass straight to the opposition under no pressure like Fab and Gini did a few times. He was taken off as something had to be done and he wasn't going to play the full game anyway. He's a player that looks really bad when the whole team play sluggish, but when the team as a whole play good then he invariably does also.
  8. As bad as Keita was, Fabinho and Wijnaldum were a disgrace. Not even gonna mention Thiago, even Nat Phillips appears to have more composure and ability than him...probably better mobility too.
  9. I don't know what it is up with Mane, takes a touch and then seems to either wait an age as to what to do next or need the space of a tanker to make a turn.
  10. Mane looks confused whenever the ball gets to him.
  11. Fabinho needs to wake the fuck up. Been sleepwalking all game.
  12. Amazing from Fabinho and Thiago
  13. Took their bloody time like