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  1. ManéMan

    Leeds (A) - Sun 12th Sep 2021 (4:30pm)

    It was encouraging to see him keep going and wanting to score as a lot of times last season he was dropping his head and then completely disappearing in games.
  2. ManéMan

    Leeds (A) - Sun 12th Sep 2021 (4:30pm)

    Let's not go ott...Fab's been better than him
  3. ManéMan

    Leeds (A) - Sun 12th Sep 2021 (4:30pm)

    We're creating new ways to miss great chances
  4. ManéMan

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    He's not exactly going to come out and say Bamford is shit and FSG are cunts is he.
  5. ManéMan

    Thiago Alcantara

    He's been woeful to average at best.
  6. A fair few others on huge wages too, yet our wage bill is higher
  7. ManéMan

    Mohamed Salah

    Does the stated wages of players at other clubs include bonuses, and are we the only club that pay bonuses outside the basic salary?
  8. ManéMan

    Mohamed Salah

    Yet he's probably earning a lot more than both, and there'll be many more relatively mediocre players in the league earning more than our top earners, some of whom you have rightly said are the best in he world.
  9. ManéMan

    Mohamed Salah

    Well Wijnaldum for one didn't. We also pulled out of signing Werner due to his wage demands, which was £240k if I remember. On the other hand we have the mancs shelling out £70m plus on a relatively unproven youngster while paying him close to £400k.