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  1. Only 2 seats per transaction so no good for mates or family wanting to sit together.
  2. derykw


    No joy for me for either. 0 for 2 this season, absolutely gutting.
  3. Maybe just one game to far. We've been incredible all season and the odd draw shouldn't be the end of the world but such is the world we live in. Its sickening though that it looks like the sports washers are gonna steal a 3rd title in 8 years from us.
  4. Dreadful so far. Kieta a ghost , Thiago cant find a red shirt and Virgil looks of it as well. Need to be much better.
  5. derykw

    Other Football 2021/22

    Fucking Utd and Chelsea have got lot to answer for for when these cunts stay up.
  6. derykw

    Other Football 2021/22

    I don't know what you saw from Newcastle today to give you hope. They were utter shite, totally dominated by 50 Year old James Milner. They never laid a glove on us and should of lost about 5 nil. That been said what can we do but hope they can pull off a minor miracle.
  7. I've got to be honest, these look miles better than us. We just can't get near them. Our midfielders are just passengers. Fabinho has been shite and Trents defending is abysmal. As a team we're just constantly giving the ball away. Shockingly bad so far.
  8. derykw

    Other Football 2021/22

    Everton didn't win because they have good players, they won because of a big deflection and an abject opposition . They're fucking shit and still In big trouble.
  9. derykw

    Match parking

    It's now a maximum stay of 3 hours and I think £70 fine. I always parked there so it's fucked me up.
  10. derykw

    Petrol Prices

    Is that £2.34 per litre? Fuck me sideways. I thought Norway was oil rich.
  11. derykw

    Other Football 2021/22

    As shite as I know our officials are, I'm still absolutely flabbergasted that that handball was not given as a penalty. It fits all the criteria needed to be given 1. The ball is not coming at pace 2. The ball is coming from a fair distance away 3. the arm is away from the body 4. At least half the ball hits bare skin and not sleeve. It's a 100% penalty.
  12. derykw

    Other Football 2021/22

    Southampton failing to beat championship non entities Coventry in 90 mins has fucked up a 7 team acca and cost me over £ 2.3k. Fucking Cunts!!!
  13. derykw

    How do you get match tickets?

    Exact same thing happened to me but for the Bayern tie, lost my built up credits and subsequently missed out on the Porto and Barca games and obviously no chance of the final. I rang the club to complain and sent an email of complaint but it made no odds.