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  1. derykw

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Well that went swimmingly after weeks of hitting the bar. Just threw £30 on aresnal -3 Bayer to win at ludogerets and olympiakos to win at home to betis with under 4.5 goals
  2. derykw

    Alisson Becker

    His birds one of the four in the video.
  3. Anfield (hundreds) Woodenson ( numerous) Prenton park (numerous) Deva stadium Racecourse ground Old trafford (4) Maine rd Hillsborough (2) Bramall lane Gigg lane DW stadium Turf moor Ewood park (numerous) St Andrews Villa park Vetch field Wembley (loads, old and new) Millenium stadium (5) Westfalon stadium Allianz arena Aviva stadium Whatever the one in Kiev is called Ibrox Celtic park Highbury (2) Best is obviously Anfield. I love the Millenium probably my favourite. The old Vetch field was a fucking shit hole.
  4. derykw

    Spurs vs Liverpool, Sat 15, 12:30

    Fantastic result, good performance but so fucking wasteful. Shocking decision making at times especially Mo and Mane. Game should have well been put to bed and Sturridge was awful when he came on, barely broke into trot. Thought the two centre backs were excellent and Milner was very good second half. Can't argue with 5 out of 5 and hopefully at least one of the other big teams drop points this weekend.
  5. derykw

    2018 Pre-Season Match Thread

    I'm going to this. I think it's a sell out but I'm pretty sure loads won't come now because of England but at least Chester will have made a few quid on the already sold tickets. We were supposed to play Tranmere on Wednesday but that has been brought forward to Tuesday so as not to clash with a potential England semi final.
  6. derykw

    Final tickets

    Confirmed now we just got the 1 but a relative who already has tickets says we can have their spare. Still not sure if I want to go though, the flights are far to expensive and the alternative is a coach and ferry journey with a 10 hour stop off in Warsaw. Leaves 7.30am Thursday and returns Monday. A hell of a trek, not sure i’ve got the will to go through with it.
  7. derykw

    Final tickets

    I’ve been successful in the ballot but still no news of my son so looks like 1 out of 2.
  8. derykw

    Final tickets

    I’m entering the ballot with my lad. I got one that way for the Seville final. I was the only one out of five of us. I didn’t go the game in the end, I watched in the square. It was about a 1 in 7 chance then and can’t see it being much better this time. And the prices of most of the tickets are absolutely scandalous.
  9. derykw

    Memories of the first game you attended

    1984, October I think. We lost 1-0 v the Blue shite with that famous Graeme Sharp goal. I was in the Kop with a mate and his Dad. The 2nd half seemed to go by in flash.
  10. derykw

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    What a free kick by Suso to put Milan 2 1 up.
  11. Only one word for that. Magic football.
  12. derykw

    Keita and Van Dijk for Coutinho

    No. Act like a big club for once and keep our best players whilst buying some other good ones.
  13. derykw

    Other football 2016/17.

    Clive has actually just said the words 'that night in Barcelona,' Unbelievable Jeff.
  14. derykw

    West Ham (a) match thread

    Well in redmen, a job well done. So relieved when the second and third goals went in. I'd been bricking it all weekend so to win so comfortably was more than I could of hoped for. One more to go with hopefully no fuck ups and then we can look forward to a two legged stomach twister in CL qualifier. It's not easy being a footy fan.