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  1. derykw

    I saw him play.

    Ok cheers, getting my Norwich games mixed up but to be fair its about 30 years ago. Fuck me wheres the time gone (sad face)
  2. derykw

    I saw him play.

    Hattrick of pens was against Coventry in a league cup tie if I remember correctly. Was that Norwich one a midweek FA Cup game where he webbed it in from near enough the Kemlyn Rd touchline?
  3. derykw

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I look forward to all the posts telling us how great it is that Man U won yet again.
  4. derykw

    Huddersfield(a) PL- match thread

    Awful from Firmino. He makes a terrible substitute.
  5. derykw

    Sean cox

    He's been given 3 years for violent disorder. The fucking cunt.
  6. derykw

    Naby Keita

    I had a back spasm on new years day about 9 years ago and it was fucking horrendous. It took 2 ambulance crews to move me and I apparently went through 5 bottles of gas and air and it didnt touch the sides as regards the pain which was the worst Ive ever experienced, even worse than rupturing my achilles. I spent 2 days and nights in Fazack hossy and about 6 weeks off work. There's no way kieta had a proper spasm to be playing football days later.
  7. That none penalty incident only occurred because of Gomez's horribly sliced clearance going straight to Aguero. No City players even appealed it. None of our players were without fault today but I think a 95% performance is pretty damn good. Virgil actually did give a pen away but he was still our best (or at least one of them) player. Show Dejan a bit of love.
  8. Im quite content with that all thing considered. We're not in the best of form and playing the best team in the country so a point is decent. Going forward though I think Klopp's going to have to start playing Fabinho and Keita regularly now to get them full up to speed and start justifying their price tags because we can't persevere with the current midfield much longer. If we're not playing a 100mph then they're next to useless. And Shaquiri deserves more minutes given how ineffective the front three have been. What's the point in having a squad if the manager doesn't trust them. still co -leaders and still unbeaten in the league after a really tough fun of games so reasons to be cheerful.
  9. Salah caused that with a god awful miscontrol. Got out of jail.
  10. They're penning us in and we dont have the craft or guile in the midfield to counter it.
  11. No idea how the cunts fluked that, they were fucking shit. Even the 2nd half was pretty even and scoreline doesnt reflect the game at all. United's defence is an absolute joke. Spawny twats.
  12. 1 Gomez by a country mile 2 Alison. Mainly solid but bailed out by Gomez when he spilled that shot back into the danger zone 3 Van Dijk. Excellent 1st half but some ropey moments in the 2nd. Just pips Wijnaldum.
  13. derykw

    Napoli (A) - 3 Oct 2018

    I cant believe how flat we were. There was no link up play at all between midfield and attack or even between the attackers, it was like a collection of individuals and not a team. Mane i thought did ok, he at least tried to run at their defence and bring the ball forward but he had no support as was constantly outnumbered. Gomez I thought was absolutely magnificent, not only did he do his own job but he spent most of the second half covering for the lamentable TAA who kept wandering into the middle of the pitch and leaving his man in acres of space just as he did with Hazard on Saturday when he cost us the goal and was nowhere to be seen when Napoli scored at our back post on his side. Van dijk was brilliant first half but I thought he deteriorated badly in the second and got drawn well out of position for the goal. The midfield werent at the races all game really, keita was totally inept in the time he was on and after a bright 10 mins after coming on Henderson reverted to type. Gini I thought was decent first half but disappeared second half until Fabinho came on and he was able to push further up. Milner did a lot of chasing but no much else. All in all a really disappointing night as Napoli are a good team but really nothing special at all and we couldnt even muster a single shot on target.
  14. I seen a survey last year sometime of how fans of Premiership teams voted in the referendum and Chelsea topped then poll of leave voters . Everton were second. Brighton had the rhe most remain voters and Liverpool the next most remain. All that aside Chelsea and their fans are despicable cunts and we're going to do them tomorrow.
  15. derykw

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Well that went swimmingly after weeks of hitting the bar. Just threw £30 on aresnal -3 Bayer to win at ludogerets and olympiakos to win at home to betis with under 4.5 goals