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  1. Currently enjoying the psycho bleating about this Branthwaite link to Utd. Tapping up, corruption and PSR illegalities in the face of wholesome victim underdogs being cruelly punished by being forced to sell a player they developed and nurtured to the bloated, vile Sly Six. He was barely mentioned until he’d kicked on at PSV and they needed all hands on deck after becoming a basket case of their own making. He’d been at his hometown club for 10 years before they beat other clubs to pay £1m. Yet they developed him, apparently, after 3 seasons of utter chaos. They’re also completely airbrushing out that the face that the player himself has so far refused to come out and at he doesn’t want to leave to move on to a bigger sporting and financial market, as that would point out that he’s already done the exact same thing when they bought him.
  2. Just you and the kids from now on, babe xx
  3. 2016-22 he was a very good right back plus all of his talent with the ball. Then he seemed to just switch off, often out of position and synch with the back four, then not look arsed about defending when he had to. Distinctly remember one big game where he was targeted, was beaten a lot and was just hanging out a token leg - it may have been Martinelli - and coming home listening to the anfield wrap and that John gibbons lad saying it almost doesn’t matter, it’s expected, he’s an extra man. I’m thinking he’s the specialist right back in a flat back four, not a defensive decoy. With the contract running down folded in, it looked like he wanted out, was lining up a move to midfield and with Davies linked to Real in a similar manner, it looked like to there. But you just can’t see him getting into Real’s first choice midfield - the French lads, Valverde. Then they have the 3 Brazilians and Mbappe, Brahim in attack. Certainly can’t see Ancelotti touching him as first choice right back, given how much he’s happy to set them up out of possession and sit and wait, absorb. He’d have to learn catenaccio, a whole new level of defensive play. So something doesn’t make sense, has he voted with his feet and down tools in protest to right back and just sees himself as some sort of midfielder, does want to stay but it’s midfield or bust or has he had his head turned and thinks whatever the outcome is at Real, he’ll have it better? Someone’s mentioned playing him as a 10, with two proper centre mid’s behind him and the more I think about it, the more that suits the way he views himself, that’s the only way he’s going to move forward, what makes him happy. One thing we can’t do, is let him go for a free - sets a dangerous post-Klopp precedent and damages the balance sheet and budget for the new fella. Have a horrible feeling we’re going to get stung like McManaman and Owen again, though.
  4. haha, hilarious. Of course she is. Wondered why she didn’t reply. Her ironic bantz gimmick is usually funny but she comes across very well brought up and creative, well spoken and not from Walton or the north end of the city centre.
  5. Never really noticed her accent but I’ve a sneaky one that she might not be from Liverpool, I’ve gently asked her, see if she replies. In other Walton news, there’s another planted story linking Branthwaite to Utd at £75m. Scrolled down a BS board and they’re asking for double, saying he’s worth £150m now that there’s a competitive market for their ownership. £150m, can’t get into that England side, without Harry Maguire.
  6. One thing I’ve noticed is that England don’t seem to know their best side, everyone ringing in and contributing to discussions seem to have a completely different side and it starts in a few weeks. France, Spain, Portugal and maybe Belgium all have better sides and Italy and Croatia just have that inner competitive animals in them and a righteous sense of national pride that is England arguably haven’t had since the 60’s. Pickford Walker Stones Maguire Shaw (Trippier if Shaw isn’t match fit) Rice Gallagher Saka Bellingham Foden Kane Isn’t particularly strong in relation to the top 3, 4 sides and that’s England’s best and most balanced side, it’s also inexperienced, several other sides have winning international cores. Yet the expectation and pressure on them will be as high as ever. France will probably win it but I’m really keen to see what De La Fuente does with Spain. How Portugal manage Ronaldo’s influence in the face of Jota and Ramos both better suited to their mobile and robust countering style, is fascinating too. If they tell him he’s a squad talisman and a break glass alternative, they could go very close. Also excited to see what Netherlands do with a raft of expressive talent, too. They too could walk through that England midfield with the likes of de Jong, Simons and Koopmeiners overloading around Rice plus another.
  7. If that’s true, the Mancs have got that wrong. They’d have been far better off negotiating respectfully and offering 60-65 and caveating it by adding that they want it done handily as possible so as not to get into an auction. Then you can go down the hardball route of telling them well he wants to come here, our deal is done, you can leave it until as late as possible because he’s assured us he won’t go anywhere else.
  8. I really rate Branthwaite, he’s a boyhood Red too -an actual one. I think he’d be perfect for us but you just can’t see it happening. He’s worth the 60-70 mentioned and it’s likely Utd will pay it. That said, given that it’s only the latest attack of the vile kopite media’s agenda to undermine and cheat them, they’ll sleep safely knowing that the player himself will be outright refusing any and all approaches in order to stay there, won’t they?
  9. Want 120 for Branthwaite. 100 upfront. https://members.boardhost.com/everton-forum/msg/1717011818.html
  10. Fair do’s to him for that, a surprisingly classy touch. They won’t he happy over in Walton, they’ll either airbrush it out of existence or abuse him.
  11. One thing I do feel reassured about with with fella is that he’s aware of the importance and intensity of a big Derby game. We’ve enjoyed a fabulous run over Walton FC for years now but they’ve started to creep back into a competitive position of late, especially at their place. I do feel a little complacency has crept in, mirrored by their clearly having enough of being ridiculed by us - I hope the recent loss there has woken a load of our lot back up to it being our first rivalry and most important game - it always was and always will be. Feyenoord - Ajax is brutal, anyone remember that riot years ago, burning cars and someone brown bread? Having someone is gets us back to an old school mindset about it will really help put him over with our hardcore home and away crew, everything else usually follows on from there.
  12. This week, our wholesome, community-hearted and gallant heroes are assessing just how much much BMD will do for a run down area of the City whilst the dreaded franchise Empire have destroyed Anfield…. Despite completely making it all up entirely and not a word for the businesses reliant on Goodisaon match days. This is as mental as I’ve known them.. https://members.boardhost.com/everton-forum/msg/1715844072.html
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