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  1. Red Banjo

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    He's still worth a reported $200bn. Obscene wealth. Greed. Hoarder. Whatever. You can't possibly spend more than $10bn even if you lived the most extravagant lifestyle imaginable. So to accumulate 20x that amount and still not be happy just shows how fucked this world is. If his sole aim with his Dogecoin nonsense the other day was to drive alt coin up so he could save a few dollars on bitcoin- the man is a weapons grade cunt.
  2. Red Banjo

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Elon is a massive cunt. As if that stonker needs any more cash. Being the richest man alive isn't enough for some people clearly.
  3. Red Banjo

    World Darts Championship

    Boo hiss boo
  4. Red Banjo

    World Darts Championship

    Fuckin hell. 0-2 down and wins against the throw. Not a good sign.
  5. Red Banjo

    World Darts Championship

    I'm watching because I wanna see a scrap. Gary hates him, I hope it boils over and he gives the gobshite a dig.
  6. Red Banjo

    World Darts Championship

    Anyway, aside from wanting to chuck Ms Woods a quart of throat yoghurt - what are we saying? I want Anderson to win naturally, but I'm not sure he will.
  7. Red Banjo

    World Darts Championship

    Laura Woods tho. Filthy
  8. Red Banjo

    Boxing 2020

    I refuse to believe Kubrat has a skull inside his head, there's no way a human bone can take that amount of close range uppercuts from a 17st power puncher. He's either Homer Simpson or manufactured piece of lead.
  9. Red Banjo

    Diogo Jota

    On Jota - if it was a bad tackle then that's him, Virgil, Thiago and Gomez* who will all have long term injuries from reckless opposition. You can't blame the schedule or the lack of pre season on a shithouse opposing team. Thats just bad luck from our part and bad sportsmanship from theirs. You can't plan for either of those things. *Joe could have been accidental obvs, but strange how no details about what happened have ever come out.
  10. Red Banjo

    Diogo Jota

    Dont see this myself at all. Ollie Watkins can be a decent PL player for years to come IMO. We've taken players from inferior leagues and transformed them into superstars. Whether John Terry and Dean Smith can do the same is a very different discussion, but harsh to judge the player on the capabilities of his management in his first season. Calvert-Lewin has proved at 23 - the past means nothing if you've got the determination and commitment to succeed when you are given the platform to do so.
  11. Red Banjo

    VAR Thoughts?

    VAR was easily man of the match again tonight, so it must be doing its job right. Oh wait. Its needs fucking off yesterday, if not sooner. Corrupt fucking shite.
  12. Red Banjo

    Boxing 2020

    I dont think Fury or Joshua will be having any sleepless nights anytime soon
  13. Red Banjo

    Boxing 2020

    Dubois already showing how much slicker he is with his movement and jab. The fuckin shoulders on him. Jesus.
  14. Red Banjo

    Boxing 2020

    Joyce always looks so awkward. His experience should be a key factor in this tho