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  1. Red Banjo

    Other football - 2020/21

    Cunts. Fuck off. "Yet another Everton victory" What?! Fucking desperate for the plucky Bloo's to come good despite their meagre spending arent they?
  2. Red Banjo

    Other football - 2020/21

    That Lewcar Dean fella the commentator keeps going on about is nailed on for the ballon d'or. Easily the best left back on Merseyside, if not the werld. Gobshites
  3. Red Banjo

    Tory Cabinet: Who do you hate the most?

    Jenrick spouting shite this morning. Something along the lines of "The Prime Minister is the arbiter of the ministerial code, and if he says she didn't break it, then that's it" The report stated that she broke the code, and the guy who wrote it then resigned as he knew Johnson would ignore it - yet these corrupt fucking cunts still lie to anyone who will listen in the name of Tory dictatorship. It is literally unbelievable.
  4. Red Banjo

    Tory Cabinet: Who do you hate the most?

    Dominic Raab is the most devoid of morality, compassion or intelligence - so I'd have to go for him. He's also the biggest cunt which takes some doing considering the crowded field he's in. Gove, Johnson and Patel are clearly more evil but Raab is just a perfect cocktail of arsehole. If you had to create a Tory bastard on a computer like Weird Science - he'd be the result. A truly awful human being.
  5. Red Banjo

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    I got a 7 day stint in jail for calling Rachel Riley a cunt, but I'm amazed the abuse I've given to Rees-Mogg and Raab over the years hasn't got me permanently banned let alone blocked by the fucking wankers. I think they get off on working class scum calling them out.
  6. Red Banjo

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Its come to my attention that I've not contributed to this thread at all. Which is mental when you consider half of my twitter posts are calling them cunts. I will never understand how the country isn't absolutely raging with what these soul-less, corrupt, inept cunts get up on a near daily basis. Fucking cunts.
  7. Red Banjo

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Donald J Trump. The J stands for Genius.
  8. Red Banjo

    Do you (or have you ever) smoked cigarettes?

    I started smoking at 16. Just cuz college life and everyone did it. Was never a heavy smoker it was just what everyone did. Smoked on and off for years but weed was more my thing until I quit that in my late 20's. These days I might have the odd one when I'm down the pub or at a party but I go all out on stag do's or weekends away with the lads - mainly cuz a lot of my mates still smoke. Nailing a full deck in a day, then I'll have a hangover from hell and not touch one for months. Smoked a few at the start of lockdown in March, but not touched one since August this time. I have no idea if this makes me a smoker or not.
  9. Red Banjo

    Greatest Female Solo Artist - Poll

    Astonishing that Whitney Houston has only had a couple of shouts. I'll add Phyllis Nelson. Incredible voice.
  10. Red Banjo

    US Election 2020 Thread

    We all knew Trump would behave like a spoilt child if he lost, and would scream fraud at any available opportunity, but fuck me - even im surprised as how unhinged he's coming across. How can America actually put on hold its entire democratic process just to pander to the fragile misgivings of the most blatantly unfit leader its ever had? Insanity.
  11. Seeing Prince live in 2015 was just about the pinnacle of my musical life. I dragged my mrs along - and she was blown away by how good he was, despite not being a fan of his at all. Seeing that level of genius on stage, right before your very eyes, elevates him to the highest tier of all time talent in my book. I've not seen anyone before, or since, that even gets close. I totally get that it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea like, but Prince is criminally underrated by most people. The complete showman and master musician.
  12. Red Banjo

    The ‘Buy Erling Haaland‘ Campaign

    He's fairly good at soccerball I'm in
  13. Red Banjo

    US Election 2020 Thread

    I'm clinging to this. Orange, rapey, shitgibbon - fuck off forever! Cunt!
  14. Red Banjo

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Great. 4 more years of that cunt. Fuck you 2020
  15. Red Banjo

    Films You Love That Are Widely Classed As Shit

    Let off some steam Bennnneeeetttttttt