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  1. Juve selling Pogba and buying Higuain and Pjanic is the equivalent of putting 50p into the vending machine at work, getting a quid change and 2 packets of beef hula hoops
  2. Red Banjo

    Second Teams/Soft Spots

    These days i have a soft spot for anyone playing against the manc cunts, the bitters or Chelsea. Except when they play eachother, when i have a soft spot for a wayward asteroid.
  3. Red Banjo

    Second Teams/Soft Spots

    I used to root for Charlton years ago, when Clive Mendonca was banging them in for fun. Then they got promoted and i lost interest. Can't be having conflict of teams. Outside of England i loved Zanetti and Inter's kits so they were my foreign team. Then Mourinho poisoned me against them. Cheers shitcoat you massive cunt. I like Barca purely because of Luis and i watched them live last season and love the city and the stadium. Even tho they are annoying twats a good percentage of the time. The annoying twats.
  4. Red Banjo

    Booing the players

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmeeeeeee. A good fume at the footy is part of the culture in Liverpool isn't it? Said every Evertonian, ever. Imagine a game at Goodison where the boo's didn't ring out. At Liverpool tho? Nah, leave the bitters to it. I will partake in a good slagging of the players on an Internet footy forum however.
  5. Red Banjo

    Boxing 2015

    Haha. Said the same,great value for the imaginary money I paid for it.
  6. Red Banjo

    Christmas Clout (NSFW)

    Bump. That time again.
  7. Red Banjo

    Sons of Anarchy

    Just done the whole show in a few weeks. I liked it. Didn't take it too seriously, didn't think too hard about the massive holes in the plot. Thought it went down hill after Clay left
  8. Red Banjo


    He's just back from injury, and he just stepped off the bench. Did you really expect him to go full pelt on his first sprint? Perhaps in his head he might have felt a bit rusty, and didn't want to risk injuring whatever muscle he recently recovered from? Or perhaps you are a melt? Either or.
  9. Red Banjo


    I looked on there but can't find any with 2 next to each other. It won't be a sell out surely? I'm worried about a category 5 ticket as it will be like watching ants. Do you have to be a member to buy tickets from the official site?
  10. Red Banjo


    Just 2. I'm away the Mrs. I'm taking her to her first live game. No way I'm subjecting her to the shite we serve up, or my language and behaviour. Figured a nice neutral game should do the trick. I've been looking at stub hub and ticket bureau but €39 tickets seem to be about 80 quid so they can fuck off
  11. Red Banjo


    Rayo on 17th, can't imagine it's seen as a big game like
  12. Red Banjo


    Going in 3 weeks. Barca are doing something in a stadium one night and I want to get tickets... Any recommendations how to do so?
  13. Red Banjo


    The manc cunts had 3 shots on target today. 3 goals. We had 11. 1 goal. Much can be said about the team looking disjointed, or the lack of cohesion, or the formation being unsuited to the players on the pitch. But going deeper into it, it's fairly clear. We are just completely wank infront of goal. We have to be the least clinical team in world sport, not just Premiership football. We need 15 attempts to score 1 goal because our confidence is so frail. None of them actually ever think they will ever score. Chuck as many 20m players at it as you want, until there is belief the same issues will be there. We need Floyd Mayweather to come in and fuck shit up, Whip these frail minded pansies into shape and actually believe in themselves for a fucking change. It's fucking pathetic.