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  1. Red EnZed


    My colleague's son, in the NZAF in Blenheim, has been on special training for the last 3 weeks: lots of "stuff" they dont normally do, extra PT, arms, the lot.
  2. Red EnZed


    See above, it's all there
  3. Red EnZed


    e z t v [dot] i o type watchmen into the searchy searchy box
  4. Red EnZed

    I saw him play.

    Aldo's last. My last for a few years.
  5. Red EnZed

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Works better with BGB as Del (head size) https://ibb.co/nMfKP8
  6. Red EnZed

    Eating at the table (urban dictionary not required)

    The table promotes interesting conversation, stimulates robust debate. Both accompanied by fine food, ale, wine and good company. The TV just makes me shout 'cunt' a lot,
  7. Red EnZed

    Tony Benn has passed away

    An inspiration. Sad day,
  8. Red EnZed


    Advertising genius. The way the guy pushes the head/wig into shot is pure Ridley Scott. The panning is sublime and the zoom-ins are masterful. You were all just looking at 'Nando, weren't you?
  9. Red EnZed

    The Favourite Tipple Thread

    Red Wine – Twin Paddocks Pinot Noir (Sam Neill's winery) White Wine – Any NZ Sav (sauvignon blanc) Anything over $20 a bottle is good enough Posh stuff – Dom Perignon or Krug when I fly on Emirates, Moet if I have to buy it. Lager – Becks in a bottle. About the only beer that always tastes the same no matter where you get it. Ale – Timothy Taylor bitter or Cains if I'm home. Pretend Ale – Mac's Sassy Red (NZ bitter served ice cold) Vodka – Stoly in the freezer. Belvedere if I see it in Duty Free Scotch – dinnae like it Gin – Smells like nans
  10. Red EnZed

    Annoying Americanisms

    Specialty. I fucking hate that word. It's my speciality.
  11. Red EnZed

    Best character in the Blackadders...

    Queenie - cos she's from Southport and so's my wife. When the night is dark, and the dogs go… bark, when the sky is blue, and the cows go… moo,
  12. Red EnZed

    So If You were Van Basten

    I've not really been paying attention
  13. Red EnZed

    So If You were Van Basten

    Van Basten's gonna feel like a right soft cunt if Italy beat them in the final. Having said that, he's put out a weaker side and they've still thumped Romania.