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Kop Tales In Their Own Words: Paul Walsh flattens Kevin Bond

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Paul Walsh left us with some memorable moments from his all too brief time at Anfield in the mid 1980s. The fleet footed, willow the wisp striker scored some wonderful goals as well as some vital ones, but it wasn't just his feet that left a lasting impression in the memories of the Kop.
Walsh played in an era when players needed to be able to look after themselves, and it was particularly important for strikers that they were not pushed around or intimidated by some of the hairy arsed centre halves that were knocking about in the 80s.
Despite his size, Walsh was no pushover, as Southampton centre back Kevin Bond found out to his cost in a League Cup tie in 1987 when he overstepped the mark and paid a heavy and embarrassing price, as a right hook from Walsh sent him crashing to the turf and left him with a hell of a shiner.
Talking to TLW Editor Dave Usher in 2001, Walsh explained what prompted his reaction, and also revealed how Kenny Dalglish surprised him with his response to what happened.


"What happened there was I got the ball from a throw in and he stuck his studs right down my back, so I was fuming to be honest, and we were having a bit of a grapple and as I've turned he's spat right in my face. Well I've checked to see that the ref wasn't looking and then I've turned around and clumped him as hard as I could, but the linesman was stood about five yards away and saw the whole thing. 


So I was sent off and I was fearing the worst when I had to go and face Kenny in the dressing room, but he just said to me "Wee man, you know you were wrong don't you? But if there's one person I don't mind you slapping it's him!" and that was the last I heard of it, I wasn't fined or anything."



An interesting footnote to this story was that three days later the Reds faced Southampton in the league at Anfield, and Bond was on the receiving end again, this time from an angry fan who charged across the pitch at full time and also planted one on the big defender. It's doubtful that Merseyside Police took the same lenient approach as Dalglish though!

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The highlights of that game on youtube, Dave Waller has uploaded it. After Walsh was sent off, the next highlight is Bond absolutely fucking smashing right through the back of Rushy and leaving him in a heap. Fucking dirty bastard, deserved everything he got. From Walshy and the fan who ran on and smacked him.

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29 minutes ago, dave u said:

Hated his dad as well. Don't even remember why but I'll have had my reasons.


Haha Yeah they came as a pair didn't they? I remember my dad really hating the dad at the time. Wasn't he manager of City at the time Spurs beat them in the Fa Cup in 82? I know most neutrals around here wanted Spurs to win that final so I think it might have started from there. Total knobhead anyway 

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