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  1. I switched on just in time for the shootout and one thing I did notice about the Boro keeper, was that mctominays pen that went under him was a bit fortunate, the keeper did a weird dive and it looked to me like he had the corner absolutely covered, if mctominay had hit it with a little more accuracy I think he was saving that. They were largely both shite though. And as much as I wanted to see United lose it, I wish it had been anybody but the young black kid who missed it, you know what’s coming after that and it did take some of the enjoyment of the moment away.
  2. Manjo

    Leeds 0 Liverpool 3 (Sep 12 2021)

    Wasn’t the Fabinho yellow for that incident where the ball bounced into his hand? Seemed soft to me, you see penalties given for that but you don’t often see the defender booked too. I was a little concerned about how early he picked that up, then I remembered him bossing Messi around the pitch on a yellow card for 85 minutes or so and figured he’d be alright. And Mane reminded me of a couple of seasons ago where he’d regularly have a game like this, he’d usually follow it up with a goal or 2 in the next match so I’m putting the car on him to open the scoring against Milan
  3. Manjo

    Norwich City 0 Liverpool 3 (Aug 14 2021)

    I didn’t visit this site once during the pandemic because I figured the overall tone of the match reports would’ve been as miserable as I was largely feeling. Footy is back, fans are back and TLW is back, life is good again! Top report to round off a cracking weekend, already looking forward to your thoughts on the rest of the weekends matches
  4. The fault wasn’t actually anything to do with VAR, it was the assistants pack not being able to speak/listen to anyone else and that’s tech that’s been in the game for ages, just something that happens from time to time. I don’t particularly like VAR but it sounds like the prem have taken steps to make it less disruptive and I’m optimistic it might not be terrible
  5. Manjo

    Liverpool 1 Man City 1 (Aug 4 2019)

    The missed chances from Mo reminded me a bit of Mané at times last season, he’d have one of those games where it just won’t go in and be almost guaranteed to bag in the next match. Expecting him to do a Suarez against Norwich and score a hat trick of worldies on Friday night
  6. Manjo

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    Have we been watching the same Benteke?
  7. "I don’t remember everyone tonguing Tottenham’s balls when they put four past them." - I've been trying to raise this point since Sunday but I could never have come up with a better sentence than this to sum it up