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  1. TheRedMachine

    Will everything be okay next season?

    Candidate for worst post on this forum ever.
  2. TheRedMachine

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Pogba to Citeh would be great.
  3. TheRedMachine

    Villarreal 2 Liverpool 3 (May 3 2022)

    Poetry this, Dave. Our best player was their keeper so I’ll give it to him, the absolute fucking dickhead. Getting in Mo’s face like that and then gifting us three goals. What a tit.
  4. TheRedMachine


    Booked Eurotunnel and hotel after first leg. nearly cancelled it at half time last night. Jinxy bastard. Four of us in the car driving on the Friday night. Can't wait. Hope Real win tonight so it's a proper final.
  5. TheRedMachine

    Roy Hodgson, know your role and shut your mouth

    Just popped into thread to say I fucking hate the absolute cunt. Horrible man, useless cunt and an endlessly punchable face. Cunt.
  6. TheRedMachine

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    He's taken same money but got his staff a raise. What a guy.
  7. TheRedMachine

    Man Utd (H) - Tue 19th Apr 2022 (8:00pm)

    I had a season ticket on the Kop and never saw one of our fans do that. Everton fans did it though.
  8. TheRedMachine

    The shitness of modern football

    In the US they interviews managers during the fucking game.
  9. No away goals is another absolute wank change of rules. We'll just see even more pen shoot outs. Utter bollocks.
  10. TheRedMachine

    Personal news

    Ah Dave. That’s awful. So sorry to hear. All the best to you all and take care of yourselves.
  11. TheRedMachine

    Worst Liverpool Transfer - You’re All Wrong

    Ballotelli and Benteke. Hate both these utter cunts
  12. TheRedMachine

    The shitness of modern football

    I neither know nor care what an NFT is.
  13. TheRedMachine

    Arsenal (A) - Wed 16th Mar 2022 (8:15pm)

    I'm working in an office in London today before heading to the game tonight. I'm sitting opposite a young, dumb and full of scum Arse supporter. They really think Arteta is the second coming. Giving it bifters about how amazing their young team is and how Odegaard will control the game. Evoked 'Wengerball' in our first conversation. I hope we fucking batter them.