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  1. In about 2003 I was working covering LFC reserves game at Chester FC and he played. In the bar afterwards I bought him a pint of blackcurrant and soda. Now, I sincerely regret my actions that day.
  2. If there is a country with more cunts per head than this one then I don't know where it is...
  3. What's the Premiership. It's not been called that for over a decade.
  4. TheRedMachine

    How old were you when we last won the league?

    20 with a Kop season ticket. Never thought it would end...
  5. If you lived through his time with us he should be righty remembered as a great. He was absolutely incredible. He'd tarnished himself in our eyes no more than many others. It's the Man U thing. That's it. I agree about David James too. Can't stand the twat.
  6. TheRedMachine

    John W Henry

    Anyone who doesn't see the massive positive effect that FSG have had on the club are either deliberately obtuse or fucking daft.
  7. TheRedMachine

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They can still go down, right? Christ, I hope they go down...
  8. TheRedMachine

    Anybody else fucking despise international football?

    Can't stand it. Especially Ing ur lund. Hope they lose every fucking game.
  9. TheRedMachine

    Liverpool face expulsion from the Carabao Cup

    As if the Football League can afford to kick out the European Champions.
  10. TheRedMachine

    Pick 5 Players from the Other Top 6 Teams

    Son KDB Mata Aubamayangyang Kante
  11. TheRedMachine

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 14-16 2019)

    Lovely report as always apart from one thing. Benteke is pointless. Always has been. Thick, immobile, and utter dog shit. One of our worst ever buys.
  12. TheRedMachine

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    No one thought the European cup meant anything when Real Madrid created it so they could win the first seven or whatever. In decades to come this one will seem every bit as important. Because FIFA will never stop promoting it. Let's win the fucker.
  13. TheRedMachine

    Naby Keita

    He'll be fine and be boss. A cracking little player in there. No need to rush him back and he's young. No dramas.
  14. TheRedMachine

    The Athletic

    Probably common knowledge now, but Pearce has gone there. Was drinking with him in Madrid and he told us he was off.