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  1. TheRedMachine

    Anybody else fucking despise international football?

    Can't stand it. Especially Ing ur lund. Hope they lose every fucking game.
  2. TheRedMachine

    Liverpool face expulsion from the Carabao Cup

    As if the Football League can afford to kick out the European Champions.
  3. TheRedMachine

    Pick 5 Players from the Other Top 6 Teams

    Son KDB Mata Aubamayangyang Kante
  4. TheRedMachine

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 14-16 2019)

    Lovely report as always apart from one thing. Benteke is pointless. Always has been. Thick, immobile, and utter dog shit. One of our worst ever buys.
  5. TheRedMachine

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    No one thought the European cup meant anything when Real Madrid created it so they could win the first seven or whatever. In decades to come this one will seem every bit as important. Because FIFA will never stop promoting it. Let's win the fucker.
  6. TheRedMachine

    Naby Keita

    He'll be fine and be boss. A cracking little player in there. No need to rush him back and he's young. No dramas.
  7. TheRedMachine

    The Athletic

    Probably common knowledge now, but Pearce has gone there. Was drinking with him in Madrid and he told us he was off.
  8. Calm, assured, modest, highly professional and scored in CL semi final and final. The lad's ace.
  9. TheRedMachine

    Ian St John

    Love this man. Brought up on tales of his exploits for the Reds.
  10. TheRedMachine

    Ian St John

    Met him for the first time when was sat on the end of my hospital bed after I came round from a coma after Hillsborough. He chatted with my old man for ages. Top bloke. Met him again at Radio City during a European game in about 2003. He was a great guy and offered a lift to anyone who needed a lift through the tunnel to the Wirral. He's also one of our greatest ever players, and was part of the Shankley revolution. Maybe appreciate him rather than slag him off on hearsay.
  11. TheRedMachine

    Anyone want a Season ticket for 19/20

    Hey Redheart. This still on sale? Thanks
  12. TheRedMachine

    Mario Balotelli

    It could go either way couldn't it. He could be a talsimanic figure that helps us consolidate oursleves in the top four, or be a major reason we fall away. After last night's performance and result I hope he is desperate to get in and help the team out.
  13. TheRedMachine

    Man City Vs Liverpool (August 25th, 2014)

    Good job we bought defenders to cut out conceding stupid goals. Fuck me. Never thought the keeper was good enough and we are still missing a massive prescence in front of the back foour. We just don't have enough protection there with Gerrard playing where he does. How Louvren is an upgrade on Agger is beyond me, but still ealry days and lots of talent to bed in. Top four will be a big acheivement this season.
  14. TheRedMachine

    Man City Vs Liverpool (August 25th, 2014)

    Just please no Lucas. And let's have a fucking go at them.
  15. TheRedMachine

    Mario Balotelli

    I would rather we had gone mental and got Falcao for daft amounts of money. He's world class. It's not that Mario's not talented or that he's a nutcase on and off the field. It's that he often doesn't actually try. That to me is the antithesis of a Liverpool striker. If he is more mature, as Pirlo said in that interview, then he'll be a good addition. But if I sit in the stand and watch him sulk adn mope and walk about and not close down or make runs off the ball, I will let him know in no uncertain terms that that is unacceptable. We'll see.