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Newcastle (A) - Sun 27th Aug 2023 (4:30pm)


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3 minutes ago, Pidge said:

You're a fucking idiot if you think that is what I was saying. Go play some 11 a side someday, you'd learn a lot.

Fuck me, things must be pretty bad if you’re getting into spats on here, mate. Do you fancy arguing with me about the order in which jam and cream should be applied to a scone? I’m a jam then cream man.

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3 minutes ago, 3 Stacks said:

Ok, mate, relax.


Sure you're a top player, yourself. Was gonna make it but got a knee injury, or something.


Perfectly calm (apart from Nunez just scored). Nope, I was a shite defender at lower level. Was pretty much done with the game when I broke my foot, but games have ebbs and flows and it's not just a matter of "ambition" or tactics to turn the momentum when you're penned in. Happens at every single level, sometimes you have to be patient and take your chance to exert yourselves back on the game.


This is something you learn when you play and you are trying to find a way out. 

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1 minute ago, Dr Nowt said:

Stunning finish, that. Reminiscent of Suarez’s second I think it was in his first hat-trick against Norwich, under Kenny.


Now let’s get the cheating cumstains beat. 


Oh yeah, the bouncing ball he lashed in? Yeah. Good memory.

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