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  1. Soviet Union beat Yugoslavia 2-1 in the 1960 Final, Tone, in case you haven't caught up with the latest results.
  2. I think he'll settle for the 5 he's won the way he has. He is a million miles in front of someone like Pep in my book. Now, if that puts 2005 Rafa and 2004 Mourinho above both of them, God Bless you.
  3. I've no need to hate a traditionally affable and ineffectual club like Man City. Their loathsome ownership on the other hand? Different story. Besides, United did a lot more damage to us this season than City... as insistent as we are on United being shit.
  4. Great point. Liverpool at the end was the reminder it's about the club. Less so perhaps in these new-fangled days, but still the institution that binds.
  5. Thanks, Dave, for all your great reports during this renaissance era for the club. "Nobody comes close". I don't agree. The bloke on my avatar comes much more than close in my book. Thanks, Dave. Thanks, Jurgen. Farewell, Jurgen.
  6. It may well be. But it really isn't a good look, and - for the supposed important nature of this occasion - stands out as disappointing. He owns this club.
  7. After the Klopp maelstrom, @dave u, I think with Mo the "consensus" seems to be we keep the noun and edit out the "thick" bit.
  8. I'm more appalled that his username has "man" in it. The murderer.
  9. If it wasn't for pretty much the same thing at the same place in the FA Cup a couple of weeks earlier, maybe I'd see it differently. I thought we lost it at OT. Others on here did too. Maybe the team did. Don't know. It's conjecture.
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