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  1. Was listening to Wu Tang last night, miles ahead of anything else in this group.
  2. Pidge

    Rate the last game you've played...

    Been hitting Bloodborne again. Pretty close to the end now, so subjecting myself to the DLC. Third run at this, might actually finish it this time. Didn't really quit it the last time, life just took me away from it. Still think it's one of the best games I've ever played.
  3. Nah, we all just liked that fella on the skateboard with the cranberry juice.
  4. True, but to be fair I was 15 at the turn of the century and the make-up thing was for a fundraiser!
  5. The Cure by a long way as my first choice here. Then Love. Also, I prefer Cast. Sorry.
  6. Pidge

    Keir Starmer

    Probably, yeah. Considering his history in prosecutions I doubt he's going to be the guy to deliver legalisation, but I do think he could be the guy that can boot the tories. He's got a long way to go, though. Especially considering some of his comments this last week or so.
  7. Mac attack! Yeah, and oasis I suppose whatevr...
  8. The only conspiracy with Diana is that of certain newspaper editors trying to distract from their own culpability.
  9. Pidge

    Keir Starmer

    I think the view is that decriminalisation is about removing the criminalisation of users, but the supply chain would mainly still be largely through illegal supply chains. She doesn't ask about legalisation, which could offer more of a threat to organised criminals.
  10. Pidge

    Great songs under 3 minutes long

    It's the fact you can pick out his accent in there that makes this such a great cover. Barney was on the Turned out a Punk podcast last year, seems a sound bloke.
  11. I didn't actually, as much as I like them I don't actually know Surfa Rosa that well. Know quite a few of the tracks (including the obvious one of course), but took it as a reason to go with Pulp. Major album for us 90s teens. Marvin's a gimme (until he comes up against Dookie, of course).
  12. Yep, really like listening to Knopfler talk about guitar as well. Clearly a great musician, natural intuition with his instrument. A lot to respect, all in all. Can't stand any of his music (as far as I've heard so far). Leaves me tepid at best. My main association with this album is that it's the kind of music I'd have seen advertised in a TV magazine as part of some awful subscription grift.
  13. They should rename this "Stonewash: the movie"
  14. 12 minutes? Fuck that, I'm going to bed.
  15. Inflammable Material the easy choice here, for me. Suspect Device one of the great openers as well. Otherwise Rubber Soul is clearly beyond Bush, great as she is.
  16. Pidge

    Hi - long time reader. New sign up

    At least there weren't any smileys. Welcome.
  17. Couldn't vote for Dusty as much as I love it. The other two just massive, iconic albums of my youth that I loved from the first listen. Appetite for Destruction was one of my first albums.