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  1. Stood at the bar with my mate ordering a couple of pints. I mention to him that the pretty young barmaid looked strangely familiar, without missing a beat he said “You’ve probably slept with her Mum”. There was an moment of sad dawning realization where we both slowly nodded, then an awful moment of memory bank scanning in case there was a bigger question to answer.
  2. jonnyp

    Takumi Minamino

    I suspect Shaq & Mini will benefit tremendously (as will everyone else) with the extra half yard of space Thiago will create in the final third.
  3. jonnyp

    Donald Trump

    Totally agree on that. Who’d of thought some politicians might put their own ambitions ahead of their actual responsibilities.
  4. jonnyp

    Donald Trump

    80+ republican votes so far to pointlessly object. Madness.
  5. jonnyp

    Other football - 2020/21

    Trolls-bra Skid-scar So-near-so-far
  6. jonnyp

    Other football - 2020/21

    Sub-par Vulgar Vulva Bipolar Testicular
  7. jonnyp

    High Quality &/or Aged Rum

    O.V.D. Old Vatted Demerara from Guyana
  8. jonnyp

    8 Year Old Girl Missing in Bristol

    That couple has been arrested, the young girl has been found and is now with officers.
  9. How old is this Fiesta of which you speak?