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  1. jonnyp

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Smart lass. She knows that’ll save the curtains from being wiped upon.
  2. jonnyp

    Sancho for Salah/Mane

    How did you get my number John?
  3. jonnyp

    Sometimes I sit down to piss...

    Sitting creates a more favourable urodynamic profile, which helps ward off prostate problems. Think on’t.
  4. jonnyp

    S**thampton (A) Premier League (17/8/19)

    This. Salah likes to roll the ball in to the far corner and I think a few keepers have worked it out. Should have lifted yesterday’s chance or at the very least put his laces through it.
  5. jonnyp

    S**thampton (A) Premier League (17/8/19)

    Trent needs a bollocking for not keeping hold of the ball in the last couple of minutes.
  6. jonnyp

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

  7. jonnyp

    Annoying Americanisms

    Have your people call my people to find an optimal window of opportunity.
  8. jonnyp

    Annoying Americanisms

    Irregardless, I think this thread needs some more specificity. We should reach out and assess groundswell and circle back with a go forward strategy.
  9. jonnyp

    New site header...

    Get the page auto resizing sorted out Dave or is your approach to this a Klopp approach of bringing something new to the front and improving it greatly over time?
  10. To add to this when Origi was on he didn’t do a lot of running or closing down of channels which was frustrating as his legs should have been much fresher. Said to my son a few times that Origi was remiss in that area. Then he scored and he was forgiven his transgressions and we won six.
  11. Got to watch this at 3am with my young son, who is getting to watch us claim a trophy for his first time! Awesome memories!
  12. Nearly 3am, awake and cheering on the mighty red men!
  13. jonnyp

    Porto (H) Champions League 9/4/19

    What VAR conspiracy?