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  1. jonnyp

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Too many of our passes tonight were under-hit, allowing the City press to be more effective. Couple this with some poor decision making at the back when trying to simply retain possession, meant needlessly putting ourselves under pressure, leading to a rushed pass forward or clearance that went straight to a City player. Again, playing into their press. All of this, the finest of margins of luck against us, a ref avoiding giving a red and the joy down our right-hand side tipped the scale in favour of the champions at their own ground, chasing a team 7 points ahead of them. They’re still chasing, we’re still 4 points ahead, it’s in our hands.
  2. jonnyp

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Nervous for this. Worried a loss, though not fatal, still takes some shine away from us. Expecting a win and a massive message being sent. What if this is the next evolution of football and we are the team that is moving it on to the next level? Leicester showed it can be done without being bankrolled, and our spending is certainly within our means. What if today is the turning point for a new ruling elite that is the antithesis of all things corrupt and negative in both the business and playing side of the game. Come on you Reds!
  3. jonnyp

    Sunderland documentary on Netflix

    Sadly, I don’t think it’s enough to get you a better parking space and some government assistance. But you should be treated with care and be mindful of tiny psychotic episodes.
  4. jonnyp

    Sunderland documentary on Netflix

    Thin eyelids is a condition and the amount of light that passes through them at night can suppress melatonin production by the brain, affecting sleep. Continued sleep disruption / deprivation can lead to all kinds of health and mental issues. Plus they’re a bugger to apply and retain eye shadow on..............apparently.
  5. jonnyp

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    Looked like Pogba was trying to catch Klopp’s eye.
  6. jonnyp

    This Union Jack on The Kop

    It’s the Union Flag unless it is on the jack mast of a ship.
  7. jonnyp

    This Union Jack on The Kop

    We’re either all inclusive as a club or we’re not. As long as what people want to display isn’t offensive or bigoted then live and let live. How people identify with nationality, sexual orientation, gender, religion etc should be a choice unjudged by the rest of us. YNWA?
  8. jonnyp

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

  9. jonnyp

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    Jose refers to us as the Lucky Ones in the press and then we get two deflected goals. Sweet sweet karma.
  10. jonnyp

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    Big test for our squad depth and aspirations
  11. jonnyp

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    Midfield looks exciting. Forced changes may highlight some additional synergy.
  12. jonnyp

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    Given the recent deplorable chanting that is in the news, expect additional scrutiny (and microphones) by the press.
  13. jonnyp

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    Salah has had a hair and beard trim, that’ll put an extra yard in his pace today.
  14. jonnyp

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    I’m sure Klopp was expecting something similar and they have a plan to exploit.
  15. jonnyp

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    Be ruthless, relentless and remorseless, hit first, hit hard and keep on hitting. Time for anyone of Shaq, Keita and Fab to announce their arrival fully to the Premier League and the world. An early goal will make a mockery of their negative football plan and will quickly be followed by two more before the 20 min mark. A rout, a rout I tell you!