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  1. jonnyp

    Bluetooth ear pods - worth it or not?

    Jaybird are worth checking out as they’re great for music and exercising (sweat proof). Either buds or buds connected by a wire. Some models allow you to connect to two devices at once, so if you’re using them on your computer (work/movies/music) and your mobile rings, you can answer and it’ll hold the other input.
  2. Don’t disagree, he definitely looked the most likely to do something. I just suffered from a Nam style flashback when the pass didn’t materialise. Would benefit from the Klopp effect, no doubt.
  3. He has been but he just spurned a huge chance to play his strike partner in for a certain goal and win, trying to do it all himself. Not sure our front three need another non-sharer.
  4. jonnyp

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    An awakening of sorts? Maybe beginning realise how a tiny amount of success on the pitch can nurture these unfamiliar feelings of euphoria? Could be the start of expecting more from, and getting behind their club or could simply add more fuel to the fire of whom to blame for their ongoing woes? Glass Half Full > Glass Half Empty > Glass Broken > No Cups
  5. First competitive goal by a Liverpool keeper ever! A first they can’t claim.
  6. First headed goal by a keeper in the premier league.
  7. Love how quickly we break into the middle third. Really not happy with the pace into the final third.
  8. Weighting a pass seems to be a lost art.