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Newcastle (A) - Sun 27th Aug 2023 (4:30pm)


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What do you make of that? Newcastle will be kicking themselves for not making the most of the fact we were playing with 10 from the start, and then down to 9 for over an hour. There were long spells where all we were doing was booting the ball away and offering no threat up front.


I say we started with 10 because Trent was neutered almost immediately. He reacted with annoyance to being shoved, throwing the ball at Gordon. If that happens against us in the opening minutes of a game, no way does the opponent get a yellow card. He was bloody fortunate minutes later when avoiding a card for a blatant body check on Gordon. That was idiotic, but the ref did him a favour there, no question. He then loses concentration and mis-controlled a pass to let Gordon in for the opening goal, and it's looking like he won't see out the half.


Virg decided that was for him instead. A rash challenge in which he did get the ball, but went through Isak to do so. It's the sort of decision making that he simply wasn't doing not so long so. Maybe a straight red is harsh in some eyes, but it's a more obvious one than the decision against Forest yesterday. Three game ban coming up for the captain then, and given how much he was mouthing off at the officials, they probably can't wait to add an extra game.


While we did little with the ball after the red card, I like that the focus was on keeping a solid defensive shape and not allowing the dangerous gaps we've seen too often. Endo and Mac worked their bollocks off in that regard, and Dom wasn't far behind. Lucho was the unlucky man to make way for Joe as we had to shore up the defence.


Mo wasn't making the ball stick enough, but Cody was the bigger problem as he was having a real off-day even before we were down a man. Robbo seemed unerringly accurate in picking out a Geordie opponent.


Diogo for Cody was probably the most significant tactical tweak for us because he kept finding those pockets between centre back and full back where it's the centre back who is dragged out. He was able to keep possession and help fashion chances, and all of a sudden it looked like 2 teams with even numbers.


Darwin mis-controlled his first opportunity to fashion a chance, but made no mistake with the next two. Bloody hell, both he and we needed those! He was obviously the decisive change, and his directness gave Newcastle something to think about.


So much to talk about, but again it goes back to concentration and application, especially early on. We can't keep doing things like that, but the worry is that it's the ones who were previously very consistent that are suddenly causing the issues.

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7 minutes ago, s(k)aturation said:


Salah probably misses out in the main stories of the match, but completely pivotal role in both goals.




Really think we need to move him off the wing now though. He looks to isolated out there. Not sure how you can work it though

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I almost didn't bother with the second half. So glad I did now. It's a long time since I've enjoyed a goal as much as the winner right at the end. Two great finishes from Nunes. Hopefully it really kicks his career off here now. We rode our luck a bit at times, but Newcastle didn't create anything like enough considering the circumstances and then looked terrified of blowing it in the final 20 minutes once they'd failed to put the game to bed. 7 points from the first 3 games is a great start considering the difficulty of the fixtures. 

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The way we tighten up and become more organised when we go down to 10... can we not do that when we have 11 players. Make being difficult to create chances against and then hit teams with our superior firepower.


Then again I second guessed every single klopp decision today wonder why he's a world class manager and I'm just a simple modest guy with a big ol dick.

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5 minutes ago, Colonel Bumcunt said:

Yeah, as captain it's a bit of a worry he can't keep a lid on this. 

Trent showed magnificent maturity to walk that tightrope for 89 minutes.  


Yes, protesting at a wrong decision. He deserves further punishment for that.

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Have been hearing plenty post-match why that was a red card for van Dijk.


"The attacker's next touch takes him in on goal and therefore it's a goalscoring opportunity..."


So, we're assuming his next touch would have been a good one, and he would have been in on goal?


But he never took that touch, and was instead brought down by a slightly mis-timed tackle attempt.


Very very fucking unlucky, Virgil there I reckon.  

A red card, seemingly, based on assumptions.


That's the way I'd be arguing it in an "appeal".


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Amongst all the absolutely deserved plaudits for Nunez and Alisson especially - and they deserve it in spades - i thought Gomez was a proper unsung hero today.


Did his job well in tough circumstances.


Very encouraging given he is likely going to be needed now.

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Refs crying about abuse has really played a fucking blinder. They're getting away with loads of shit a d anyone that says boo gets suspended. Unless cunts the lot of them


The only thing they seem to do well is the lino and offside calls

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