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  1. angie

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Their behaviour is not normal across other fan bases. They hate us - fair enough, we’re historic local rivals but we’ve been pretty much an irrelevance for thirty years, yet Klopp mentions us on his bus parade at their highest point, Carragher can’t stop bringing us into everything, whenever they win something buildings linked to us are vandalised. You don’t see Barcelona fans with Espanyol at the front of their minds whenever they win anything. They hate United - I don’t really get this one as the whole city rivalry should extend to us if it existed but it doesn’t. They’ve never particularly competed at the same point in time either with only one title race that comes to mind in PL history and a handful of cup ties. Not many other team fan bases have this level of hatred for a team not from their city that they don’t really compete with. Arsenal and United don’t hate each other this much and look at the battles they had. They despise Chelsea - based on a few games between them in the CL which they actually won, and the fact that Mourinho has tainted them a few times means they now pretty much blame them for absolutely anything that goes wrong in football. They hate City and Guardiola - ok they’ve denied them a few titles, but again they actually beat them in the CL. For some reason though nothing bends them out of shape as much as the sight of City winning things. They hate Harry Kane - no idea why as he’s generally useless against them and again they’ve not competed for anything apart from a final which Liverpool won, but he got picked as England captain over Henderson which means we now have kopites seething on Twitter if Kane scores for England at a World Cup. The hate Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos. Ok they lost a game against them but there’s an unnatural level to their bitterness about this one off event. Their revilement is also extended to any player who doesn’t play for Liverpool and is taking up the slightest bit of media attention away from them e.g this week it’s apparently an utter disgrace that pundits are praising a 20 year old English player in Foden who has taken his team to the CL final. What an utter disgrace, after we had multiple page pull outs on Mo Salah when he did the same thing. They go around calling everyone else bitter but I honestly don’t know any other team that has this same number of invented rivalries. It’s got to the point where they’re so toxic that other fans are putting aside old local rivalries due to the annoyance of Liverpool fans. United and City would now both rather the other win over Liverpool. Chelsea would lose a game to any of the London teams if it denied Liverpool a trophy. They think it’s because there’s a conspiracy against them but they’ve caused this bizarre situation. Most fans I know want their team to win and their local rivals to lose. After that they couldn’t really care less about other teams. Liverpool fans for some reason have gone above and beyond in the bitterness scales and invented poisonous rivalries that just don’t exist. Like Quote Reply Report An unnatural level of bitterness about one event and conspiracies hahahaha fucking hell. That’s some hypocritical shit right there.
  2. angie

    Other football - 2020/21

    Bought not earned. Struggling to feel happy for them.
  3. The mancs are planning another protest for the rearranged fixture, if anything stops this game going ahead again, then they should give us a 3-0 win. I couldn’t give a fuck about them and their “plight” they laughed at us when we had the other 2 clowns. They sing always the victims and murderers. The cunts hung a banner on the motorway calling us murderers. Anyone climbing into bed with them should remember that. Fuck them. Glazers in.
  4. You have no point and if you don’t like what is wrote here, and think it’s ridiculous just fuck off. Don’t be a crying insulting twat just because we’re not dancing to your tune.
  5. Wasn’t he going in the summer anyway?
  6. angie

    Other football - 2020/21

    Refs treat city differently. It’s subtle but it’s there.
  7. angie

    Other football - 2020/21

    Like 2 bald men fighting over a comb.
  8. angie

    Other football - 2020/21

    He said he doesn’t want to blame their results on injuries because there are “other teams doing that”
  9. angie

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    If you pause it at just the right time, you capture not only the sadness in the eyes but the bitterness too.
  10. angie

    Other football - 2020/21

    VAR goes against the mancs for once but in the grand scheme of things it still fucks us.
  11. angie

    Other football - 2020/21

    Leicester just lacking a wee bit of character
  12. angie

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They really are a weird bunch aren't they? One minute they are running an embaressing campaign to make out Arnold is some undroppable world class full back. The next they are racially abusing him for making more costly mistakes. I sort of think one leads to the other. They have a completely unrealistic expectation of their players, and when they almosyt inevitably fail to live up to it, it just brings out the inner racist in most of them (or sexist/homophobe) any sort of bigot really. Surely they'd be a lot happier not veering from- he's a world class right back to- racist abuse in 24 hours? Like appreciate he's a talented decent young right back, who makes mistakes but also delivers a good cross. He's trying his best, and he certainly doesn't deserve racial abuse just because he can't live up to the ludicrous pedastal they've stuck him on. Like Quote Reply Surely they’d be a lot happier, not veering from- booing to we’ve won the league after 4 games to disappointment, anger, racism, launching children and finally Liverpool.
  13. We wasted 45 minutes against Real Madrid ffs
  14. His best season will be when he fucks off.
  15. The shit thing is, I still have belief. Just shoot me.