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Newcastle (A) - Sun 27th Aug 2023 (4:30pm)


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6 minutes ago, Fugitive said:

I’ve just been for a walk to calm down but it didn’t work. Wanted to slap a few rangers and Celtic supporters and call JK a cunt. I may have some anger issues but I’m so happy right now. What a fucking result. 

You can still call me a cunt if it helps you feel better. 



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4 minutes ago, redinblack said:

Newcastle and everything connected can go fuck themselves. Especially Nice Guy Eddie. We were there to be had, and the whole country thought that, but you were sick down your shirts. Fuck.off, this is LFC. We go down for no one.


And that forevermore shall be the shitcunt, disingenuous, cognitive dissonance suffering, pillocks name.

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That really was one of the great wins - petro-doped, sportwashing persistent-foulers, aided by an utter buffoon of a ref, beaten in the their own frothing backyard when playing about 75 minutes against 10 men, and choking on the fumes of their own oily hype. How's that for your fake tan, puffed-up side-kick man?

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21 minutes ago, Josef Svejk said:


The Guardian had that Manc prick Daniel Harris on MBM... 

Not sure there’s a Liverpool fan among them. Sachin is hardly active these days and it’s usually DH or Smyth (great writer but total Manc) with Jamie Jackson editorialising. Wilson is the best of their bunch by a long way.

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1 minute ago, Jurgen Knows said:

My boys won. But I don’t mind if you continue to assume they took one hell of a beating. 


Repped for not using the get well soon tag. That was to be solely for perceived cultural bias. It is cheapened if you use it every time.


Would have hoped you were amused today.

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A few things…


* Our ball retention first half was garbage. Gakpo was half asleep. Robbo and Diaz weren’t on the same wavelength. It felt like we were playing into exactly what they wanted.


* Terrible mistake by Trent, who was poor most of the game. Although I think it was a red card against VVD, I think if he’d got a yellow, it wouldn’t have been upgraded.


* I thought the ref in the first half was shite. Booked Trent for a foul we should have got. Let Joelinton get away with loads, gave him a talking to, let him foul again and then let him away with it… I don’t think Trent should have been sent off, pathetic first yellow and that little nonce Gordon couldn’t have milked the potential second more, the little quim. Fuck him. 


* Incredible save by Alisson. The pawing it away was as good as the initial save.


* Newcastle didn’t do enough. The longer it went on, the more likely they were going to get nervous and we were likely to come into it. 

* Our subs were perfectly timed.


* Absolutely clinical finishes form Nunez. I know he’s not been clinical in the last 15 months, in those split seconds before he shot, I fancied him to score. The first is an absolute beauty, perfectly placed. 

* I know I’m always positive about us, I’ll never ever say “I think we’ll lose today”… I wasn’t confident about today. Absolutely brilliant result. 

* This should be a season propelling result. It needs to be. 

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2 minutes ago, Red_or_Dead said:

Aren't your boys a team in the middle east? 

Since you ask … these are my allegiances, sorted in chronological order

Lebanon - Nejmeh
England - Liverpool

Italy - Napoli

Germany - BVB

Spain - Athletic Bilbao

France - Marseille

Saudi Arabia - Al Ittihad




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