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  1. Dicko

    Joker - Movie

    I've never said mass protests, don't know where you got that from but the reviews that set the agenda all came out after Tiff and they did give incel related reasons for it. Fuck even the FBI and the military got in on the act. How about some cinemas in the USA banning single white males from any screening. The fact is most of the negative reviews were from snobs who didn't like the fact that Todd Phillips was directing the film. Here is a sample of a negative review from after TIFF. Here's another: Acolytes hanging on his every word? That literally did not happen in the film, no one knew who he was. The narrative remains constant it's either a wet dream for incels or not deserving of the controversy about incels. The stupid cunts have ended up doing the job of WB and promoted the film themselves.
  2. Dicko

    Joker - Movie

    Why are the left in America so terminally fucking stupid? A film that throws a light on society's attitude towards mental health, the systems inability to deal with it and what could happen in a society when you have extreme wealth disparity and the powerful's indifference to it and outright contempt of the poor and working class. This should be a wet dream for the left, but they've somehow missed the fucking glaringly obvious point. But incels guns, just fuck off you utter twats.
  3. Dicko

    Joker - Movie

    The insufferable Ledger fans some of whom wanted the Joker character retired, that followed his death have all but ruined it for me. God they're utter cunts.
  4. Dicko

    Joker - Movie

    Phoenix is miles better than Ledger. If he hadn't of karked it he'd just be that cowboy who got bummed.
  5. Dicko

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Joker - 10/10 Heavy going but Phoenix performance is stunning. Score and cinematography best since Blade Runner 2049.
  6. Dicko

    Upcoming Films

    I think The Terminator looks awful. This however looks like it could be sensational.
  7. Dicko

    Other Football - 2019/20

  8. Dicko


    His last 12 months Reina was fine, nowhere near his best but infinitely better than Mignolet. In fact Reina when his confidence was shot under Hodgson & Kenny was still better than Mignolet.
  9. Dicko


    He signed in 2013, pretty sure that was six years ago.
  10. Dicko


    So better than Reina then? Fuck me there were some terrible shouts on here six years ago.
  11. Dicko


    Fuck off. He had a head like a Warburtons thick sliced reflected in a spoon.
  12. Dicko

    Another US Shooting

    Texas chain store massacre.
  13. Dicko

    Roy Hodgson, know your role and shut your mouth

    Fuck him. The fucking cunt.