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  1. Dicko

    Roy Hodgson, know your role and shut your mouth

    Fuck him. The fucking cunt.
  2. Dicko

    Keir Starmer

    I have some magic beans to sell you. The bill basically decriminalises torture.
  3. Dicko

    Keir Starmer

    Who was still sacked because she backed the unions. (Who were right) Whittome was sacked because she voted against allowing police to rape & murder with impunity, while Starmer abstained.
  4. Dicko

    Keir Starmer

    Whittome I like. RLB was best of a bad bunch for the leadership and she was only sacked because she supported the unions last year. Rayner meh.
  5. Dicko

    Keir Starmer

    Sack Whittome Sack Long-Bailey Sack Rayner The man is a fucking weapon.
  6. Dicko

    Tory Country

    If 128,000 deaths on their watch won't convince people then nothing will. Face it the British working class are the most terminally stupid people on the face of the planet.
  7. Dicko

    Keir Starmer

    The second Starmer went against the teachers unions was the moment he was utterly fucked with the left. And look how that turned out with the unions fully vindicated.
  8. Dicko

    Tory Country

    Tomorrow belongs to them.
  9. Dicko

    Boris Johnson

    I've come to the conclusion that I can talk to a Utd or Everton fan about football. But I can't talk to a tory about politics.
  10. Dicko

    Elections 2021

    Unless they're delivered by Jeremy Corbyn, then apparently it's a vote loser.
  11. Dicko

    Elections 2021

    Why Brazil? Oh wait they have more deaths maybe you wanted me to pick USA, India or Mexico too. UK - Johnson Populist USA - Trump Populist Brazil - Bolsonaro Populist India - Modi Populist Mexico - Obrador Populist See a pattern here. Add Hungary to the list as well with the highest deaths per capita in the world another right wing Populist in Orban. There are 195 countries in the world 190 of them have less deaths than us but you want me to pick one of the four countries that do have more deaths.
  12. Dicko

    Elections 2021

    Really. Lets compare two countries responses then shall we, both Islands. Japan Population - 126.6m UK Population - 66m Japan Population Density - 340 PSM UK Population Density - 275 PSM Japan Covid cases - 622k Uk Covid cases - 4.4m Japan Covid deaths - 10,566 UK Covid deaths - 128,000 So if we subtract Japan's deaths from our own we get 117,434. Maybe that's a fairer total due to government inaction and incompetence.
  13. Dicko

    Elections 2021

    11 years of austerity with a debt higher than in 2010, a government which is mired in corruption and managed to privatise a pandemic while going into recession and are responsible for thousands of preventable deaths. And people still voted for them. Calling them dickheads is letting them off lightly. More like fucking evil.
  14. Dicko

    Elections 2021

    Starmer went with the slogan that killed Jo Cox. He then Union Jacked up. It still hasn't worked. Jeremy Corbyn had a 2017/19 manifesto that was gold and people really liked policy wise but couldn't vote for him personally. So what to do start going a bit more whitey and less "woke" Dangerous road that.