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  1. Dicko

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Erm it really, really isn't.
  2. Dicko

    Rodgers to Leicester

    He's an arrogant fucking cunt who should never have been given the job. A watered down Keegan of mid 90's Newcastle who in turn was a cheap knock off of the real thing. Thankfully long since upgraded here. The fucking twat.
  3. Dicko

    TLW Deathpool 2019

  4. Arguing about Kuyt & Babel. Brings back memories.
  5. Dicko


    He's a bit special this lad. No wonder that manc tit on twitter was begging him not to sign for us.
  6. Dicko

    Crystal Palace (H) 19/1/19

    Must not react to Bascombe's hypocrisy
  7. Dicko

    Roy Hodgson, know your role and shut your mouth

    I can tell you that certain local journalists despised the cunt because although they had deadlines he always did the nationals first. He never understood the club or city.
  8. Dicko

    Colin Wanker - bitter hypocrite

    Not long after both were sacked from Inter & Liverpool they attended some LMA meal or do or something, along with some other managers & celebs. A poster heard about it from someone who was there and he relayed it onto the rattle. Anyway the story goes that Roy Hodgson was there and Rafa absolutely slaughtered him for laying the blame of his failings on Benitez's door. Next was his absolute bullshit about Rafa banning Kenny from Melwood and them two not seeing eye to eye, more bullshit put to bed by Paul. Rafa was absolutely fucking lit with rage and Hodgson had no answer for any of it.
  9. Dicko

    Colin Wanker - bitter hypocrite

    I love Rafa. You know this one has made him sick. Oh and one of the reasons I love Rafa is he has no compunction whatsoever in calling out these LMA shitehawks. God I'd loved to have been at that dinner where he absolutely levelled Hodgson in front of his peers.
  10. Dicko

    Crystal Palace (H) 19/1/19

    Fuck him. The fucking cunt.
  11. Dicko

    Roy Hodgson, know your role and shut your mouth

    Fuck him. The fucking cunt.