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  1. The power of one. The power of two. The power of manyeeee. That will never be lived down by anyone involved in it. It's already been memed to oblivion.
  2. I stand by my comment. Avery Brooks cannot act. Steven Williams would have been a better choice. Ironic since Williams based his character Mr X off Brooks in Spenser For Hire.
  3. The show is awful, and while I hate to be part of a group that are basically ultra conservative fundamentalists they are right about this. That said I will never understand non binary and society's reaction to this form of narcissism. And that is coming up in the next episode.
  4. Bret Hart 97 heel run is up there as one of the great heel runs ever. A babyface everywhere outside of America and absolutely hated in the US. When you can even drive a travelling ECW crowd to buy into it then you've won at wrestling.
  5. Yes, but what about Hitchens?
  6. Right so if the roles were reversed and Robbo used the fight or flight excuse he'd only be banned for three games. Really?
  7. Semantics aside the point stands. Robbo would be suspended for a million times longer than the Greek fella.
  8. Anyone see the handball yesterday? Oliver goes to the screen and still doesn't give it. It's them, they are fucking shite.
  9. And the lino gets a week off. If Robertson had lashed out what would the punishment be?
  10. Respect is earned. It's hard to have respect for an institution were bad decisions are made routinely but use the media and football authorities to silence any criticism. I mean apparently it's ok to elbow footballers if you're an official.
  11. Oh and nationalise the farming industry. Use the army to forcibly take the land off the utter cunts then make them all live Luton.
  12. Gnasher leaving the EU has made everyone bar a select few worse off. That is not up for debate.
  13. So sort the refs out. They're the problem.
  14. And what is the common denominator? I'll give you a clue it's not VAR.
  15. I'm not arsed about goal celebrations I'm arsed about finding out why supposedly elite level referees can't get even a basic decision right.
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