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Songs About Transport

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You know what this place needs?  More music threads.


This one can be a repository for songs about planes, trains and automobiles, boats and motorbikes, pushbikes and combine harvesters (if you must).

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    • Yeah, you'd think that's true.   If this happens, it won't take much to talk myself into it, despite my caveats. It's already kind of happening. Porto fans think he's basically the messiah, that's something.
    • John Barnes believes that Yves Bissouma would be the perfect addition to the Liverpool midfield.   While the back four and front three by and large undergo minimal change on a game to game basis, it is the middle part of the pitch which sparks a great deal of debate.   The long-drawn out departure of Gini Wijnaldum last summer left a hole to fill but rather than dip into the transfer market, Jurgen Klopp chose to keep the faith in what he had and give opportunities to some other players in the midfield rotation.   Thiago, Naby Keita, James Milner, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott have all had opportunities to show their wares.   And while each of them bring a different skill set to the table, because of injuries and Covid infections, they have not been able to nail down a spot on a consistent basis this season.   Klopp has been highly reluctant to break up his midfield core group but with the average age slowly creeping up, Barnes believes it is time to look at a younger option that being the highly rated Brighton star.         Metro via BonusCodeBets reported the club legend as saying:   “From a Liverpool perspective, it would be lovely to Yves Bissouma playing at Anfield.   ‘If you look at the age of Liverpool’s midfielders, a lot of them are aged 30 or older, Yves is young and would be an excellent signing for the club.   Bissouma has certainly sprung to prominence and improved his game under the tutelage of the impressive Graham Potter and has been linked to Liverpool on more than one occasion.   Barnes has no issue if Bissouma is comfortable at his current club but says if he wants to make the step up, he should look beyond Aston Villa and Newcastle who have also been mentioned as possible destinations.     “As to whether Bissouma wants to leave Brighton right now and sign for another team in a relegation dog fight, then that’s up to him.   ‘He must decide what is right for himself, but the quality he possesses at this stage of his career – he should be aiming higher [than Aston Villa or Newcastle].   "Newcastle is a great club, but if you ask people Liverpool or Newcastle, then it’s a no brainer [you’d pick Liverpool].   ‘If you wanted to create a template for the ideal Liverpool central midfielder, Bissouma fits it perfectly.’   The Reds have been linked to Youri Tielemans and Jude Bellingham in recent times but Barnes was adamant that Bissouma is the more natural fit.   “Tielemans is a very good hardworking midfielder, but if you look at the nature of what Liverpool midfielders do, in terms of their physicality and the ability to get up and down the field, that isn’t necessarily what Tielemans does.   “Youri is excellent in possession and is perhaps maybe more Manchester City’s style of player. Yves Bissouma would suit the Liverpool style more than Tielemans would. The same as he would with Jude Bellingham.   ‘All three are excellent players though, Liverpool wouldn’t be doing wrong by signing any of them.”              
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    • You'd think we'd need a left footer if Mo was going.  So worry ye not. Anyway does this work for the goal vs Man City: https://streamable.com/ikt5ik