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    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    We played Rugby at our school. The pitch was nearly always waterlogged in places during winter and there was a lad who had a bad break to his leg when we were 11, lying in a freezing puddle screaming. Horrible. Hated it then and hate it now.
  2. Harry's Lad

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    When you're halfway through a shit and you realise there's no bog roll.
  3. Harry's Lad


    I don't agree. There are people who have caught it more than once and been hospitalised or died. When you have young children it is your duty to them to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that you can look after them to the best of your ability. Something you can't do in those circumstances.
  4. Harry's Lad


    In the middle of a pandemic that has already killed millions and has the potential to kill millions more, to refuse the vaccine is stupidity itself. I say this because my lad, who had Covid last year and now thinks he's invincible is one of these idiots as well as my daughter's husband. I've stuck two fingers up to people telling me what to do all my life, but under these circumstances, it's madness not to listen to the recommendations of those who actually know what they're talking about and not be a Lemming following those who don't.
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    I had a quick look, but didn't see that. Ta.
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    No link?
  7. Harry's Lad


    Is there a link to the source of your statement?
  8. Harry's Lad


    It's just possible that the infected people have been flown in from South Africa or another country where it's been detected don't you think.
  9. Harry's Lad


    Another 6 cases of Omicron identified in Scotland. Here we go again.
  10. Harry's Lad

    Other Football 2021/22

    In fairness, if one of our players got kicked like that we'd have been screaming for it.
  11. Harry's Lad


    She's still narky mate. Anybody would think I enjoyed having bad guts and stinking the place out. Farting in the car, a lot, probably didn't help mind.
  12. Harry's Lad


    Mrs HL has just had her booster, Pfizer after two jabs of Astra Zenica. No sign of any reaction or side effect as yet, she's still the same narky cow as always.
  13. Harry's Lad

    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    Not full on crying, but there are two occasions that really got to me where the tears fell. At Anfield when I went to lay flowers for those who died at Hillsborough. I wasn't alone in that, and when I went to lay flowers on the corner of Cherry Lane for little Jamie Bulger. I wasn't alone in that either, and a few funerals, but not at my Dads strangely. Some tears of joy too.
  14. Harry's Lad

    Happy belated Birthday Stouffer

    A belated Happy Birthday mate.
  15. Harry's Lad

    Happy belated Birthday Strontz

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes Stronts.
  16. Harry's Lad

    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    I know someone who is a screw there. Some bad bastards doesn't really cut it.
  17. Harry's Lad

    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    Some bad bastards in there.
  18. Harry's Lad

    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    Was that Frankland in Durham?
  19. Harry's Lad

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    Stephen Sondheim gone aged 91.
  20. Harry's Lad

    Happy Birthday Angry

    Happy Birthday mate.
  21. Harry's Lad

    Crime and Punishment

    I've heard on good authority she died at the scene. Poor kid.
  22. Harry's Lad


    I saw footage of that little boy on the news being carried off the beach. Very upsetting. The trouble is the people who care are outnumbered by the people who don't and while it remains that way things won't change. This is another sad indictment of the selfish society we live in, especially after the images of Alan Kurdi were broadcast around the world and the tragic deaths of those people suffocated in the back of a wagon and those poor souls who drowned yesterday. If Governments were genuinely shocked as they say they are, it's within their power to work with others to solve this, but they're not. They don't give a fuck.
  23. Harry's Lad


    Switch the Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for some Winalot Shapes and you'll be sound.