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  1. mars

    What's the Coolest Thing?

  2. The Third Man The Maltese Falcon Singin' in the Rain North by Northwest Forbidden Planet
  3. mars

    Next Tournament Ideas

    Some of us like to get recommendations for great foreign films we haven't seen - just ignore anything you haven't heard of.
  4. That was my first thought - he's 48
  5. Apparently Karl Urban is in the running for the role.
  6. mars

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    The problem with When Harry became Sally is that the author has to arrive at a particular conclusion otherwise he will undermine the conclusion of his previous book that argues against same sex marriage - you can see the problem Ryan T Anderson would have with, say, Elliot Page's marriage. According to Anderson, Elliot Page - Anderson would not use that name nor the pronouns he/him or his - has a mental illness. A criticism of the book is that it is based on "junk science" - allegedly Anderson cites non-peer reviewed sources and misinterprets a Swedish study into suicide amongst people who have transitioned. As I said, he has to arrive at a particular conclusion so perhaps it's not surprising he tries to cherry pick his evidence. Is Amazon right to ban it? Tricky question - how would I react if a book that argued homosexuality was a mental illness and promoted gay conversion therapy was banned? Probably wouldn't lose much sleep over the decision.
  7. Goadfellas - You talking to me? You talking to me? Then who the hell else are you talking to?
  8. A lion resurrection - they thought the lion was dead. How wrong they were.
  9. High Noob - a spliff and a new video game - what can go wrong?
  10. A psychopath takes out his frustration on large British mammals by kicking them very high into the air. It's ...
  11. A bibliophile searches second bookshops for a first edition of Peter Benchley's follow up to Jaws. It's ...
  12. A psychopath who has murdered his parents becomes unstuck when he cannot find the legal document that ensures he will inherit their house. A frantic search ensues. It's ....