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  1. Us normal people need to stick together.
  2. mars

    What's your preference?

    When I ate meat, 53A
  3. Two great bands but one of the first LPs I ever bought was Autobahn so ...
  4. I can't remember street names (my memory is great otherwise).
  5. "They are in the psyche of modern pop, whether there is an awareness of it or not," Underworld's Karl Hyde told the Telegraph. Martin Gore of Depeche Mode added: "For anyone of our generation involved in electronic music, Kraftwerk were the godfathers." "What I WAS passionate about in relation to Kraftwerk was their singular determination to stand apart from stereotypical American chord sequences and their wholehearted embrace of a European sensibility displayed through their music. This was their very important influence on me." Bowie "Seeing Kraftwerk play at the Liverpool Empire on Sept 11th 1975 changed my life for ever. Fifteen years later I told them all that our song ‘Electricity’ was a punk homage to their title track Radio-Activity." Andy McCluskey, OMD "Kraftwerk created Hip hop" Darryl McDaniels, Run-DMC. He goes on to say: "Trans Europe Express was one of those songs that played in every park and block party." “Without Kraftwerk’s influence within the early pioneering creators of techno and house music, electronic music may not have evolved into the positive, life-changing global phenomenon that we continue to celebrate and love in the present day,” opines celebrated superstar DJ Danny Rampling of the club Shoom. “No one can possibly overestimate the influence they have had on contemporary music,” attests Paul Oakenfold, who clearly hasn't met Code.
  6. mars

    Greatest Movie Franchise Tournament?

    For me Marvel = Avengers films (Avengers Assemble, Age of Ultron, Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame).
  7. mars

    Greatest Movie Franchise Tournament?

    Die Hard Toy Story Marvel Bourne View Askewniverse (Clerks, etc)
  8. Saw Kraftwerk when they played the Royal Court - unbelievably good.
  9. One of the most influential bands ever going out to U2 - so geht es.
  10. I don't miss meat - there are some great alternatives but I agree the quality varies enormously. You just have to think of it as an alternative rather than a substitute. Homemade seitan is the best (made from wheat gluten) - the Isa Moskowitz recipe is delicious (https://www.theppk.com/2014/02/chicken-stylee-seitan/). I also prefer this to real kebab meat (too greasy for me).
  11. mars

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Dredd (2012) - if you'd never seen a copy of 2000AD then this would be 10/10. Sadly you could never introduce the Dark Judges into this version so for me it was great but not perfect. If someone can combine the best elements of the 95 version with this then I think you'd have a winner.
  12. mars

    US Election 2020 Thread

    It is a fascinating question but also terrifying. It's up there with "How can 37% of UK citizens think Johnson is doing a good job given 80 000 deaths?". Do people really believe that Republican judges sold out? Be interesting to see how Trump supporters react to the $1.3 billion defamation law suit Dominion is bringing against Sidney Powell - presumably she will release another Kraken.
  13. mars

    Should the vaccine be compulsory?

    Agree with all of the above - it was your last sentence that I'm not sure about: whether someone who has been vaccinated can catch and transmit the virus - government covid 19 guidance says : We do not yet know whether it will stop you from catching and passing on the virus, but we do expect it to reduce this risk.
  14. mars

    US Election 2020 Thread

    My comment was about the second clip and I know almost nothing about the constitution but I'll give it a go. The Levin video fails to mention the pandemic. This worries me. In a pandemic it would be dereliction of duty for elected officials to insist on people gathering to vote - you therefore have to facilitate postal voting on a much greater scale than is normal and that might be at odds with the constitution, which was not written with a pandemic in mind. I do not know if this is the case here but Levin fails to mention it - that makes me suspicious. The video seems to suggest that enabling more people to vote is a bad thing. I guess it is if they are not going to vote for your party, whatever that might be. I take the view that in a healthy democracy, you make it simple for as many to vote as possible while ensuring electoral security, ie people don't vote twice, dead people don't vote, etc. Finally, Trump brought 60 law suits and failed to provide any compelling evidence that electoral fraud had occurred. The one case he won was not about fraud. Some of the judges in these cases must have been sympathetic - presumably they were Republicans and Trump appointees. If Levin's case is so strong, if the vote in some states were unconstitutional, why was this not presented in court? Why did the SC, which is now loaded in favour of the Republican party, chose to reject the case brought by Trump? Are we really suggesting that all these Republicans judges are in on the conspiracy to steal the election or is it simply that there was no fraud on a scale that would have had an impact on the result?