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  1. mars

    The Space Thread

    the-weirdest-images-ever-taken-on-mars Don't panic - no dick pics here.
  2. mars

    What's the best tv who-dun-it ?

    Elementary. Only recently started watching this - Jonny Lee Miller is an excellent Holmes and you've got Lucy Liu as Watson. Actually prefer this to Sherlock.
  3. mars

    This forums political compass

    Diametrically opposed to Thatcher - that's a relief.
  4. mars


    Source 1 Question 1 With reference to source 1, explain why English teachers might have less confidence in their government's call for pupils to return to schools compared with their Danish counterparts.
  5. mars

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Two old westerns.. The Big Country - brilliant, a classic. Is the fight scene with endless prairie as a backdrop unique or has it been used in a film since? The Searchers - a good film but I can't appreciate it as much as some do. Both this and The Big Country are from the mid-fifties but The Searchers feels like a much older film.
  6. mars

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Onibaba - want to see this. It is on Kermode's top ten films that scared him. Also William Friedkin, Exocist director, claimed that this movie scared him.
  7. mars

    Best British Actor of All Time

    David Niven, Dirk Bogarde, Bill Nighy, Stan Laurel, Charles Laughton, Jack Hawkins
  8. mars


    You've got to give it an Ed-209 voice from Robocop.
  9. mars


    How the Alarm Went Off Too Late in Britain’s Virus Response Hopefully there will be an independent inquiry at the end of this and those responsible for 1000s of unnecessary deaths will be held to account.
  10. Once upon a time in the West Jaws Cinema Paradiso The Matrix Spirited Away Avengers Endgame
  11. mars

    The Space Thread

    Hi res Jupiter photos Some nice photos of Jupiter.
  12. mars

    Best Comedy Western

    Agreed about Call me Trinity.
  13. Kudos for Newhart and Benson. I'll add: Barney Miller It's Gary Shandling's Show
  14. Altered Carbon season 2. On episode 2 and it's awful. I am biased because I love the books but it really feels like they've taken the cheapest to produce plot elements from books 2 and 3, re-used a bit from book 1 and a few characters that were missed out, to create an unsatisfying mess. It still feels like it is set on Earth rather than Harlan's World (and how are they shipping the mined metal off Harlan's World? I thought anything that heads to orbit is shot down by the alien satellites). The acting is poor, but that's probably down to the script. Probably going to give up on this.