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  1. Kudos for Newhart and Benson. I'll add: Barney Miller It's Gary Shandling's Show
  2. Altered Carbon season 2. On episode 2 and it's awful. I am biased because I love the books but it really feels like they've taken the cheapest to produce plot elements from books 2 and 3, re-used a bit from book 1 and a few characters that were missed out, to create an unsatisfying mess. It still feels like it is set on Earth rather than Harlan's World (and how are they shipping the mined metal off Harlan's World? I thought anything that heads to orbit is shot down by the alien satellites). The acting is poor, but that's probably down to the script. Probably going to give up on this.
  3. mars

    Police Squad/Naked Gun

    Should have put the theme music for this in the tv show music thread.
  4. Daffy Duck Butters Beavis and Butthead (counting these as one) Bender Rodriguez Spike Spiegel
  5. mars

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Hate to break this to you but all nudity is CGI these days.
  6. mars

    Rate the last film you watched...

    1917 - for all the technical wizardry, it just didn't have much emotional impact. There are no scenes in it that came close to the beach landing in Saving Private Ryan. Also, the German soldiers are about as accurate with their rifles as Star Wars stormtroopers. 6/10
  7. mars

    Upcoming Films

    Paraffin Brain by the Nightingales = 38 years of earworm
  8. mars

    Your Top 5 Favourite Crime Films of All Time

    Maltese Falcon Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri Miller's Crossing Memento The Third Man
  9. Forbidden Planet The Matrix Arrival Aliens District 9
  10. Airplane Naked Gun Harvey The Big Lebowski Napoleon Dynamite
  11. mars

    Top 5 Westerns Of All Time

    The Big Country Can't understand the lack of love for the Anthony Mann westerns: Naked Spur, Bend in the River, Winchester 73. For a few dollars more Once upon a time in the West Shane