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  1. Duff Man


    Shit. Hope she makes a full recovery.
  2. Duff Man


    My morale has certainly been boosted by the news.
  3. Duff Man


    I lived off Pret's for about a year whilst doing a particularly awful contract. They were the only thing that got me through the day.
  4. Aniston really was top drawer, wasn't she?
  5. Duff Man


    Fuck, all the best fella
  6. Duff Man


    It really isn't. Any politician who takes the job even vaguely seriously would be better than Johnson right now.
  7. Duff Man


    You'd rather Johnson than Brown?
  8. Duff Man


    "What most of us wouldn’t give for a Gordon Brown or a John Major right now. Or even a Theresa May. Words I thought I’d never write." Found myself thinking the very same today. Honestly, anyone but this bumbling cretin and his crack team of idiots.
  9. Anyone who tests positive for voting Father Ted should must immediately go into self isolation, and not interact with this competition again.
  10. Duff Man


    He's the prime minister, at a time of a national crisis, and he can't even say the word 'urine' without smirking. Just unreal.
  11. Duff Man


    Eerily similar to the journeys some of our most esteemed forumites have been on
  12. Duff Man

    Your top 5 favourite American sitcoms of all time?

    South Park Simpsons Archer Parks and Rec Scrubs
  13. Duff Man

    General TV amnesty thread

    I was really into Ice Road Truckers for a while, despite the fact that nothing ever happened.
  14. Duff Man


    About sums it up.