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S**thampton (A) Premier League (17/8/19)

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Solidity - stop letting opponents runs through us. Energy - a big ask after a midweek slog abroad. Focus - stop being slack in possession. Control - linked to solidity and focus. Creativity - look dangerous as an entire team rather than individuals. Ruthlessness - be precise rather than hopeful when in a good possession. A bit more thinking is required for this game because it's an away game after a tough midweek battle, and Southampton will be looking for a response after their dreadful opening game.


I don't ask for much.

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Did you see the teams after the final whistle before the pen? Klopp ran off for a smoke.


Lampard had his whole backroom team massaging Chelsea players talking in their ears, He then got them all in a big hug that Pedro (their best player tonight to be fair)  took and had them all raring to go. 


Salah was lay down having a chill, Adrian was checking his instagram and Klopp came back. Kicked off at the team because someone nicked his lighter. 


We won. 


We will be fine for this. 

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Winning will hopefully have taken a lot of the tiredness out of our legs. No training. Just a warm down Friday and we go again. 

No more high lines though. Sit in a bit deeper, play that 424 formation. Let the back 6 protect and the front 4 can inflict damage. West ham away in 17 springs to mind where we had the ox Bobby mane and salah running wild like a bunch of Hulkomaniacs

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Got stick for some reason , so I’ll try once again , I was wondering if anyone is travelling down with possibly a few spare tickets as it’s looking unlikely up to now I’ll get one , a bevvy too. Also hoping for a lift back obviously throw in petrol money as I’ve got a lift back down here on the Tuesday , a long shot I know but worth a try cheers.

Tenners and pints all over the place here, so 3pts please, their defence was pretty shit last week but to be honest so was ours , can’t see anything other than 3pts though.



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1 hour ago, El Rojo said:

After the high of last night's win, Liverpool's biggest player on Saturday will be Mo.



Mo Mentum.










Now just you wait a merrrrrrrrrrment.

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Why the fuck is the Super Cup so early now? It used to be played after the last game before the international break. I suppose they want it to be a 'curtain raiser' of sorts, but it’s not helpful when your league has already started. They'll probably change it again soon; a true festival of football, played in the afternoon of the day that the CL proper gets underway.

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Henderson----------Keita (/Fab looked shattered last night)------Gini



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--------------- Big A

Big TAA----Big M'tip----Big V-----Big Ro

-------Big G------------Big Mill

--------------Big Hen

Big Sal------Big Bob------Big Man


Liverpool win 3-1. 

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1 minute ago, Pistonbroke said:

That's rather big of you. 


They don't call me Big Sea for nothing*. 




*I usually have to pay them. 

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I just got a filling replaced without an anaesthetic. My gob also stank of drink from last night. 


I like Bacon. 


3 points please, Redmen. 


We're fuckin shite.

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    • Graeme Souness says that Diogo Jota must adapt quickly to the added scrutiny of being a Liverpool player.

      The Reds legend is a big fan of what the Portuguese international can bring to the side in a footballing sense, but writing in his piece in the Times (via Metro) says he will have to adapt to the pressure of being at one of the biggest clubs in World Football.

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      Souness feels that the Spaniard not only has an outstanding winning mentality, he is willing to mix up his game to what is required which is a managers dream.

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    • I wonder how perplexed they were today watching city and Leicester? They usually cheer their number one team from Abu Dhabi just to stop der red shite from winning it, but since they're now favourites for the league, fa cup, league Cup, Johnstones paint trophy and the screen sport super Cup, they must have been really confused at not wanting city to win or lose
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