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  1. Ben Sherman

    Breaking Bad Thread

    I enjoyed it anyway. The guy that plays Todd is a decent actor.
  2. Ben Sherman

    The Scottish Football Thread

  3. Ben Sherman

    Salzburg (H) 2/10/19 - Champions of Europe League

    Fabinho's a good player, lacks pace, so he can't play midfield on own. Milner might be 50 but he's a better player than both Henderson and the invisible man
  4. Ben Sherman

    Youth Team/Cup

    Great strike.
  5. Ben Sherman

    Sheff Utd (A) 28/9/19 - Premier League

    We were awful but if the front 3 had played to even half their usual standard we would have won easily.
  6. Ben Sherman

    Chelsea (A) Premier League - 22-9-19

    Not sure why we stood off him there. A few players look very tired.
  7. Ben Sherman

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    Havertz is some size. Looked a class act.
  8. When he leaves, we'll go down as fast as the titanic.
  9. Ben Sherman

    S**thampton (A) Premier League (17/8/19)

    Bit worried about this one to be honest. Our midfield look like their running through treacle and it doesn't seem to matter who plays. Hope for a jammy 1-0.
  10. Ben Sherman

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2019

    Phil Neal, Terry Mac, Thomo and Smith. That was easy.
  11. Weller's solo stuff has mostly been brilliant as were the Style Council. Confessions of a pop group was shit though.
  12. The Jam shaped my life but I would hate to see them reform. Would never happy anyway but as Weller said, he wanted them to mean something and mot end up like all the other groups who went on and on. A band called Malice are a fantastic tribute act and From the Jam are a good night out.
  13. Ben Sherman

    Most satisfying league win 18/19.

    For me, it will always be United. Chelsea was a close second.
  14. Ben Sherman

    Rangers F.C. Appreciation Thread 2018-19

    But that was only in your vivid imagination.
  15. Ben Sherman

    Rangers F.C. Appreciation Thread 2018-19

    Ojo has gone to Rangers on loan. It'll be nice if Stevie can increase his value as he has done with Kent.