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  1. Ben Sherman

    Sean cox

    Found not guilty apparently. British justice, the best in the world.
  2. Ben Sherman

    Napoli (A) - 3 Oct 2018

    TAA was absolutely shit and Robertson wasn't much better. Our midfield is so slow. kieta was crap and will need a season to bed in. this team has no chance of winning the league.
  3. Ben Sherman

    Rangers F.C. Appreciation Thread 2018-19

    That Morelos is a real liability.
  4. Ben Sherman

    Any twitchers out there?

    My kid's always been wildlife crazy and we've started doing some serious wildlife watching the last few year. I work in a college that used to be an agriculture one. There's loads of land and a lake. There's still some agriculture type work going on but they've gone very environmental friendly the last few years. New woodlands planted, native hedging, various meadows. The RSPB and Ulster Wildlife have both become involved. Anyway, we did a bit of spotting yesterday for an hour at lunch. Came across the following in the lake, over 100 mute swans, 50 or so Canadian geese, a couple of Greylag geese, a few moorhens, a heron, over 30 cormorants in flight, a few mallards and a diving duck that was just too far away to identify. In the woodlands and hedging, at least a dozen goldfinches, 30+ starlings, 20+ thrushes (too fast to know what type), a small flock of long tailed tits, a couple of willow warblers, loads of reed bundings, a sedge warbler, meadow pipets, 2 tree creepers and the normal bluetits, robin, wren, great tits etc. There were a few birds that we just couldn't identify, too fast. It's amazing how nature flourishes when there provided with habitat that then has no interference from humans except for the mowing of paths.
  5. Ben Sherman

    Gerrard new r*ngers manager????

    When we formed as a club way back, I believe we borrowed players from Rangers to help us field a team. Nice that we lend Gerrard to them for a while.
  6. Ben Sherman

    Dejan Lovren

    He's fucking useless. Can't concentrate for 90 minutes.
  7. Ben Sherman

    The Charlie Brooker Collection

    The catholics loved Mary as they love anyone called Mary. He was the youngest King to ever die of old age. Just brilliant.
  8. Ben Sherman

    The Charlie Brooker Collection

    Tyrannical sawdust rex.
  9. Ben Sherman


    PP Arnold (backing by the Small Faces) https://youtu.be/mq7r31niSCI
  10. Ben Sherman


    If you like your soul northern.
  11. Ben Sherman


    Stone Foundation with Bettye LaVette and Paul Weller
  12. Ben Sherman


    How the hell do you embed a video from youtube?
  13. Ben Sherman

    Featured: That was the week that was (Mar 3-9 2018)

    Watching that video was painful, blood. Sure as hell, never going down his hood.