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  1. Ben Sherman

    Cuntinho etc

    Sorry Kevin D, I was out of order.
  2. I've used up all ntvreps fuck it.I thought it was
  3. Ben Sherman

    Divock Origi

    He looks like he hasn't a clue, can't make the simplest pass but scores a European Cup winning goal. I love him.
  4. Ben Sherman

    Cuntinho etc

    You have a Newcastle badge. Fuck off.
  5. Ben Sherman

    Cuntinho etc

    I wonder how he feels, the cunt. Can as well, fuck off you cunt.
  6. You have n9 idea how unbearable this is about to become.
  7. Allison was top class too.
  8. Matip was fantastic. I think Van Dijk got man of the match but Matip should have took it. VVD will take European player of the year
  9. I'm so chuffed for my son and my nephew. They've never had anything, a nearly season under Brenda besides. We are European champions. We are on the up. Spent fuck all really. Fuck off everyone else.
  10. We were poor to be honest but I couldn't give a shit. This is huge. We will sign top players and we will go on.
  11. Ben Sherman

    Where are you watching the final?

    Puts it all into prospective. My nephew spent 6 months in hospital last year getting stretched to get a rod put in his back. Losing last year's final set him back loads, he still hasn't got over it. All the best for your lads full recovery.
  12. I've watched a lot of Wilson. He was brilliant up until Christmas. Since then, he's looked tired and probably has had more attention from the opposition. His dead balls are superb. He was also pretty decent for Hull in the Championship and helped save them from relegation. He may not make it here but he'll have a good career.
  13. Ben Sherman

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    She wasn't a fully fledged psycho last week. Psycho's can fly so much better.