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    Of bootle origin moved south years ago . Name is john cooke a lifelong reds fan since me dad started to take me about 1967, armchair fan now

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  1. easytoslip

    Milton keynes: shite or good?

    I'd say shit, i had the misfortune to be on a coach on the M1 and seen a sign giving directions to get there, i think Kettering is nearby too.
  2. easytoslip


    That's a lovely song, though not really my thing it's evocative of a certain time. I always thought it was by Yes, a band i could never get into.
  3. Being intolerant of other people on public transport but I've always been like that i suppose and long may the misery continue.
  4. easytoslip

    Piers Morgan

    I had to google her and i concur, where did i put that sock from last night.
  5. easytoslip

    Piers Morgan

    Yeah pair of fucking pricks, anyhow made up with the 3 points also £30 and 5 pints, what can ail. At home now blitzed to watch Pinters No Mans Land, maybe a bit of Canned Heat and then a wank on whoever is flavour of the night.
  6. We are, watching 15 min walk from the venue.
  7. easytoslip

    Piers Morgan

    He's a cunt but so is the other for using that word on TV, pair of cunts.
  8. easytoslip


    Reminds me of Claude Greengrass there.
  9. easytoslip

    TLW Deathpool 2022

    I got in bevvied.
  10. easytoslip

    TLW Deathpool 2022

    RIP Dorian Gray, anyone have him? In this ghoulish competition. Results pending with regards to the Dorian fella but with a name like that one would want to be on the other side.
  11. easytoslip

    Have a rant thread

    Yeah Travellers that dont go anywhere, there's more suitable terms for them though. Everyone down here seem to want to be one, fuck knows what thats all about, and call each other Cuz. Cacker Mandy whatever that means? A load of bollocks.
  12. easytoslip

    Have a rant thread

    Yes some do with the obligatory one leg hanging over the side of the buggy holding the traffic up, the cunts.