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    Of bootle origin moved south years ago . Name is john cooke a lifelong reds fan since me dad started to take me about 1967, armchair fan now

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  1. I'd go for Margaret Rutherford if it's her films?
  2. easytoslip

    crime and punishment

    I see your point but there is more domestic related murders like that cunt who burnt his house with the kids in for instance, there was another last week, it seems there's one of these dreadful situations every year as opposed to one every 10 years or so. Though nothing like as you say about the increase in young peoples murders today.
  3. easytoslip

    Things I can't do that seemingly everyone else can

    Not even a swig of sterry?
  4. easytoslip

    The Space Thread

    It's mind boggling, something that will never be worked out, what would it be like if anyone found the answer to it all, it might make things a bit shit. It's best to think everything just is and to look at the images and wonder about it all. Imagine there was another colour somewhere out there.
  5. easytoslip

    crime and punishment

    Its not an old person thing to say, they can compare different ages and see that it's become an everyday occurrence, if a kid is murdered in whatever city it doesn't make the national newspaper and it is just a local issue. If you grew up in the 80s or even 90s you could say the same thing about comparisons so not such an old person thing to say. At one time it would be major news but now it's not.
  6. easytoslip

    Other football - 2020/21

    No, I had to turn it over as her voice was unbearable just like the other one whose always on MOTD that doesn't know the letter G when ending a word. The one that done a dance routine with Claire Balding on that Sports Personality thing, which was cringe worthy. That one who was commentating, is that the one on MOTD sometimes, looks like that bird in the pond on that Black Sabbath album.
  7. easytoslip

    Jenna Coleman - Marriage Material.

    It is, perhaps
  8. easytoslip

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    Good for you, I'm a betting man but I rarely bet on football though never against my team. Fuckin' well done, a nice smile on your face no doubt? Who is your team again?
  9. easytoslip

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    We? Did you win a few quid?
  10. easytoslip

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    It was an improved performance though i just wish they'd have a go first time, was it Milner? seconds before they scored and in the opening minutes. Anyway it was better plus a few goals at last.
  11. easytoslip

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    Maybe but Klopp seems it fit for him to do so, options I know dictate matters.
  12. easytoslip

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    Williams again.
  13. easytoslip

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    Why couldn't he have a go first time from just inside the box seconds before? Fucksake.
  14. easytoslip

    Jenna Coleman - Marriage Material.

    Haha Joe the Blo, the plot thickens like the mud at the bottom of Dem Dyke.
  15. easytoslip

    Jenna Coleman - Marriage Material.

    Did he caught tuning Annie in by Matt Skilbeck who done for him in a jealous rage? Because he had plans with her to raise cattle and live a quiet life together.