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    Of bootle origin moved south years ago . Name is john cooke a lifelong reds fan since me dad started to take me about 1967, armchair fan now
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  1. easytoslip

    Greatest British film ever made?

    Ron Goodwin, Murder Most Foul, great start to a movie haha.
  2. easytoslip

    Greatest British film ever made?

    Plus Margaret Rutherford, Murder on the Gallop and the theme tune is great though I can't think of his name I'm just going to listen to it now love it. That electric piano thing ,harpsichord?
  3. easytoslip

    Greatest British film ever made?

    Peeping Tom was a bit strange, but there's loads of them like Seance on a wet afternoon or something, A Taste of Honey, Whistle Down The Wind ?Kes all enjoyable though my favourite is The Birthday Party with Colin Blakely and Harold Pinter , so there.
  4. easytoslip

    Greatest British film ever made?

    Yeah the monster thing at the end is a bit comical but there are some genuine eerie moments in it.
  5. easytoslip

    Greatest British film ever made?

    Deffo ,great film.
  6. easytoslip

    Greatest British film ever made?

    There's been some good old English films on Talking Pictures CH 81 Freeview, one yesterday Jigsaw was good I thought.
  7. easytoslip

    Greatest British film ever made?

    Is right
  8. easytoslip

    Boxing 2018

    Cheers for that.
  9. easytoslip

    Boxing 2018

    Does anyone know how Ryan Farag got on in Spain last night ? Can't seem to find it anywhere.
  10. easytoslip

    Have a rant thread

    And taking pictures of any old shite.
  11. easytoslip


  12. easytoslip


    Fond memories but at least I've still got a belly like a lodging house cat to remind me.