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    Of bootle origin moved south years ago . Name is john cooke a lifelong reds fan since me dad started to take me about 1967, armchair fan now

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  1. easytoslip

    The One That Got Away...

    Spilling whiskey, great track, album too.
  2. easytoslip

    Adverts you hate.

    That advert is grinding me down, yes with you, done and dusted just like that. As if they've achieved something outstanding. It's on every 5 minutes and has been for months there's no let up, cunt of an advert.
  3. easytoslip

    Animal group names

    A Parliament of Owls also Magpies, but a confusion of Wildebeest seems apt as they're always running away from something or other.
  4. easytoslip

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Everything these days, in general I mean, yep pretty much everything. Are we going in?
  5. easytoslip

    Worst possible way too die?

    I've mentioned it before, but the Brazen Bull must of been pretty ghastly. Put in a brass or copper bull and a fire lit below it, your screams turn into musical notes because of the device in its mouth much to the joy of onlookers.
  6. The long haired chap died a few years later I believe, fuck me 28 years ago.
  7. easytoslip

    British village names

    I'm sure there was a Clock Face Rd in St Helens, when I was a van lad for Scott's we sometimes delivered to Beechams.
  8. easytoslip

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    Grim, there was loads of replies.
  9. easytoslip

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    I posted that on a Bootle and Sefton group site and someone said 2 of the 4 people killed was in a car that was hit by a metal plate from the ship, now that is bad luck.
  10. easytoslip

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    Really, I was going to say imagine if you knew someone that was working at the time you would of been thinking there'd be no chance, a miracle for sure.
  11. easytoslip

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    Just seen that, fucksake the anchor getting blasted that far. Being from Bootle I've heard a few stories about it, imagine the noise of the explosion, it would of been heard and seen for miles around and beyond.
  12. easytoslip

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    Was that the ship that blew up during the war?
  13. easytoslip

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    I used to get a shilling, two tanners.