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Does he have anything left? I can see he’s been back-up for Milan since leaving Napoli, but I haven’t paid attention to his career since he left us. Great from 2005-10 but he looked past it on the evidence of his last two seasons, although that could just have been because we were in flux and in no danger of troubling the top four. 

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On 10/01/2020 at 23:15, Babb'sBurstNad said:

We play Villa late in the season. Theoretically he could concede the goal that wins us the title.


Go on Pepe, for old times sake.


Tis the game after we play City. I was actually looking at the fixtures the other day and thinking if things carry on as they have been doing that could well be the game where we land the title, only 5 games to go after that one. Even better though, we could easily land the title at the Ethiad which would be sweet beyond measure. 

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15 minutes ago, dandyman said:

I’d rather win it the game before and what pep and citeh have to give us a guard of honour 


They'd just boo, the atmosphere would be toxic as fuck. I'd rather fans/players/and manager giving us the credit we deserve. Best scenario, win it at City and revel in our success and guard of honour at home to Villa. In all honesty though......just win it. 

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59 minutes ago, VladimirIlyich said:

I thought he was going to be first choice due to injury to other keepers?

Nyland was their first choice keeper before he got injured las season.


He’s been excellent for them the games he has played this season, including against us in the league cup.

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    • Few rumours on Ye Old Twitter that Mickey the Hacker has got this across the line. We’ll see.
    • Well that’s just bollocks as Rafa had left the club before Comolli had joined. 
    • Jurgen Klopp has given little credence to those individuals who are using any possible reason to downplay the achievements of Liverpool this season.

      The Reds are just four wins away from their first league triumph in three decades, and are on the verge of wrapping up the title in the quickest period of time in the modern era, currently holding a 22 point lead over Man City.

      But as recent games against relegation threatened sides such as Norwich and West Ham have shown, there is certainly no such thing as a easy win.

      The fact that this team has only dropped points once this campaign is remarkable, however there is a theory around that it is to do with the failings of their main rivals, not so much the overall strength of Liverpool.

      Speaking ahead of the game against Watford on Saturday evening, Klopp was having none of that.

      The Daily Mail reported the manager as saying:

      “I couldn't care less (what people say).

      “Look, it is completely normal. 

      “I don't think that we should have any concern for things like this. If other people think like that – if they think City are not as good as they were – they ARE!

      “They have scored a little less goals than us, conceded a few more, and if you look why it is clear they have been missing some players. 

      “The other teams are really strong too. 

      “Yes, Bayern beat Tottenham and Chelsea [in the Champions League] but they are really strong over a season.

      “Yes, they (Spurs and Chelsea) have had some problems, that's all true. 

      “But in the moment that you play them you don't feel that they have these problems.

      “The points they have, we have no influence on that apart from the games when we play them.

      “So it says nothing about the quality of the Premier League, especially when you look at City v Real Madrid. 

      “I know that people look at these things and you saw that one of the best teams in the world maybe in the moment and City were clearly better so that shows as well how strong the League is.  

      Despite the outstanding consistency and success of the past two seasons, Klopp is certainly not one to rest on his laurels and be content.

      “There is still a lot of work to do and a lot of space for improvement.

      “You see our games and result wise it looks okay but performance-wise there is a lot of space for improvement. 

      “That is what we work on and try constantly through the week.

      “Result consistency is maybe difficult to improve because that is close to perfection, obviously, but it is possible to improve the performances in all departments. 

      “There are so many things you can improve that that will never end.”

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