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    I actually like Merson, I think the lad is a tortured soul with his drinking and gambling demons. He seems to me to be one of the very few pundits who talks like a fan does. Considering he's ex arsenal, he doesnt big up arsenal every chance he gets, unlike some who big up their ex club. Sure he talks crap at times, who doesnt? He always seems to me to speak with his heart not his head. As for Nicol, I just dont know what goes on in his empty heid. Must be the sole source of his vacuous comments. Neville's just come out and said he wont call out his 'mate' the gimp at united because of his friendship. Well if you're not prepared to pass comment, pass up the opportunity commenting on united games then.
  2. If we lose on Sunday and, I say 'if,' there's only one thing to blame and that would be ourselves. Who wants the win more? There should be no debate and Im not expecting one.
  3. dockers_strike

    Other Football 2021/22

    If this wasnt so serious, it would be funny as fuck. The gimp's going to get himself sacked and I would not be the least surprised if there's a pitch invasion on Sunday to get the game called off.
  4. dockers_strike

    Atletico Madrid 2 Liverpool 3 (Oct 19 2021)

    Great report, Dave. For their first, you dont have to be a fullback to defend that corner played to Lemar. I didnt know it was Keita at the time but irrespective, you cant just let a player get past you like that and make no attempt to at least stay with him. It's a shame really because after such a great strike for his goal, given the team's overall performance not being the best, many people would have said he didnt have the worst game out there. But the piss poor defending sours that somewhat.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Maybe they should stop worry about us? Would be funny as fuck if this happened. Dominic Calvert-Lewin is on the list of Newcastle United’s potential targets under their new Saudi Arabian ownership. The Everton striker, 24, is being monitored by several Premier League clubs, including Newcastle, whose new wealth from the Public Investment Fund (PIF) will make them major players in future windows. Calvert-Lewin is highly regarded by the current recruitment team at Newcastle and would be expected to remain a player of interest even with a potential change of technical staff behind the scenes as PIF start their new era at the club. Callum Wilson is the current No 9 but Newcastle will be in the market to support their top scorer this season with attacking reinforcements. They may face competition for Calvert-Lewin, though, as the Everton striker has been on the radar of many Premier League clubs since making progress under Carlo Ancelotti, earning him a place in the England squad at the European Championship. Arsenal are known to be keen on the former Sheffield United man. Manchester City and Manchester United are also long-term admirers, while there is interest from one major Bundesliga club. His goalscoring record last season was 25 for club and country, with only one was from the penalty spot. He also led the way for goals inside the penalty area. His one-touch finishing was encouraged by Ancelotti, while under Rafa Benitez this season he scored in each of this three games before being hit by toe and thigh injuries. Next summer is expected to be a busy market for strikers with Erling Haaland’s buyout clause activated and the question of Harry Kane's future. And it looks like Calvert-Lewin will be highly sought after too. Why does Calvert-Lewin fit the bill at Newcastle? Newcastle may have become one of the wealthiest clubs in the world but they are unlikely to sign the likes of Kylian Mbappe straight away. They are widely reported to want to work within a budget and a player like Calvert-Lewin, while expensive, would be a sensible investment. At 24, he is yet to peak but has also proven himself as a Premier League goalscorer in the last two seasons. Newcastle fans love a No 9 who can impose himself on defences and there are signs Calvert-Lewin could fill that role. What is his current fitness status? He played with a broken toe at the start of the season which limited his training and required injections for matches. His recent thigh injury ruled him out of England duty for the last two international breaks and is likely to see him miss November’s matches. He will get assessed further this week over fears it could be six weeks out. Will other big clubs move for him? He has another three seasons left on his Goodison Park contract but an out-and-out No 9 is a rare commodity. Manchester City have yet to find a replacement for Sergio Aguero, while Manchester United will eventually need long-term solutions after signing Cristiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani in the last two summers. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/10/20/newcastle-united-keen-sign-everton-striker-dominic-calvert-lewin/?li_source=LI&li_medium=liftigniter-rhr
  6. Yeah that could have been another knee injury he and we didnt need. As for Hamann, he and Nicol seem to be in each other's pocket over who's more pissed off they never got a coaching job at Anfield when they finished playing. All the pair of them ever do is criticise the club, day in, day out. I honestly never hear the pair of them criticise any other club as much. Hamann seems to have a thing against Jurgen in particular.
  7. dockers_strike

    Mohamed Salah

    Wouldnt surprise me if the club is waiting to see if we get out of the CL group and the additional riches that come with it before agreeing a bumper contract with Mo. Well, not that I agree with that if it is but, we're effectively into the knock out stage so give him the fuck what he wants. Any other player or players who go knocking on the door asking for a rise to hang onto Mo's coat tails just has to be told until they're as good or as important to the club and team, they aint getting it.
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    Man City - the new bitters?

    Rivalries aside, this is not good news. Hope he recovers. Manchester City are looking into a violent attack which has left one of the club’s fans in a serious condition in hospital in Belgium. The 63-year-old is believed to have been set upon by a gang of Club Brugge supporters in a car park in nearby Drongen after watching City secure an impressive 5-1 win over the Belgium champions. City are trying to liaise with local police with reports suggesting the man is “fighting for his life” after a sustained and violent assault. The supporter, who lives in Belgium, is a member of the Blue Moon Supporters Club in the country and has got tickets for the game at the Jan Breydal stadium through them. The man has been named locally as Guido and an eye witness, who appears to be the victim’s son Jurgen is quoted in HLN. Son Jurgen said: “Witnesses saw that they were supporters of Club Brugge… We visited him last night and he is in a coma. His condition is critical. His brain is damaged and the doctors haven't given us too much hope. We hope he gets through, but the chance is very slim that it will happen completely unscathed. “We've been going to matches in England and Europe for years and we've never had a problem. Now we go to one match in Belgium and he is left for dead. Do have respect for each other. I am not a Club Brugge fan and I have been shouting in the stadium that their fans should shut up, but when the match is over you have to respect each other. “That also happens in England: there we walk before and after the match between the fans of other teams. That's possible there. Why not here? This must be pointed out. There has to be respect again. Please stop this behavior.” The man was transferred in a coma to the AZ Maria Middelares. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/10/20/manchester-city-supporter-left-dead-violent-attack-club-brugge/
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    Geordie Arabia

    Really hope Stevie doesnt go there.
  10. Snidey twat. Anyone can look sporting when you win, it's how you react to defeat that defines you. And Simeone is the twat he is.
  11. dockers_strike

    "Super League" Clubs Fined

    What, Newcastle now saying it's a great idea, when do we get started?!
  12. It's strange VAR didnt refer the ref to have a look at the monitor for their first goal considering the time they took over it compared to their pen shout and telling him to review it. Overall, I thought it was poor defending from the corner but by the time griezeman takes his shot at least one player is offside near Alli and jumps out of the way of the ball. Walton's a tit and I dont even know what he said but I know it'll just be defending VAR to the hilt.
  13. Well I dont know how anyone can say our players should be little Atletico shits were once again. Some might want our players to be like that but I dont. They were shits all night. As for Simeone fucking off down the tunnel so he didnt have to shake Jurgen's hand, little snide, you and your team got what you deserved. Griezeman a deserved red with his foot in Bobby's face. He might not have meant anything malicious but it's dangerous intent. But what I want to know is why cant we play against 10 men? It's not the first time we look poor playing 10. When the oppos have a man sent off, we regularly look as if it's us with the 10 men! Passes are overhit and to no one, we dont seem to win a thing in the air. Looking at the game since the sending off, you wouldnt think Atletico were down to 10. WTF is going on? Considering the ref was giving them a free kick just about every little nudge, I thought we were lucky to escape their penalty shout. The contact was less than ours but Jota could so easily have been judged to have knocked the player over. Would have been really frustrating as he wasnt getting to the ball anyway. The win just about seals progression to the knock outs so it's hard to be critical all things considered. They had extra help from La Liga with a postponement of their league game while we were made to play a Saturday 12:30 kick off. But hey, the 14, sorry, 13 minnows in the PL rule the shop seeing as Newcastle arent one of them any more, couldnt give a fuck about clubs in Europe. Ithought we looked well jaded before the end. Hopefully, no one has picked up knocks from this and all fit to face the mancs. Well done redmen.
  14. Fucking hell ref, make sure they only have 10 on the pitch.
  15. Dont piss about now. Well in Mo. Pressure pen. Arent they all?!
  16. Considering we have an extra man there's some fucking bad passing here. Sort it out for fuck's sake.
  17. You think the ref is going to give us any decisions now even if we did?