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  1. heavyrotation

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    And no baps/chebs on show. Hands up there to be fair.
  2. heavyrotation

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Big Breakfast at Das Bistro, Bali. Ukranian, Noggie, Belrussian nor British brekkies can hold a candle to this beast. Some of the efforts on this thread make me weep with joy that the UK has fucked off from the EU! 2 bratwurst, 6 rashers of Bacon (sent back to crisp up a bit), a haufen Bratkartoffeln, twelvty pan roasted cherry tomatoes and a mound of well cooked fresh mushrooms (none of those canned ones favoured by nonces) and two perfectly fried eggs with runny yolks. As much toasted bread as you can shake a stick at (ignoring the brown bread is for sex offenders jibe, give ya head a wobble) The price...£2.50 with a cappuccino. Ze Germans do it better.
  3. heavyrotation


    heya mate, sorry for the late reply just come back from Sicily. Yea, as unrighteous says the JR pass depends on how much travel you planning on doing. If you just stayin in Tokyo don't get it but if you going to Osaka bear in mind that a one way shinkansen (bullet train) ticket will cost you 87 quid, so for a round trip you looking at 174. So if you planning on goin down to Osaka then the JR pass is prolly worth it as you can use it on the Yamanote line in Tokyo to get around the main sections of Tokyo as well. Kyoto is close to Osaka and has a lot of nice cultural places like kiyomizu-dera and kinkakuji but it is tourist central and can be too crowded to really enjoy at times so I enjoyed Nara more which has just as much cultural value but is a bit more chilled. Different strokes fo different folks though eh. You don't fancy sleeping in a coffin sized box surrounded by salarymen fapping away to censored porn!? You freak! haha don't blame you, not one of the best experiences in Japan! Keep having a look for yourself about what you wanna do but let me know if you got any questions about anything in particular. I was more into the culture, nature and food than going to clubs and bangin strange. Then again if you can't speak Japanese gaspanic and heartland just outside Roppongi Hills can be easy places to pick up as the gals there are just lookin for gaijinn. Heartland also has its own heartland beer a good European style lager. Let me know if you got any questions.
  4. heavyrotation

    GF Hip Hop Heaven

    Some dope beats on here but not much from Japan or Germany. Check out Nujabes, died recently, mainly jazz hip hop beats some instrumental some with American rappers. Did a lot of collab with Fat Jon. I have been listening this all day. Love the upright bass keeping the flow. can someone let me know how to embed.
  5. heavyrotation


    Hey mate, Lived in Tokyo for three years and have been back on and off since leaving. What kind of things are you looking to do there? The best place to watch footy is footnik just around the back of Ebisu station. Normally some good lads in there and a Japanese LFC fanclub which are a good laugh. It can be expensive depending on what you do but if you are on a budget you can easily feed yourself at supermarkets and convience marts as unrighteous says. A full box of sushi will only set you back about 4 pounds and should fill you up. Also yakitori (chicken on skewers) and gyudon (beef on rice) are nice cheap eats. Beer is pretty expensive so maybe stick to haposhu which is like beer but avoids the tax that has to be paid on beer... Again it depends on what you want to do but I would disagree with unrighteous about going out in Roppongi as it is really seedy and full of Americans and is the only place I have witnessed street fighting in Japan. But if you are up for a bit of fun and hook up action I'm sure you can find it in Roppongi. Just down the road is Roppongi hills which is worth a visit. If you are thinking about travelling about Japan I would look into getting a JR rail pass which will allow to use JR trains for a set amount of time depending on how long you will be there. Osaka definitely has more character that Tokyo and the people are warmer. Tokyo is more like London and Osaka a bit like Liverpool. However if you are just staying in Tokyo I wouldn't get a JR rail pass as there are so many other rail lines that you can use rather than JR that would be cheaper than getting a pass. Regarding staying anywhere love hotels are a good option because you can get hammered and just check in for the night rather than a whole day. Get into a capsule hotel as well which are cheap but like you are in a coffin in the close proximity of lots of other men listening to the high pitch squeals of Japanese girls getting banged on the TVs in their boxes. Whatever floats your boat. Let me know if you want to see cultural stuff, where you are going and how long you are there and I'll try and help you out some more.
  6. heavyrotation

    How many languages can you speak?

    Doumo Arigato Mr. Red Banjo! Wouldn't mind motorboating those puppies!
  7. heavyrotation

    How many languages can you speak?

    Get the fuck in! According to red banjo my fluency in Japanese decrees me as the winner! Tit reppage please! Can also speak German fluently and a bit of French and Spanish. Still working on the English though. Chicken Licken - you need to add 'n' to the end of hanasemase. おっぱいの写真見たいよ!
  8. heavyrotation

    Funny shouts at the match

    Best ones I've heard. Park ji sung comes over to take a throw in during a lull in the crowd and one young kid shouts out, oi, chuck us a pie in the fat there lad. class. When Tevez was still playing for the scum - Oi, Tevez go and stick the kettle on you ugly cunt. Against Juventus ages ago when Nedved went down looking for a cheap free kick. Some fat man stood up and screams Fuck off you 50p a pint goggle eyed diving twat. Priceless
  9. heavyrotation

    Supporting your team

    Thanks for embedding Jamin
  10. heavyrotation

    Supporting your team

    Just got this e-mail from a Croatian friend who is a mad Hajduk fan (made sure his team in England is Liverpool though). The celebration of the centenary is pretty special. Imagine the bitters if we had have tried anything like that! Anyway here is what he sent me. Yo Matt, What's up? When I saw this I thought of Wood's love for Liverpool :) The Liverpool fans are famous for their love of the club, but in Split people live FOR the club. The celebration the fans organised will hardly be repeated by any fans in the future.. Barcelona, Marseille, Man Utd, Milan or Madrid. They really set something up that will be hard to knock down. The whole city was decorated in white, buses had on their displays 100 years Hajduk Split, the entire city there lived for that moment. At midnight 13.2. they lit fireworks from each block, it all started from world famous walls of Dubrovnk and it included putting a flag on the cross of Split's cathedral. Anyway, I had a look and picked up few galleries and videos that will be turned into history. Please make sure to show this to your dad! Best regards to you and your parents, send them my greetings! Enjoy! Ismar http://www.facebook.com/l/f738eGpF7_8MbgLdbTag0-AjP4w/www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI0q_GbJ5oE&feature=related - world famous walls of Dubrovnik on 12.2. at 19.11 p.m. http://www.facebook.com/l/f738exaE4dwAdDEjh9Cw94J4dbw/www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp_LpSfxIgw - Split between midnight 13.2. and midnight 14.2. http://www.facebook.com/l/f738eBz7YaArR3Jf7qrvZTRB0fQ/www.24sata.hr/nogomet/cijeli-split-u-bojama-hajduka-zapalili-i-okitili-zvonik-sv-duje-209649 If anyone could embed these it would be a great help. Cheers
  11. heavyrotation


    Heya mate, I grew up in Frankfurt so know it reasonably well. Flying into Hahn while cheap is not the thing to do. Don't know how they can call it Frankfurt anything as you are looking at about a 1.5-2 hour bus ride to Frankfurt central. Frankfurt Main airport is, as someone else mentioned, 30 min from the centre of town but Hahn isn't. Someone pointed out the redlight district is close to the Hauptbahnhof (main train station). It is called Kaiserstrasse but I wouldn't reccomend it to be honest. Really seedy place and a lot of druggies down by the station. If you are looking for a good time out on the razz Sachsenhausen isn't bad. It is close to the river and on one side you have mueseums and such (if you are interested in that) and on the other you have a small village of pubs. Literally every building in this place is a pub so you can just mosey around. Other than there the area around Hauptwache is the place to go during the day time as the main shopping street (the zeil) is located there. If you have time have a walk up the Zeilgalarie, big shopping centre on your left a little after Kaufhof I think, because there are pretty good views of Frankfurt from the top. If you need anymore info let me know!
  12. heavyrotation

    Boss adverts.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wi8F92m8r0One One of the best ones I saw while I was in Japan. For the thin macho man in you!
  13. heavyrotation

    Comedy Roast of The Hoff!

    Cheers for the info lads. I'll have a look around for them.
  14. heavyrotation

    Comedy Roast of The Hoff!

    Great find! Some really funny stuff in that! Some touchy subjects there as well though! Any idea how to see the other roasts in full? I did a search and it seems like there is a pamela anderson one and an emit smith one but only in 5 minute segments. How did you find the full length programme like the hasselhof one?