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    Darwin Nunez - Thoughts?

    In everything, yeah. Completely agree. He's snatching at chances and getting wound up by grock centre backs; everything he seems to be doing is just desperation to prove himself and it's not doing him any favours and it's just frustrating him. Hopefully he learns from this and he has three games in the stands to calm down a bit and dedicate himself to training and he comes back just as determined but more relaxed. How anyone is writing him off is a mystery to me. He's done at least as much good as bad, and that's largely the same as Fabinho, Robertson, Konate, Matip, Tsimikas and basically any signing we've made bar Van Dijk, Alisson, Thiago, Salah and Mane. I'd rather he was in the latter camp - who wouldn't - but Fabinho looked just as "fuck me what the fuck is this" in his early appearances and he turned out OK after some experience and work on the training ground.
  2. Manny

    Darwin Nunez - Thoughts?

    I know many will disagree but I thought he was a bit unlucky with the sending off. Andersen shoved him - with some force - in the back of the head, bit of a sucker punch, and Darwin turns round to barge him back but catches him with his head. Maybe. He was fucking stupid as it gave that manc prick a decision (or opportunity) and hopefully he’ll learn from it but I thought the shove in the head from behind was at least as “violent”. Hes been a bit of a mixed bag but most new signings are under Klopp. I’m sure he’ll improve.
  3. Manny


    Do this.
  4. Yeah I think it's much worse that their manager was interested in a player - rightly or wrongly - but the club pulled the plug on the deal because the fans thought he's beneath them. That shouldn't fucking matter - if the manager and the club think he can do a job, then what the braindead orcs think is absolutely irrelevant. They've changed players, managers and the owners have spent money and not spent money and the results have been basically the same post-Ferguson. There's one constant in amongst all of that though that isn't allowed to be acknowledged, and it's just stopped them signing a fucking player.
  5. Manny

    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    Be interesting to see what happens with him if nothing else. He won't get a big club job without doing it further down the tree but I remember reading about Roy Keane's biggest problem in management - that he simply lacked the imagination to understand how some of his players aren't capable of what he was technically or give as much of a shit as he did, or both. So he ended up falling out with them as he judged his playing staff by his own standards - and at Sunderland, those standards are generally going to be miles lower than at the mancs in their heyday. As an aside I wonder if that's why for the most part the best managers are the more limited players, those who were frustrated that their technical ability couldn't take them where they wanted to go but understand the mindset of that kind of player and what makes them tick; they understand that players need guidance and leadership and the more you can give them the further they can go. Maybe the good players just don't fully appreciate the nuances of that - they just think "it's a piece of piss - why can't you just play boss and you'll win?" Perhaps I'm doing them a disservice there, I dunno.
  6. Manny

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    And *they* chopped his cock off, lad
  7. Manny

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Haha, is he serious? About 16 of the 19 non-LFC fans interviewed tipped City for the title over Liverpool, and a couple of them even had Tottenham finishing ahead of us. Frank is a complete fraud of a manager and you nearly got relegated last season. It isn't rocket science, people.
  8. Manny

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Is he talking about McNeil or the lad who came on to take the pen?
  9. Manny

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Blues are after the wrong McNeil.
  10. Manny

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Juve sniffing around Timo Werner on loan. Much more believable: getting a younger player on a massively subsidised loan rather than paying actual cash for a thirtysomething. Fucking mingebags.
  11. Manny

    Boris Johnson

    Fitting that this cunt who’s been playing pretend prime minister for three years is spending his last month playing pretend pilot and now pretendy soldiers. Pew pew pew! Detest him, an utter steaming fucking turd of a human. Shame the grenade didn’t fucking go off. https://twitter.com/reece_dinsdale/status/1550908703897014273?s=21&t=a-EcV3W7LRslXOm9ek5iqA
  12. Manny

    Tory Cunt Leadership Race.

    Haha yeah. How old are them kids - 7, 8? Already smarter than at least a third of the electorate, and, unfortunately, the entirety of the group that is about to choose our next prime minister.
  13. Manny

    Barcelona Setting Fire to Their Future

    Said exactly the same last week - it looked in the winter like there was something approaching some common sense creeping back into the club. Players like Traore where they used their unique pull without breaking the bank, players like Aubameyang to give the squad a veneer of superstardom on a budget, and players like Ferran who are good young players not costing a packet in wages. Steadily fixing problems in the squad without having to resort to MEGA SIGNINGS. Complement these with Gavi, Pedri, de Jong, Ansu Fati and so on and there's a decent team emerging - which could be complemented with free transfers like Christensen and Kessie etc. Instead, like addicts who managed to stay clean for a short while, they've gone completely off the wagon again. Why did they chuck a wad of cash at 33yo Aubameyang, only to follow that up with chucking a load of cash at 34yo Lewandowski? Is one megabucks mid-thirties striker not enough? Why did they sign Raphinha for £50m when they signed Torres for £50m in the winter, when they still preferred to play a right back who's nearer 40 than 35 than the only one they've got on their books now? They deserve everything they'd get but nothing will happen to them, because they're one of the few clubs in the world for whom gravity doesn't apply to. Cunts.
  14. Manny

    Boris Johnson

    Added a bit there. Partygate fucked them. Completely fucked them. There's a cabal of blowhards, full-on cultists who'll still make excuses for him because they're so in thrall to him, but I've always said you can be a lot of things in politics: dishonest, callous, ignorant, thick, arrogant, you name it - but one thing you can't be is a hypocrite. Repeatedly and flagrantly flouting rules that you set whilst the rest of the country (largely) follows them is an awful look, simply awful. They also fucked it with Beergate as well - that could have been a nice little line to distract from the worst of the accusations on the parties, but they got arrogant and decided to crystallise it in an attempt to bring Starmer down but in the end all they've done is enhance his standing. The cost of living crisis is the final nail in the coffin, I hope. They just look chaotic, and on an issue that's affecting everyone to varying degrees it's just not going to work. Everyone - not just the woke lefties - wants serious leadership and ideas and they can see they're not getting them from the lunacy that is the tory party.
  15. Manny

    Ben Davies

    Has anyone said "I support Ben Davies FC not Liverpool FC" yet? If not, I support Ben Davies FC, not Liverpool FC.
  16. Manny

    Tory Cunt Leadership Race.

    Telegraph reporting that some 2,000 or so Tory members have written to the 1922 Committee demanding that they basically have the option of voting for Johnson in the leadership elections. Absolute fucking cults.
  17. Manny

    Tory Cunt Leadership Race.

    Yeah, if you'll forgive me my bit of cod political science, Trump for the Republicans and Bozo for the Tories took advantage of the new axis in politics: it's no longer just economic left vs right, but there's also a social progressive vs conservative range as well. Bozo and Trump are both very much "sink the boats, build the wall, down with woke lefties" to try and win as many votes from the conservative end of that axis but they'll struggle to keep both sides of the economic divide happy whilst doing that. Cameron dabbled in it on the opposite side as well - as you said on another thread, he would be all progressive about gay marriage and so on whilst taking the scythe to the public sector. Some traditional shire Tories are appalled at the culture war bollocks; some are appalled at the cost of levelling up and the state expenditure that would be involved; some are appalled at both. At the same time the cost of living crisis is here, and the complete failure to deal with it in anything other than traditional Tory terms (tax cuts! more money in your pocket, what would Th*tcher do?) is fucking off the Red Wallers. All they can do is chuck more culture war shit at the wall (interesting just how prominent views on transgender have been in the leadership rhetoric - all the candidates seem to be getting grilled on it) to try and shore up that social conservative base, but that's going to cunt off some of their traditional base whilst making Red Wallers go "yeah, and so what, I can't afford my mortgage and my heating this year." Maybe it's just the natural order of things, that you can appeal to a broad base of people for some of the time but eventually their diverging wants and needs will split them - and times of economic hardship probably just accelerate it.
  18. Manny

    Tory Cunt Leadership Race.

    Truss as PM though. God help us all.
  19. Manny

    Tory Cunt Leadership Race.

    One thing that's coming out of this which bodes really ill for the tories is that their membership's opinion on the candidates seems to be the complete opposite of the parliamentary party's opinion on the candidates. It suggests big-time that the party and the membership are becoming increasingly split - which makes sense; Bozo managed to attract new blood with his "levelling up" bullshit but now the party is just a ridiculously broad church and is bound to break up. They simply can't keep everyone happy. There does seem to be a bit of death spiral about them at the moment but I just can't let myself get too hopeful.
  20. Manny


    Indeed. My former boss was widowed by it - heard her husband make a weird noise in the middle of the night and when she rolled him over he'd stopped breathing and had gone (gives me the shits just thinking about it). He was healthy, played football, went to the gym and so on, in his mid-twenties. That was in 2003/4 or so. Some sort of pre-vaccine syndrome most likely. Expectedly dangerous reporting from the Mail. Reporting fluke, rare and unrelated events and joining them together to invent a pattern for a headline.
  21. Manny

    Boris Johnson

    I know he's been beyond parody for a while, but fuck me. What a waste of three years and several hundred thousand lives this has been. A prime minister who's more interested in campaigning whilst he raids the dressy up box.
  22. Manny

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Just die you fat fucking walrus.