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  1. Getting ahead of yourself there bud
  2. That doesn’t cover anything you posted you ridiculous fat cunt
  3. Yeah that’s embarrassing. I’ve made plenty of fucked up statements in poor taste, no defence for that. Is that how we should conduct ourselves as civilised human beings? Absolutely not. I would hope everyone sees how wrong it is to say vile shit like that perpetuating a culture that systemically mistreats women.
  4. Fucking hell, another clueless cunt with an overactive imagination. Can you back up any of those claims? Of course fucking not. Who are you again?
  5. Pal, you are the archetypal thin skinned narcissistic keyboard warrior. You invent bullshit to make your (ooooh excoriating) put downs seem relevant. You’re a grown man, it’s embarrassing. All about getting that cheap validation. There was zero need to take this to a personal level but you fucking grasped at the opportunity. That says a lot about you. Talk about fucking self awareness
  6. If we’re being honest, you’ve got plenty enough skeletons in your closet so I don’t see why you feel the need to be a nasty little shithouse. If you can find posts where I’ve called anyone a mucky slag I’d be surprised and I’d hold my hands up and denounce it as toxic sexist bullshit. I guarantee you’ve posted far worse in your time. 3 stacks is ridiculed by every cunt on here and dryness hasn’t seen his cock since 1993 so all of yous can fucking do one. Fraudulent cunts, the lot of you
  7. Look at the quality of your audience. It’s like the tlw version of mrs browns boys
  8. lol you think I give a shit, bud?
  9. Alls well that ends well. Same time tomorrow lads?
  10. Ah, you’re doing a bit. Alright pal, which hotel are we meeting at?
  11. What was the point? It’s not good to try and change past toxic behaviour? You’re off the deep end on this one you daft cunt
  12. Astonishing that you’ve convinced yourself this somehow makes you come across favourably. The fuck is wrong with you?
  13. I wish I had as much of a grasp on things as this guy. Finger, meet pulse
  14. I’m lucky enough that I don’t need to shop online, but in the selfishness stakes switching your shopping habits from in store to online is pretty low down the list. I’ve never in my life claimed to be a communist ya bad nonce. You, on the other hand, by your own admission voted Tory to benefit yourself. As is your right, and you clearly feel some sense of regret for it so cool, but it’s a bit hilarious, in that case, to see you giving out on people for being selfish cunts when you have no awareness of their situation. So, swivel.
  15. Coming from the grown man having a literal tantrum because more people are using supermarket home delivery during a flipping pandemic. And you think this is the epitome of selfish behaviour? If I’m a clown, you’re the whole fucking circus
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