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  1. moof

    American Politics

    “Let conference work it’s magic”
  2. moof

    American Politics

    I watched the debate, every candidate apart from sanders said they didn’t think the person with the most votes/delegates should win the nomination.
  3. moof

    American Politics

    I guess fuckery is on the menu again
  4. moof


  5. moof


    Would welcome a proper conversation about the effects of neoliberalism over the past 4/5 decades but I can see you would rather flash your arse to the gallery for some cheap validation. Sad
  6. moof


    Punching down isn’t a natural byproduct of being “fucking smart” is, I suppose, my point. Not trying to have an argument about it or anything, I realise you said it wasn’t always to his credit.
  7. moof


    At least we can all have a good barney in here though, it’s been quiet of late
  8. moof


    Mate... Jesus Christ
  9. moof


    James O’Brien is quite clearly a narcissist. Sometimes has reasonable points but at the end of the day, he’s a reactionary narcissist who is as happy punching down as anyone I’ve encountered.
  10. moof


    Its a good question. I think the liberals made huge strides in some of those areas with welfare reforms and so on; but it was a vastly different time - honestly I don’t feel too qualified to make an informed argument here but it’s a question I’d like to explore further at some point
  11. moof


    It’s the vapid position taken up by people who see the right generally descending to fascism and the left generally fighting to improve the conditions of the working class/minority populations/etc and pretend it’s morally equivalent and *they* are in fact the only reasonable people because the key to politics is to find a balance between objectively very good things and utterly horrific dehumanising things. tldr - people like stronts and rico
  12. moof


    This thread is going to boil some piss. Good on you Ardja
  13. The post I was quoting - “you’re only as good as your last game” for the past 18 months we have been practically untouchable. This idea that one defeat against a really tricky opponent means we’re actually not as good as we think we are, or whatever, is laughable.
  14. Alright, my mistake. We’re actually quite shit, in that case. Seems reasonable