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  1. dandyman

    Why are black lads stabbing each other

    Cos white men can’t jump??
  2. dandyman

    Legends v AC Milan 23/03/19.

    I’m there with bells on, two kids n all, Annie Rd Upper! We’ll be in replicas and none of that Chinese shite either, no my kids insist on the proper stuff
  3. dandyman

    Building things at Melwood

    I’m right in reading that young Harry took to Twitter to express his outrage at the club over plans to develop Melwood into residential??? He was expecting to consult with the club in the meeting about what it could be turned into? This despite the Council approving the planning back in 2017 is it me or should he have been doing that before the council he represents, granted the works? Don’t get me wrong the club could’ve done much better with a legacy, but that was 2 years ago Horse, Stable Door, Bolted
  4. dandyman

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    If wolves get to the final then they’ll want to rest a few against us... no??
  5. dandyman

    Last 8 Draw

    Good shout.. seem to have missed out when the trophies (yes plural) will be paraded around the city as well
  6. dandyman

    Bayern Munich (A) Champions League 13/3/19

    Great pass mo sadio boooooom
  7. dandyman

    Bayern Munich (A) Champions League 13/3/19

    He’s our number 4 ...
  8. dandyman

    This Man City FFP stuff

    It’s a good job however that they’ve just signed that £650m kit deal to balance the books a bit, in fact you’d say it’s very good foresight of Puma to agree to the 3rd highest deal ever. Even stressing that the deal covers the women’s, youth and their other franchises so that no one would question it what with them been such a huge global brand there’d be no suggestion that the owners have propped this deal up... no suggestion at all!
  9. dandyman

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Have they played a match in Paris??? i hadn’t heard, you’d at least expect it to come up in commentary