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Premier League Round Up (Nov 11-12 2023)

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A good weekend for the most part, not least because of what happened to Spurs. Laugh? I nearly shat. It’s weird how much hostility I suddenly have for Spurs since that screw job we suffered at their place. It wasn’t their fault, but I don’t like how they reacted to it and every time I looked at the table and saw them above us it gnawed away at me because they shouldn’t be there.


Now we’ll see them revert back to where they should be. Injuries have really caught up with them and they don’t have the squad to cope, but let’s also get something straight here, their first eleven isn’t anything special either. At best they’ve got the fourth or fifth best starting line up in the league but their league position seems to have caused some people to get a bit carried away about how good they are.


The constant slurping of “Ange” is sickening too and the sooner people see him for the wrong un he is the better. You know I’ve got a gift for spotting these things early (Richarlison, Antony and Coady being good examples) and my radar went off with him very quickly.


But he says “mate” a lot when he talks to the press so they all love him. That will wear off pretty quickly if the results dry up, which they probably will now they’ve lost some key players. They were totally outplayed by Wolves despite starting the game well. Johnson gave them the lead after a minute and they did have chances to extend that lead before collapsing late on. Not as many chances as Wolves had though.


Wolves had dominated the game but couldn’t convert anything until stoppage time rolled around and they bagged two. The first is brilliant. The first touch from Sarabia to collect a ball fizzed into him is glorious. The finish isn’t bad either. Then right at the very death Lemina stole into the box to latch onto a Sarabia pass to win it. Hilarious. So Spursy. This is Spurs getting to the top of the league and then remembering that they are Spurs….




Wolves are pretty good though. Well coached, some good players, just lacking that wee bit of a cutting edge and officials who aren’t trying to continually fuck them. If they had that, they wouldn’t be too far from the European spots.

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I think Pochettino was kicking off because the ref went more than two minutes over the allotted injury time, but as soon as Cucurella intercepted a City pass and they had a two on two in City's half he nearly shattered the pea from his whistle.


Anybody any idea why Dias wasn't even booked for the penalty, reminded me of Dom at Brighton.

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Totally nailed it, Dave, especially on - Spurs, Newcastle fans, hypocritical managers, City/referees (why didn’t Dias get booked for the foul for the penalty? yellow card anywhere else on the pitch).

Really pleased for Gary O’Neil, less so for Wolves knobhead fans. That Gibbs White is a tidy player - best player for England U21s in the summer, just ahead of Curtis, yet somehow Myra got the plaudits. 

Note to self: dig out the Father Ted box set.

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15 hours ago, Tarwater said:

Excellent ending, with the Truman Show allusion. However, it bears pointing out, you don’t have to be Nostradamus to pick out Richarlison and Antony as wrong ‘uns. Antony stood out as all manner of uncouth troglodyte already at Ajax.


That's fair, but I was onto Richarlison after his first game for Watford. You can't take that one from me.

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