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*Shakes head* Everton again.


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4 hours ago, Bobby Hundreds said:

They won't go down and its a disgrace they aren't facing a points deduction this season, that's 2 years on the bounce other clubs who played by the rules will suffer. 

Lookout lads, here’s Hundreds and his merry band of disbelievers coming in here to piss on our collective chips. 


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8 hours ago, Anubis said:

The stat that tells you what you need to know about Everton is that human flycatcher, Dwight McNeil, is their top scorer with 5 league goals.


On 29/07/2022 at 07:10, razor said:

Alright, I’m going to get it off my chest, despite reading these awful stats. I think Dwight McNeil is a decent player and his purchase makes sense as he can really whip dangerous balls into the box which is what Everton need for their big lad up front. I don’t think he’ll be a disaster.


I just want to point out that, against all the naysayers on here, I KNEW back in July that dainty Dwight would be a success.


Admittedly I did say his key strength was crossing rather than goals, but to be fair at least two of his goals have been crosses that accidentally sailed in.

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1 hour ago, Harry Squatter said:

Karma for wanting us to go under. They were desperate for us to go out of business.


Karma for sitting round and whingeing about Heysel and Clive Thomas instead of just getting on with things. 


Karma for the null and void shouts.


Karma for all the bullshit and lies they constantly tell about our club. 


Karma for having parties in the Brick whilst wearing Real Madrid shirts. 


Karma for making the derby shite.


Karma for all the wall pushing gestures and murderer shouts.


Karma for singing about Gerrards kid. 


Karma for Pickford injuring Van Dijk and revelling in it having mousemats and screensavers of it. 


Karma for threatening Rafael Benitez (and his neighbours).


Karma for wanking about Man City even though they're all whining that they should be investigated. Not so funny when it affects you is it?


Karma for smashing up the away end last season. 


I know that's a long list, but also, my wife is from a Blue family and they are lovely people.  (She's a Red, by the way).


Some of my best friends are Blues and are lovely, top lads.


None of them would go near any of the above.


Just for a bit of balance.  Not all of the people that go to that shed align with those values.


I just felt I should point out what we all actually know.  For every spittle-filled, face-contorted ranter there's a decent man or woman who, over a pint, will rationally discuss Alex Young as being better than Graeme Souness or whatever.

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2 hours ago, Leyton388 said:

Over on GOT they think they'll be everyone's cup final in the Championship next season and the realisation that you need 60 plus points just to get into the top 10 in the championship. 


Absolutely wonderful. 

They wouldn't even qualify for the bottom 3 as it stands. Last place in the Championship currently has 40 points.

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51 minutes ago, Megadrive Man said:

Why would it be bad for the city if they go down?


What's that argument based on?


They will have an extra four home games next season so it might actually be good for the city?


I'm sure some of the travelling Plymouth supporters will want to make a weekend of it when they visit.


All those extra people for the Anfield tour and club shop!

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