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    Midfield creativity

    Coutinho is a busted flush. Even the clubs in the Premier had him sussed a year before he left.
  2. stringvest

    Midfield creativity

    Arguably - and this is not to disparage our midfield - that was because often our most effective attacking play missed out our midfield and went straight from back to front. Our defence was quick to spot any opportunity for a quick counter attack. In addition, we were much more effective in the press because our back line and midfield were routinely playing 15-20 metres nearer the opposition goal than in this season, because we had pace, strength and great technique. This meant our midfield and attack had less ground to cover to press the opposition's back line effectively. Our FBs would more readily and fluently attack knowing they had Henderson and Fabinho ready to cover should they lose the ball in advanced positions. All of this had an energising effect on the attacking players, as they believed they would see more of the ball in advanced positions, and the effort they would invest in the press would not be wasted, as everyone else would be working to close others down.
  3. stringvest

    Happy Birthday Rico

    Felicitations Steve x
  4. stringvest

    Fascinating Liverpool pictures

    From just by where I grew up. Stanley Road, with the Roundhouse in the distance, and Tilottsons. , who used to make packaging for BAT, which was just the other side of Sandhills Lane
  5. That's Firmino in 5 years.
  6. at least its before kickoff and not after it like in the week.
  7. I'm going to watch this game more in hope than in wrexham
  8. stringvest

    Prince Philip...

    Well, he's gone and that's not it. He did look like someone had photoshopped a the head of a ghoul straight out of Scooby-Doo onto his shoulders during that brief tour de la mort the other day.
  9. stringvest

    Prince Philip...

    Everybody's gotta learn sometime
  10. stringvest


    I'm clinging on to my 50's. That lad had 40 odd years on me. Trouble is, I look like he did when he came out of hospital, only pumped up with lard.
  11. stringvest


    He looked like he'd been dead for a while when they brought him out of hospital to be perfectly honest.
  12. stringvest


    he was older than a lot of actual rocks.
  13. stringvest

    Scooter Cunts Rampaging Around Liverpool

    I think this was more where ire is being aimed at. Complete scum mowing down innocent people.
  14. stringvest

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 (Apr 6 2021)

    For me, the problem with - or rather for - Mane is that he is seeing less of the ball in dangerous positions. He is still putting in the effort.
  15. stringvest

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 (Apr 6 2021)

    Yep. We were absolutely dogshit until Keita was replaced by Thiago. I'm really fed up watching the naive defending of our fullbacks as well. It wasn't as though they were offering much going forward. Robertson gets caught out of position so often, charging for a ball he's not going to get, leaving massive gaps behind, or misjudging the flight of a ball over his head, or losing the opposing forward. It never gets discussed on here, but it happens too often these days. I thought all of our attackers struggled, but at least they put the effort in, and Jota looks much more of a threat - and gives the opposition a harder time - than Firmino. The overall feeling was that they were ripe for the taking there, yet our sluggish and careless start gave them the initiative and built confidence. I've never seen any of our players apart from Firmino give the ball away quite as often as we did last night. A lukewarm performance by a team who clearly lacked motivation, determination and spirit. Really poor.
  16. stringvest

    Line of Duty

  17. stringvest


    What a fantastic lineup - has to be the best ever. Question : who does Quincy Jones think is the most talented musician he’s ever worked with?
  18. stringvest


    you sly old fox. Fancy telling the forum first.
  19. stringvest

    Cancel Culture

    I like him. He's dry. Travel Man is great. Fox though, should be hunted down and ripped apart by dogs.
  20. Would you? Thanks ever so.